09/21/2016 Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday
September 21, 2016 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Via Satellite
The show began with Raquel St Claire live via satellite with 2016 FFP Hall of Famer Nina Fox. Nina had been out of action since Blaze of Glory after Cindy Labre and April Hunter spike piledrove her on the arena floor, breaking her neck.

Raquel asked Nina how she was feeling. Nina said that she was sad, she was hurt and extremely pissed off.

Raquel asked Nina about what the doctors had to say about her pro wrestling future. With tears in her eyes Nina said that she wasn’t sure about her wrestling future. She said that she would absolutely try her best to get back into the ring and get her revenge. She said that Cindy Labre is a cancer to FFP’s Women’s Division. She commented about how her and Cindy didn’t like each other but said that to take it as far as Cindy did was just plain ridiculous.

Finally Nina said that whether she returns to the ring or not that she would like to continue working with Full Force Pro in any way that they’d see fit. She said she loves FFP and doesn’t know what she’d be doing now or where she’d be if it weren’t for FFP. Nina said that even knowing about the injury that she wouldn’t change anything about her FFP career.

The Queendom vs Mona Skye & Marcy Tillman
A very solid tag team match from both teams. Mona Skye and Marcy Tillman had really only had the chance to prove their skills in Japan, but on this night they showed the world that they very well could eventually find themselves in contention for the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

But tonight, The Queendom walked from the ring victorious after Monika Andrews delivered the Curb Stomp to Mona Skye for the three count.

The scene cut backstage to President Veronica Clyne. Veronica announced that tonight Seduction Inc would defend their Women’s Tag Team Titles against a mystery tag team! Veronica said that the tag team would be one that everyone here would recognize and that the match should be great.


Masina vs “Rowdy” Riley Perkins
“Rowdy” Riley definitely brought the fight, hoping to pull the big upset in Masina. Perkins hit punch after punch, forearm after forearm. Perkins then went to the middle rope and attempted a flying cross body block. Masina caught Riley in mid-air and proceeded to plant her with a big powerslam. Masina then hit the ropes and delivered a devastating Big Splash for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where OWF backstage interviewer Francine Davis was standing by with the woman who will challenge for the FFP Women’s Title at Lethal Injection, Fiona Burke. Fiona spoke about tonight’s main event and how Veronica told her that no matter what, she would be wrestling this Sunday for the Women’s Title. Fiona said whether she faces Quinn Delaney or whoever that she would leave Lethal Injection the new Women’s Champion.

Samantha West vs Zoey Kiehl

A back and forth matchup. Samantha West enjoyed the upperhand for a good amount of the match, but Zoey Kiehl definitely held her own. In fact, Zoey hit a bulldog followed by a shining wizard and looked to possibly be on the way to a victory, but was stopped dead in her tracks with a spinning clothesline out of nowhere. Samantha then planted Zoey with the STO for the pin.

After the match the two women shook hands. Samantha left Zoey in the ring to enjoy the moment inside the squared circle in front of a FFP crowd. But it was cut short when Juno Frost rushed down and attacked Zoey from behind. After taking part in a very competitive match, then being attacked from behind, Zoey didn’t stand a chance. Juno planted her with a Death Valley Driver and stood over her rival as the crowd booed.

The scene cut backstage now where Francine Davis was standing by with Dani Rawlings. Francine talked to the former OWF Women’s Champion about the event tonight, about Self Made and about her future in the OWF and Full Force Pro.

Dani talked about how it was a joke that she hadn’t been called up yet. She said that she has the skills as well as the beauty to not only be on the FFP roster, but to become the a Women’s Champion, and the best one at that.

Cindy Labre w/ April Hunter vs Kimber Stiles
Kimber had a solid crowd reaction, most likely from her wrestling matches all over not only the US, but Mexico and Japan. Stiles really brought it in her debut. Cindy Labre usually relies on her power moves, and that didn’t change in this match. But Stiles was fast, and definitely had the technical wrestling advantage.

Kimber hit a missile dropkick but fell victim to an April Hunter distraction that led to Cindy hitting her from behind with a clothesline. Next was a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. She hoisted Kimber up for the Stalling Fisherman Brainbuster, but Stiles reversed into a small package. The referee made the count, but Cindy kicked out at two.

Both women got up at about the same time. Cindy went for a clothesline but Kimber ducked it and hit a high dropkick flooring Cindy and sending her rolling out of the ring and to the arena floor. April rushed over to Cindy to check on her. Kimber then hit the ropes and delivered an awesome suicide dive into both Cindy and April. Kimber got up and put her arms up. The crowd gave her a big cheer.

Kimber began to climb back into the ring but April grabbed her by the back of her tights and pulled her off the apron. Kimber turned around and hit her with a forearm, knocking Hunter down. Then, Cindy blindsided Kimber with an elbow to the side of the head. She grabbed Kimber by the hair and rammed her into the steel ring post. Cindy rolled Kimber back into the ring, hoisted her up and hit the Stalling Fisherman Brainbuster, successfully this time. Cindy then hooked Kimber’s leg and got the three count.


