10/01/2016 FFP SSN

October 1, 2016 | San Diego, California

The show began with an update on Joey DeMarco, who suffered injuries after beating beaten down by Logan Christopher at FFP Lethal Injection last weekend. Eddie Siebenthaler then came out and challenged Logan Christopher to a match at FFP’s next pay-per-view The Haunting. Logan came down to the ring with Brandi Moore by his side. It seemed as if Logan was okay with going after each member of The Mafia, maybe eventually getting rid of them all. Logan accepted the match. It didn’t seem like the confrontation would turn physical, that is until Logan turned his back and got destroyed from behind with a monstrous clothesline. Eddie Siebenthaler laid a couple of boots into Logan’s back before pulling him up and planting him with the Crucifix Powerbomb in the middle of the ring.

#1 Contender Tournament | Quarterfinal
Deshaun Reed w/ Michael Graham vs Jackson Pearce

A very solid opening match. Deshaun Reed had a lot to prove after coming so close to defeating Odell Porter at Lethal Injection for the Adrenaline Title. However Jackson Pearce never let himself lose grasp of the match. Pearce hit the Pole Shift and got the three count, advancing to the semifinals of the number one contender tournament.

The scene cut backstage where Cindy Labre was talking with April Hunter. Samantha West walked up and told Cindy that she needed to be taught a lesson for injuring Nina and now Taylor. Cindy told Samantha that later tonight if she wanted to face her that Cindy would gladly beat her down in the ring.

#1 Contender Tournament | Quarterfinal
Prince Tau vs Patrick McCoy

A hard hitting match. Patrick McCoy was obviously the underdog simply because of the size difference, although McCoy was a former FFP World Champion. Tau however had won the Adrenaline Title as well as the Tag Team Titles (which he currently held with Jackson Pearce). McCoy hit a springboard forearm which set up a brainbuster. He then set Prince up for the Kryptonite Krunch but Tau escaped and floored Patrick with the Spear. He pinned the former World Champion, but Patrick somehow kicked out at two. Tau couldn’t believe it. But he picked Patrick back up and planted him with the F5. He went for the pin again and this time got it. Prince Tau advanced in the number one contender tournament.


Cindy Labre w/ April Hunter vs Samantha West
Samantha West had a speed advantage over Cindy Labre. She also had more experience, training with Matt Kraven years ago, working with FFP and also wrestling in HONOR Wrestling. But, Cindy’s power was the key to her gaining the advantage. April Hunter being in her corner also helped, although Cindy didn’t need any outside interference. Labre planted Samantha with the Stalling Fisherman Brainbuster and got the three count.

After the match Cindy got on the microphone and said that she had taken down and injured two FFP Hall of Famers. She said that Samantha was not a Hall of Famer, so she wasn’t worth Cindy’s time. Cindy then pushed Samantha out of the ring with her foot.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was joined by the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Las Bellezas Peligrosas. Kemina and Firefly talked about how they had defeated Seduction Inc and that they were the best women’s tag team in the world. They said that there were no teams out there that could even come close to defeating them. Raquel asked them about Seduction Inc’s contractual rematch to which they replied with Taylor’s injury. Kemina then said that at The Haunting that they might issue an open challenge to any women’s tag team in the entire world.

#1 Contender Tournament | Quarterfinal
Aiden Conrad vs Odell Porter

Another back and forth matchup. Many didn’t give Aiden Conrad any chance to advance in the tournament after the opening round, let alone beat the reigning Adrenaline Champion and go on to the semifinals. Odell Porter gained the advantage early, out wrestling Aiden completely. The crowd was with Odell the whole match. Conrad gained the advantage after raking Odell’s eyes and going to the outside. He grabbed the Adrenaline Title and slid back into the ring, of course the referee quickly stepped in and took the title from Aiden. However it seemed as if it was all a part of Aiden’s plan, because while the referee handed the title back to the time keeper, Aiden hit Odell with a hard kick to the groin and floored him with the Beauty Maker. Aiden then hooked the leg, and got the three count. He would be advancing to the semifinals.

