09/25/2016 FFP Lethal Injection (PPV)

FFP Lethal Injection
September 25, 2016 | San Francisco, California

The show opened up with an update on the #1 Contender Tournament that was currently ongoing. Daniel Matthews then came out and spoke about his all of the contenders in the tournament would make tough opponents for him. He said that he couldn’t wait to find out who would be the new number one contender.

But Daniel was interrupted, by OWF trainer Brandon Kincaide.

Kincaide took a microphone and stood face to face with Daniel. He told Daniel that the number one contender tournament was a neat idea, but if Daniel had the guts to give Brandon a shot at his title right here tonight, that Brandon would without a doubt take the title from the champion.

Daniel smiled and told Brandon that naming a number one contender wasn’t up to him, but that if Brandon really wanted a shot…but before Daniel could finish, Brandon slapped him across the face. The force of the slap caused Daniel to stumble back. Matthews dropped the title and charged at Brandon, double legging him down. The two brawled on the ring mat until they both rolled out of the ring. They continued trading shots until Kincaide raked Daniel’s eyes and rammed him head first into the steel ring post. Matthews fell to the arena floor with blood coming from his forehead.

Brandon then climbed into the ring and took possession of the FFP World Championship. By now, Kincaide’s former manager Bianca Hunt had made her way down to the ring. She climbed into the ring with a smile on her face, and stood beside Brandon. She grabbed his arm and raised it in the air. Apparently the two were in cahoots again.

Daniel slowly climbed back into the ring to go after Brandon again, but Kincaide blasted him with the championship belt. Matthews was left lying on the mat as Brandon left with Bianca.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Nevin Solomon vs Shikamaru
Shikamaru used a lot of hard kicks in this matchup. It has been rumored that he has actually been working with FFP Hall of Famer Kashimanaki which seemed about right. However the turning point of the match was when Nevin caught one of Shikamaru’s kick attempts and dumped him on his head with a t-bone suplex. Solomon then went up top and delivered a Frog Splash for the victory.

After the match Nevin stood over Shikamaru with the Cruiserweight Title held high.

The scene cut backstage where Bianca Hunt and Brandon Kincaide were in the office of Veronica Clyne. Bianca demanded that Brandon get a shot at Daniel and the World Title. But Veronica said that Daniel would be facing off against the winner of the #1 contender tournament.

Bianca continued campaigning for Brandon, saying that when Brandon beat Daniel for the title, that he would gladly face the winner of the tournament. Bianca then asked Veronica when the last time it was that someone so easily destroyed her World Champion. Veronica said that she would speak with Daniel about facing Brandon, but said that tonight he would not be cleared to wrestle after the attack he had suffered courtesy of Kincaide.

Handicap Match
Masina vs The Queendom
The Queendom really wore Masina down, making quick tags to wear the big girl down. Eventually Jenna Kaufman hit her finisher, the Spear. Monika was then tagged in and went for the Curb Stomp. But, Masina somehow reversed it by pushing up as Monika went for the move, sending Monika up in the air. Masina then caught her in the air and planted her with a big slam. Masina hit the ropes and delivered a Big Splash for the three count.

After the match Jenna reentered the ring, but was floored with the Samoan Spike.

FFP Television Title
(c) Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt vs Hiroki Ito
Hiroki Ito came into the match with a clear gameplan, to use speed to wear down the Russian Television Champion and eventually out wrestle him with quick strikes and technical wrestling. Ito hit some nice kicks and eventually send Mikhail through the ropes and to the arena floor. Hiroki hit a suicide dive before reentering the ring and waiting for the champion to come back in.

Mikhail instead grabbed the Television Title and began leaving the ringside area, more than happy to lose the match (but not the title) by count out. But Hiroki went after Mikhail. The two traded punches, brawling in the entrance area and slamming each other into the steel guardrail. The referee counted as the two continued beating in each other. Finally the referee reached the count of ten. The match was a draw. A double count-out.

The brawl continued until finally FFP security broke it up.