This Sunday in San Francisco, FFP presents Lethal Injection! A few of the schedule matches are Odell Porter defending the Adrenaline Title against Deshaun Reed, Cindy Labre battling Taylor Clawson and Lizzy Kraven facing off against Giovanni Gotch. You won’t want to miss it!

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Seduction Inc vs Mystery Opponents

Seduction Inc came down to the ring with a cheer from the Las Vegas crowd. Tonight they would be defending their titles against a mystery team. And the crowd couldn’t believe it when they witnessed the arrival of the mystery team. It was none other than former FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Kemina and Firefly, Las Bellezas Peligrosas!

This was a hard hitting contest all the way around. Neither team is a stranger to the other. And both could arguably be the most experienced and talented teams in FFP (male or female). Kemina stuck to her technical skills with a little bit of high flying mixed in. Firefly did the complete opposite. And Seduction Inc did what they do best. They cut the ring in half and worked their opponents down.

Brandi hit her old finisher the Fameasser on Kemina and it looked to be it, but somehow Kemina kicked out. So, Moore continued on the offensive, planting Kemina with the Fisherman Brainbuster. That had to be it, right? Firefly even got into the ring to break the pin up but was blasted by a running big boot courtesy of Taylor Clawson. But Kemina still kicked out!

Finally, Brandi set Kemina up for the End Game. A running knee to the skull that Brandi first used again Veronica Clyne years ago, causing injury. But, as Brandi set up for the move, Firefly grabbed Taylor and began to brawl. The referee immediately began attempting to separate the two girls. Neither had any business in the ring at the time.

But while the referee was distracted, and Brandi was still looking to hit her move, a familiar face jumped the guardrail and slid into the ring. It was Joey DeMarco! DeMarco quickly grabbed Brandi by the hair and spun her around. He had been promising to piledrive her, and it looked like tonight was the night it would happen. Most of the men of FFP were not backstage. Logan was one of those men.

Joey bent Brandi down and set her up for the piledriver. Kemina got to her feet. Maybe she would do something to stop this terrible act.

But Kemina just smiled. Joey brought Brandi up and dropped her with a devastating piledriver. Taylor was begging the referee to turn around, but he was still trying to get both women to exit the ring. Joey rolled out of the ring and Firefly got the best of Taylor, flinging her through the ropes by her blonde hair. Kemina hooked Brandi Moore’s leg and the referee made the count. 1…2…3. New champions.

After the match Joey walked up the entrance ramp with Kemina and Firefly, grinning from ear to ear as he held their arms up in victory. What kind of affiliation did Joey have with the new Women’s Tag Team Champions? Or was it just right place, right time?

The scene cut backstage where we saw a split screen if both Champion and challenger as they head toward the entrance area for tonight’s main event.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Quinn Delaney vs Giovanni Gotch

Giovanni came down to a shower of boos. Meanwhile Quinn was obviously the fan favorite. The two trash talked while standing face to face before bell rang. Gotch then cheap shotted Quinn, hitting her with repeated punches then tossing her to the outside. Gotch used the steel ring steps to not only whip Quinn into, but to also delivered running knees up against.

Quinn fought back, knocking Giovanni back and hitting a couple stiff shots, but Gotch turned the table quickly by ramming Quinn’s lower back into the ring apron.

The match raged on as Gotch sent Quinn back into the ring and continued working on her lower back, even slapping on a painful camel clutch. Quinn fought out, eventually gaining the upperhand after an awesome knee to the head followed by an STO, a senton and then a spinning back suplex.

The crowd gave Quinn a big pop as she stood up from the suplex. Then she pulled Giovanni up for the Quinn Cutter, but Gotch stepped around Quinn and rolled her up, pulling the tights. 1…2… and Quinn kicked out. The Las Vegas crowd let out a sigh of relief. But it wasn’t over. As Quinn got back up Giovanni hit her with a running knee. She pulled the champion up and hit her with the Hellacious Powerbomb. Giovanni went for a pin, placing her foot on the bottom rope and pushing on the rope for added leverage. The referee made his count. 1…2… and another kick out! Goth couldn’t believe it.

She got up and waited as Quinn struggled to get to her feet. Gotch charged, but Quinn let over. The challenger out her breaks on, turned around and went for a clothesline. Delaney ducked and Gotch connected with the referee. He was down.

Giovanni now jammed her thumb into Quinn’s eye, then exited the ring. She grabbed a hold of the Women’s Title and slid back into the ring. She was going to blast Quinn with the title and steal the belt.

But Lizzy Kraven came down the isle, immediately gaining Giovanni’s attention. Giovanni was torn. Go after Lizzy, or hit Quinn with the belt. But the moment of hesitation was her downfall. She turned away from Lizzy toward Quinn, but by now the champion had gotten back up. She rocked the challenger with two hard European uppercuts. The second one sent Giovanni stumbling forward, dropping the title to the mat. Quinn grabbed Gotch around her waist and delivered an awesome German suplex, bridging the move for a pin. The groggy referee made the pin. 1…2…3!

Quinn got up and grabbed her title. She climbed out of the ring and headed up the entrance ramp. All the while Lizzy stood still, watching her opponent for Lethal Injection as she peeled herself off the mat. Lizzy could have got into the ring and give Giovanni a beat down, but decided to save that for Sunday.

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