Kenzie Anderson Gets Called Up


Kenzie Anderson has been called up to the FFP main roster

* This article contains spoilers regarding the FFP Lethal Injection pay-per-view that aired on September 25. If you have not viewed that event you’ll want to skip this article and check out Lethal Injection first. If you have seen Lethal Injection, read on.

Tonight at Lethal Injection Quinn Delaney successfully defended her FFP Women’s Championship against challenger Fiona Burke in what some say was the match of the night (although some say that honor goes to the Adrenaline Title match, but I digress).

However after the successful title defense, as well as the embraces and the showing of mutual respect, Fiona Burke left the ring to let Quinn have her time in the spotlight.

As Fiona walked up the entrance ramp, former OWF Women’s Tag Team Champion Kenzie Anderson came out, attacked Fiona, and spiked her on the steel entrance ramp with Fiona’s finisher the FAB Drop.

Many people wondered why exactly Kenzie was in San Francisco for Lethal Injection. But their questions are now answered as we have gotten word that Kenzie Anderson has been called up to the main roster of Full Force Pro.

As mentioned before, Kenzie Anderson is a former OWF Women’s Tag Team Champion. She teamed with Juno Frost and became the first ever OWF Women’s Tag Champions. She brings a unique look to the main roster as well as a very spunky attitude. We can’t wait to see what Kenzie brings to the main roster. We would like to wish her all the best here in Full Force Pro.

Click the banner to view Kenzie's official FFP profile

Click the banner to view Kenzie’s official FFP profile

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