Guided by Voices Get the Call Up

Tyler Reynolds and Joey Danielson, known to the OWF fans as Guided by Voices, have officially joined the FFP roster. And we are excited to have them get the call up to the “main roster”.

Guided by Voices began their careers in the OWF on it’s very first show, losing to Assault & Battery – who would go on to become the very first OWF Tag Team Champions. But Tyler and Joey scratched and clawed, eventually winning the OWF Tag Team Titles on January 10, 2016, holding the titles for a record breaking 141 days.

They then made history winning the titles for a second time defeating SUCCUMB only five days after losing them. Guided by Voices would hold the titles for only 65 days this go around, losing them to the Tamatoas.

Guided by Voices will now join the ranks of the American Bulldogs, Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce and of course their former OWF rivals Assault & Battery. We look forward to seeing what they bring to the FFP Tag Team Division.


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