October 30th from Dallas, Texas FFP presents it’s Halloween themed October pay-per-view The Haunting. Expect a lot of great FFP action as FFP invades Dallas and puts on the best pro wrestling pay-per-view in the month of October!

In the Ring
Giovanni Gotch and Katrina made their way out to the ring. Giovanni bragged about one-upping Lizzy Kraven at Lethal Injection with the shocking return of Katrina, who assisted Giovanni in getting the victory. Gotch claimed to be the best woman wrestler in the history of professional wrestling, with Katrina being 1A. Lizzy Kraven the came down to the ring. Lizzy climbed in and went face to face with her two foes. As Gotch and Katrina seemed to be ready to pounce, Lizzy told them that she had quite the surprise for the two of them. Lizzy said that she had found herself a tag team partner, and that at FFP The Haunting her and her partner would gladly teach Giovanni and Katrina a lesson, something they have needed for a while.

They laughed at Lizzy, saying that whoever she picked wouldn’t matter. Lizzy said then they didn’t have anything to lose, and they should accept the match. Giovanni then stepped up and told Lizzy that if she wanted to bring a partner, that her and Katrina would gladly destroy them both at The Haunting.

Lizzy then introduced her partner. Music hit, and OWF superstar Aubrey Moresi came down to the ring! Lizzy announced that Aubrey had been called up to the main roster, and that she hand chose her to be her partner against Giovanni and Katrina. Giovanni and Katrina laughed at Lizzy’s choice and went on attack mode. However, they quickly got tossed from the ring courtesy of Lizzy and Aubrey who stood proud in the center of the ring.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was speaking with Aiden Conrad. Conrad bragged about defeating Odell Porter, and said that not only would he be winning the whole tournament, but that he had felt he just earned himself an Adrenaline Title shot because he defeated Odell fair and square. Odell rushed up to Aiden screaming at him that he low blowed him and obviously didn’t win the match fair and square. The two argued and began to push and shove before FFP security pulled them apart.

#1 Contender Tournament | Quarterfinal
Gregory Hart vs Anarchy

Absolutely one of the best technical wrestling matches in the history of SSN. Anarchy came out swinging, hitting stiff shot after stiff shot, really rocking Gregory Hart quickly. But the former FFP Tag Team Champion brought the fight back, hitting stiff shots too, as well as an impressive German suplex. Hart attempted to use Anarchy’s weight against him, working on his knees throughout the match. And hooking him in a knee bar that had the big man in a lot of pain.

The former World Champion fought and reached the ropes, forcing the break. He attempted to go back on the offensive, but Gregory ducked a clothesline attempt and hit a chop block, cutting the big man down. Hart locked a knee bar back on, again forcing Anarchy to reach and stretch for the ropes.

Eventually Anarchy reached the ropes, obviously in a ton of pain. Gregory pulled the big man up and attempted his Double Underhook Backbreaker, but Anarchy reversed it into a back body drop. He then floored Gregory with an STO. Anarchy stayed on the Assault & Battery member, beating him down and keeping him down on the mat. He finally pulled him up and hit a snap suplex. Anarchy then went for his Rear Naked Choke, but Gregory was very close to the ropes, and reached them to force the break.

Anarchy pulled Gregory up and set him up on the top turnbuckle. He climbed up on the ropes with Gregory going for a big superplex. However, as he pulled Hart up, his knee gave out and Anarchy crashed to the mat below. He quickly got to his hands and knees and attempted to get back to his feet. But as he did this, Gregory dove off the middle rope and hit Anarchy with another chop block. Anarchy fell to the mat hard. Gregory then grabbed Anarchy’s leg once more, and applied another knee bar. Anarchy screamed in pain. He reached desperately for the ropes. Trying to claw, push and reach to get to the bottom rope. The San Diego crowd gave a mixed reaction to the action in the ring. Anarchy was trapped. He had no choice. He submitted. Gregory Hart had won the match, and would advance in the tournament.