Lizzy Kraven vs Giovanni Gotch
Another violent match as Lizzy Kraven and Giovanni Gotch clearly hated each other. The match was much more of a brawl than a wrestling match. Lizzy had the experience advantage either way, but Gotch relied on a thumb to the eye and blatant chokes to wear the FFP Hall of Famer down. Eventually Gotch clotheslined Lizzy over the top and continued pummeling her on the outside. That is until Lizzy nearly took Gotch’s head off with a Kraven Lariat. The match came dangerously close to a double count out, but both women found their way back into the ring.

Lizzy set Gotch up and hit the Tornado Bomb, but in the midst of the move the referee was run over and knocked through the ropes to the outside of the ring, clearly hitting his head on the arena floor.

Lizzy looked down at the ref, but stayed on Giovanni, pulling her up and delivering another Tornado Bomb! Lizzy then pulled Gotch up once more, and hit ANOTHER!

Kraven stood up, over Giovanni’s body looking at the camera. She shrugged, as if to say, “I’ll do it again…and again…” As she stared at the camera, she was blindsided by a clothesline from behind. The attacked was the returning Katrina Cabrera, who had been out of action for quite some time. Katrina, the first ever OWF Women’s Champion, pulled Lizzy up and planted her with the F5. She then pulled Gotch’s motionless body over top of Lizzy’s.

Katrina exited the ring, pulled the ref up and rolled him into the ring. He saw the pin and made he slow and groggy count. 1…..2…..3! Giovanni Gotch had pulled another fast one on Lizzy Kraven. Katrina climbed back into the ring and helped Giovanni up, raising her arm up in the air victoriously.


Logan Christopher w/ Brandi Moore vs Joey DeMarco
From one personal feud to another, this feud took a very violent shove Wednesday at Woman Crush Wednesday when Joey DeMarco helped cost Seduction Inc the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles when he piledrove Brandi Moore, something he had been threatening to do for some time.

Logan attacked Joey as soon as Joey entered the ring. They traded punches like it was a boxing match. But Logan took Joey down with a double leg takedown and continued pummeling him. Joey fought his way back up but Logan quickly hit him with a kick to the gut, then a knee to the face. DeMarco went back down. Logan went up top, but Joey rolled out of the ring. He turned and said something to Brandi. But Logan dropped down from the top rope and hit Joey with a baseball slide dropkick, sending him crashing into the guardrail. Logan continued the assault, hitting Joey with punch after punch. He then turned to Brandi. She handed him a pair of handcuffs.

Logan handcuffed Joey to the guardrail. Then, he took hold of a nearby steel chair. The referee quickly tried to intervene, seeing where this assault was going. But Logan simply shoved him out of the way. Then, he destroyed Joey with a chairshot to the head. Then another. Then another. Then another.

Obviously the match was over. Joey DeMarco was the winner by disqualification. But he didn’t look like the winner. Instead he was up against the guardrail, bloodied and beaten.

Logan continued the assault, driving the steel chair into Joey’s ribs until finally Brandi stepped in between them. After Brandi spoke with Logan for a moment, he dropped the chair and began walking off with his girlfriend. But halfway up the entrance ramp he turned, rushed back down the isle and began clobbering Joey with fists to the bloody head.

Brandi rushed back down to stop the assault. Surprisingly, Joey’s stable The Mafia were nowhere to be found. But Veronica Clyne and FFP security were, and finally pulled Logan away and escorted him backstage.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs SUCCUMB
Both tag teams proved to be very capable in the early parts of the match. Attila looked very impressive, rocking Jackson Pearce with some really solid shots and then a Powerbomb. But Prince Tau got the tag and came in on fire.

After tagging Attila with a couple of hard shots, Tau seemed to have the natch in control. Attila made the tag to Hades, but he was hit with a hard clothesline and a running powerslam. Eventually Attila had to tag back in. He held his own for a few minutes, following a hard shot to Tau’s throat. He hoisted Tau up and went for the Death Valley Driver. But Tau escaped and flattened Attila with the Spear. Prince Tau hooked the leg and got the three count. Tau and Pearce retained their titles.

The scene cut backstage where an FFP medical staff member was checking on Joey DeMarco, who was still pretty out of it. As he checked in the former World Champion, Logan Christopher burst into the room and began to tear into Joey, leveling him with punch after punch, even tipping over the gurney that DeMarco was sitting on. Logan continued pummeling Joey as medical staff as well as security pulled Logan away.

