Aubrey Moresi Gets the Call Up


Aubrey Moresi has been called up from the OWF

After being double teamed by Giovanni Gotch and the returning Katrina Cabrera at Lethal Injection, Lizzy Kraven came into last night’s SSN with some backup of her own. A standoff between the three women took place, and just before another 2-on-1 attack could ensue, Lizzy announced that she and a partner of her choosing would be taking on Giovanni and Katrina in a tag team match at The Haunting on October 30. Lizzy then announced her partner to be now-former OWF Superstar, and FFP’s latest call-up, Aubrey Moresi. Lizzy and Aubrey then cleared the ring of Giovanni and Katrina, and stood tall.

Aubrey being Lizzy’s choice of partner most likely stems from Aubrey’s positive relationship with the Kraven family. She was personally selected by Matt Kraven to join the OWF Winter Training Class as a late entry, and has an evident friendship with Amy Kraven, who she often teamed with in the OWF.

“Aubrey is a star,” Amy Kraven said earlier today. “She’s beautiful, she’s athletic, she’s got star power. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her have immediate success in Full Force Pro. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her become the face of the women’s division in FFP.”

Although Aubrey does not have a championship reign to her name (yet), she was one of the most popular stars in the OWF throughout her tenure, and does have something most OWF stars do not: a victory at an FFP sanctioned pay-per-view, which occurred at this year’s all-female event, Guilty Pleasures, where she defeated Dani Rawlings. Most recently, she played a role in Beatrice Keenan’s dismissal from her duties as OWF commissioner and FFP vice-president after speaking out against Beatrice’s abuse of power, something she believes everyone was “too scared” to do.

With her fearless attitude and unmistakable popularity, Aubrey brings a lot of flair to the main roster, and we wish her all the best here in Full Force Pro.

This is the second call-up from the OWF we have seen in a matter of just a week (with Kenzie Anderson being the first), which leaves us to wonder just how many more could be coming?


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