Austin Briggs Gives His Lethal Injection Predictions

This afternoon sat down with former FFP World Champion Austin Briggs who is still recovering from injury. Briggs gave his predictions for Sunday’s FFP Lethal  Injection pay-per-view.

Here is what he had to say.

Handicap Match
Masina vs The Queendom

The Queendom are former Diamond Tag Team Champions. But Masina is one big scary chick. I think Masina will hold her own, but the 2-on-1 will eventually catch up to her. The Queendom in a close one.

Logan Christopher w/ Brandi Moore vs Joey DeMarco
Joey DeMarco continues to get the best of Logan Christopher, but following Joey’s actions at Woman Crush Wednesday, I think Logan is going to do everything it takes to take down DeMarco.

Cindy Labre w/ April Hunter vs Taylor Clawson
Cindy Labre has come into FFP all guns blazin’. If she wanted all eyes on her, and potentially everyone hating her, what she did to Nina Fox has gotten her that reaction. Taylor Clawson is former Diamond Champion, and made it to the finals of the inaugural Women’s Title Tournament. But Cindy is on fire, and with April Hunter in her corner, I smell more chicanery. Cindy wins with help.

Lizzy Kraven vs Giovanni Gotch
I know both of these women. Giovanni more than Lizzy. But both want to be the absolute best. And both will pull out all stops to prove that they indeed are. I think this is a sleeper for match of the night. Giovanni’s technical wrestling skills are very good, but Lizzy is a powerhouse that has won almost nearly every title there is to win. It may take a pair of Kraven Lariats to keep Giovanni down, but I’m going with Lizzy here.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Nevin Solomon vs Shikamaru

Like Keri said earlier, Nevin’s title reign hasn’t been all that impressive. He seemed to shock the world winning the title, but tonight he drops it to Shikamaru, who is white hot at the moment.

FFP Television Title
(c) Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt vs Hiroki Ito

I’m going to reference Keri again here. Hiroki hasn’t seemed to be himself since he held the HONOR World Title last year. I’m sure he’ll come in and kick Mikhail in the head and wrestle a good match, but I have Bianca’s boy retaining his title.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs SUCCUMB

Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce are one hell of a tag team. I honestly thought they’d be a flash in the pan, but tomorrow they will have the second longest FFP Tag Team Title reign (182 days) behind none other than Simply the Best. But SUCCUMB had a tough style to prepare for. And after they took down their former leader in Genocide, they come with a different attitude. I’m going with SUCCUMB to shock the world and take the belts.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Odell Porter vs Deshaun Reed w/ Michael Graham

These two guys are two of the most athletic superstars Full Force Pro had right now. They are the future of this company. I honestly have no clue who to pick in this one. I see it being close. I see it being exciting. I see a bunch of awesome moves. Deshaun has aligned himself with Michael Graham and maybe that will be the key. Deshaun wins a close and highly entertaining match, possibly with shenanigans.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Quinn Delaney vs Fiona Burke

Another match involving FFP’s future. Both of these ladies have been impressive. They both have so much heart for this business. Quinn fought like hell to get the Women’s Title. And although Fiona may be a better athlete in the ring, I can’t bet again Quinn. Read my lips, Fiona Burke will hold the FFP Women’s Championship, but not at Quinn Delaney’s expense. Quinn wins in a barn burner.

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