Cindy Labre w/ April Hunter vs Taylor Clawson
Cindy Labre came out first and got in the microphone. She vowed to destroy Taylor Clawson. Cindy said that she would prove that Taylor had no place in the FFP Hall of Fame.

Taylor came out with her Hall of Fame ring on her finger. She taunted Labre with the ring before handing it over to the referee before the bell rang. Then, the two girls tore into each other. Hair was pulled, fingernails dig into skin. It was a cat fight to say the least. A cat fight with hard punches, hard kicks and even a headbutt.

Taylor hit a Japanese armdrag, a back elbow, and a spinebuster. Cindy fought back with a knee to the gut, shoulders to the midsection in the corner and a snap suplex. Labre went for an elbow off the middle rope but Taylor moved out of the way. April Hunter grabbed Taylor’s leg, but Clawson got away. As the referee warned April, Cindy hit Taylor in the lower back then slammed her to the mat by her long hair. Taylor’s head smacked the mat hard. She was obviously hurt. She tried pulling herself up, but was obviously dizzy. As the official attempted to check on her, Cindy threw her into the corner inbetween the turnbuckles. Her shoulder leveled the ring post. Cindy then pulled Taylor back and rolled her up. 1…2… and Taylor kicked out. Honestly, it could have been a mistake for Taylor to kick out. She was still groggy.

Cindy pulled Taylor up and trash talked her. She set her up for Taylor’s finisher, the Flatliner. What an insult it would be. But Taylor put the breaks on, planting Cindy with the Flatliner herself! Taylor went for the pin, but April Hunter pulled Taylor out of the ring. The referee warned April again, but Taylor rocked her with a couple of shots to the face, then a running big boot. Taylor slid back into the ring but was taken down with a running knee to the face. Taylor hit the mat hard. Cindy pulled Clawson up and planted her with the Stalling Fisherman Brainbuster. She hooked her leg and got the three count. Cindy Labre had defeated another Hall of Famer. But she wasn’t done yet.

After the official raised her arm in victory, Cindy laid in a couple more boots to Taylor. She then pulled Taylor to the corner. Cindy went to the outside and grabbed a hold of Taylor’s arm. As the crowd booed Labre, she rammed Taylor’s arm, elbow first into the steel ring post. Cindy then did it again. After that, Cindy pushed Taylor’s arm against the post, nearly bending it around the ring post the wrong way!

The referee was finally able to get Cindy to release the hold as FFP EMTs came to check on Taylor. Cindy, with a smile on her face, walked to the timekeeper’s table and took possession of Taylor Clawson’s Hall of Fame ring. She slid it on her finger and walked up the entrance ramp with April Hunter by her side.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Odell Porter vs Deshaun Reed
A fast paced match that saw many close calls. These two guys came to the event tonight to win the match, put on one hell of a match, and walk out with the championship. But only one could walk out the champion.

Deshaun Reed hit a big brainbuster for a close two count. He continued his assault with a flying headbutt and a German suplex. Michael Graham cheered Deshaun on as he pulled Odell up and hit a shoulder breaker. He went back up to the top, but Odell stopped him with a couple forearms. He then went up top with Deshaun and hit a superplex. Odell continued on offense, even hooking Deshaun for the Regal Plex. But Reed broke out of the hold with a couple of hard elbows to the skull. Reed hit the ropes and attempted a big clothesline, but Porter ducked and hit a Superkick flooring the challenger.

Odell went up top for a flying elbow drop, but Deshaun moved out of the way. Odell crashed to the mat below. Deshaun then quickly grabbed Odell’s legs and hooked him in a Texas Cloverleaf. Odell was in pain. He reached and stretched for the ropes. Meanwhile Michael Graham screamed and taunted the champion from the outside of the ring.

Eventually Odell reached the ropes, forcing the break. But Deshaun wasn’t done. He pulled the champion up and set him up for the Crash Landing. As Deshaun was going to hit his finisher, Odell escaped and hit a spin wheel kick. Reed stumbled forward as Porter quickly got back to his feet. He then hit Reed with the Regal Plex! Odell hooked Deshaun’s leg. 1…2… and kickout! What?!