After the match Gregory checked on Anarchy. He helped the big man up and shook his hand. Anarchy took Gregory’s arm and raised it in the air. Obviously he had gained Anarchy’s respect. The San Diego crowd cheered the sportsmanship in the ring.

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FFP World Title
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Brandon Kincaide w/ Bianca Hunt

Brandon Kincaide tried to attack Daniel as the champion was entering the ring, but Matthews was ready, and fought back. Daniel, arguably the best pro wrestler in FFP history, put a quick beating on Brandon. Bianca even tried to get involved and distract the referee so that Brandon could cheat, but Daniel was one step ahead of him. That is until Kincaide hit a low blow, then tossed Daniel out of the ring.

Just like at Lethal Injection, Kincaide rammed Daniel into the ring post, although it was his shoulder that took the brunt of the hit. Brandon keyed in on Daniel’s shoulder, ramming it again against the ring post. Then, he wrapped Daniel’s arm around the post, pulling so that the post dug into Matthews’ shoulder. The World Champion was in a lot of pain.

Bianca distracted the referee again which gave Kincaide the chance to grab a steel chair and ram it into Matthews’ shoulder. Then, he tossed the champion back into the ring. Brandon continued working on Daniel’s shoulder, hitting a shoulder breaker and slapping on an armbar. Daniel was in a lot of pain. Reaching and clawing for the bottom rope to force the break. Eventually got to the rope. Brandon held the move on as long as he could. Then he stood and waited for Matthews to pull himself up. Daniel was slow to get up, only able to use one arm to pull himself up on the ropes. Brandon charged, but Daniel ducked and back body dropped Kincaide out of the ring. Matthews crawled to the center of the ring to get a breather. But Brandon was quick to go back on the attack. Sliding into the ring and hitting Daniel with a kick to the face. He pulled Matthews up and went for his finisher, the Olympic Slam. But Daniel escaped out of it and hit a big kick to the side of Brandon’s head.

The challenger dropped to his knees, opening him up to a Daniel Matthews Shining Wizard. Matthews went for the pin, but Brandon kicked out at two. Daniel waited as Brandon got back to his feet. Daniel went for the Roaring Elbow. But Brandon ducked and Daniel nearly made contact with Bianca who had climbed up onto the apron again. She let out a scream as Matthews almost destroyed her, but he quickly stopped. Brandon quickly took advantage of the distraction by rolling Daniel up, pulling the tights. The referee made the count, but Daniel rolled out of the pin attempt after a one count. Both wrestlers made it to their feet at the same time, which gave Daniel the perfect opportunity to nail Kincaide with the Roaring Elbow. Matthews then made the pin and got the three count. He had retained his title.

After the match the referee handed the World Title to Daniel. He raised the belt up into the air, but was quickly taken down from behind with a running knee to the back. Matthews dropped the title and fell into the ropes. Brandon grabbed him and hit the Olympic Slam. Brandon then took possession of the World Title. He waited as Daniel fought to get back to his feet. He was groggy, and in pain, but he was still going to fight. But Brandon blasted Daniel in the face with the World Championship. Matthews collapsed to the mat, blood pouring out of his forehead. Brandon turned to the crowd who was jeering at him. He held the title in the air with a smile on his face.

He then turned his attention back on Daniel. He pulled Matthews back up as Bianca climbed into the ring to join her client. Brandon brought the title back, and again slammed it into Daniel’s face. Matthews fell to the mat again, blood still pouring heavily out of his face. The mat below his head seemed to be painted red. The scene was disgusting. Brandon stood over Matthews, placing his foot on his chest and holding the title up in the air. Kincaide then threw the title down on the champion and left the ring with Bianca. The show came to an end as FFP officials rushed to Daniel Matthews.


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