Two Injuries Coming Out of Lethal Injection

At Sunday night’s Lethal Injection pay-per-view two of our superstars were injured. And both injuries were due to personal animosity.

The first injury came early in the night when Logan Christopher was scheduled to take on Joey DeMarco. But the brawl quickly found it’s way to the outside where Logan eventually beat DeMarco bloody, and handcuffed him to the steel guardrail.

The assault continued later in the night when Joey was being evaluated by a medic when Logan burst into the room and continued his work from earlier.

It is being reported that Joey DeMarco suffered bruised ribs, a concussion and a scratched cornea from the attack. He will be out of action for at least a couple months.

The second injury occurred after the match between Cindy Labre and FFP Hall of Famer Taylor Clawson. After Cindy won the match following outside interference from April Hunter, Cindy continued pummeling Taylor down, and eventually rammed Taylor’s elbow into the steel ring post, also wrapping the elbow around the post.

From this assault Taylor suffered a severe hyperextension of her elbow. Unfortunately Taylor is no stranger to this injury. She suffered the same injury to the same arm back in August of 2014. Taylor should be able to return to the ring in one-to-two months.

We wish both superstars the best in their recovery.


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