Odell couldn’t believe it. Michael Graham climbed up onto the apron. But Odell was quick to shove him back down. The champion then turned back around, but was leveled with a Superman punch. Porter stumbled back into the ropes, which sent him then stumbled back toward Reed. Reed then hit a kick to the gut, and planted Odell with the Crash Landing! He hooked Odell’s leg. 1…2… and another kickout! Odell kicked out! Deshaun couldn’t believe it.

He stood up, waiting as Odell began to push himself back to his feet. Reed finally pulled the champion up and set him up for another Brainbuster. But Odell hit a couple of knees while Reed attempted to pull him up. Odell broke away and hit a spinning kick to the head. Deshaun fell to his knees. Odell quickly pulled him back to his feet and planted him with the Regal Plex. The referee made the count. 1…2…3!

In the Ring
The President of Full Force Pro, Veronica Clyne came out and announced that next weekend at FFP SSN we would indeed see Brandon Kincaide face Daniel Matthews for the FFP World Championship. She also reminded everyone that we would witness all four of the quarterfinal matches from the tournament next Saturday as well.

The scene cut to FFP medical personnel tending to Taylor Clawson who was in extreme pain. Obviously Cindy did a lot of damage to Taylor’s elbow slamming it and wrapping it around the ring post.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Quinn Delaney vs Fiona Burke
The match began with a handshake. Both of these women were experiencing their life’s dreams. Of course Fiona wanted to accomplish her main life’s goal, to become Women’s Champion.

The San Francisco crowd was ready for this one. Pumped up and loud, cheering both ladies. Quinn gained the early advantage with basic technical wrestling. But Fiona wasn’t a push over. She held her own, making the match back and forth the entire way. After 20 minutes both women were still on fire. Fiona hit an impressive top rope hurricanrana which looked to be the beginning of the end. She followed that up with a belly-to-belly suplex. Then, a Nothern lights suplex. Fiona picked Quinn up for the FAB Drop, but Quinn escaped, reversing into a Russian leg sweep. Quinn next went for the Quinn Cutter, but Fiona reversed into a backslide for a pin. But she only got a two count.

Both women popped back up and charged. They both connected simultaneously with clotheslines. Both ladies were down.

Quinn and Fiona slowly got back up, and began to trade punches. The punches for more and more wild until finally Fiona ducked an attempt and hit Quinn with a lung blower. She turned Quinn over for the pin. 1…2… and a kickout. Quinn wasn’t done yet! As Quinn pushed herself back up to her feet, Fiona charged, but Quinn stopped Fiona in her tracks with a European uppercut. Quinn then hit Burke with the Quinn Cutter. The crowd stood as Quinn made the pin. 1…2… and another kickout! Quinn couldn’t believe it.

Fiona slowly pushed her way back up to her feet. Quinn waited as Fiona slowly got back up. Quinn positioned herself, and delivered another Quinn Cutter. She hooked Fiona’s leg and got the three count. The champion had retained the championship.

She was handed her title and she raises it into the air as the San Francisco crowd cheered. Quinn then turned and tended to Fiona. She helped Fiona up and wrapped her in a hug. Fiona then took Quinn’s arm and raised it in the air.

Fiona rolled out of the ring to let Quinn have her victorious moment in the middle of the ring. As Fiona walked up the entrance ramp, continuing to watch Quinn and clap for the champion, the San Francisco crowd let out a gasp. The faso came because OWF wrestled Kenzie Anderson had appeared from behind the curtain. And as Fiona continued facing Quinn and clapping for the woman who had just defeated her, Kenzie nailed Fiona with a running knee to the back from behind. Fiona fell to the hard steel entrance ramp as Kenzie continued the assault, punching and kicking Fiona.

Quinn noticed the attack and began to climb out of the ring to make the save. But Kenzie still had enough time to pull Fiona back up and plant her with her own finisher, the FAB Drop. Right in the steel entrance ramp. Kenzie then saw Quinn making her way up the entrance ramp, and quickly turned and ran back through the curtain. Quinn stood to make sure Kenzie wouldn’t reappear. Then she turned her attention to Fiona, tending to her as the show came to a close.


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