10/08/2016 FFP SSN

October 8, 2016 | Los Angeles, California

The show opened up Patrick McCoy, who had agreed to continue his HONOR Intercontinental Title reign since HONOR was making its return. He noted that he would be leaving later in the night for Japan and may be over there for a while.

But he was interrupted by Hunt Enterprises. Bianca Hunt leg her men, Brandon Kincaide and Mikhail Vakhrov down to the ring. She noted that Daniel was gone at a ComicCon in New York, and Hunt Enterprises was going to make a statement to Mr Matthews. Then, they attacked McCoy.

The two pummeled Patrick down, but to the shock of the LA crowd, Daniel Matthews stormed out of the entrance area and made his way down the isle. He slid in to make the save, leading Hunt Enterprises to retreat. Matthews checked on his protege and grabbed the microphone, informing Bianca and company that he would be in New York in Sunday, but not tonight. Then Daniel said that tonight if Hunt Enterprises wanted to make a statement, they could face him and Patrick in a tag team match!

#1 Contender Tournament | Semifinal
Gregory Hart vs Jackson Pearce

A hard hitting match to open up SSN. Gregory Hart hit some stiff shots but concentrated more on submissions, trying to stretch the FFP Tag Team Champion. A couple of suplexes and a backbreaker on Jackson Pearce was enough to give Hart the confidence of going for the pin, but Pearce kicked out at two. Hart took Pearce to the top and went for a superplex, but Jackson rocked Hart with a hard European uppercut sending Hart crashing to the mat below. Jackson then went for a missile dropkick.

However, Hart caught Pearce’s ankle in mid-air and slapped on an ankle lock, dropping down to the mat and wrapping his legs around Pearce’s leg. Jackson screamed out in pain. He knew he was in trouble. He reached out, and began crawling toward the ropes. With every effort the pain showed more and more on his face. Finally, he reaches the rope.

Gregory releases the hold, and got back to his feet. He waited for Pearce to get to his feet before blasting him with a chop block. Then, it was back to the ankle lock. Pearce was right back to excruciating pain. He tried to get to the rope again, but the pain was too much. He tapped out. Gregory Hart advanced to the finals of the #1 contender tournament!

Lizzy Kraven vs Kenzie Anderson
Lizzy Kraven came out first. Kenzie came out next to a chorus of boos from the Los Angeles crowd. As Kenzie mocked the crowd as she cockily walked down the isle, Fiona Burke burst out of the entrance area and blasted Kenzie from behind. Anderson fell to the steel entrance ramp and Fiona continued the beat down with repeated kicks to Kenzie’s ribs. Fiona then pulled Kenzie up and slammed her into a nearby guardrail.

By now FFP security rushed to the beat down and separated Fiona from Kenzie. Obviously the match was thrown out. Fiona screamed to Kenzie, mentioning payback for Kenzie’s sneak attack on Fiona after Lethal Injection.

As the chaos seemed to be taken care of on the entrance ramp, Lizzy Kraven was attacked from behind by Giovanni Gotch, who came out from the crowd. Gotch hit Lizzy from behind with a knee to the back and began to beat her down in the ring. Katrina quickly came down to assist Giovanni in the beatdown which brought out FFP rookie Aubrey Moresi!

Soon, we had a two-on-two brawl in the mjddle of the ring. And as Lizzy and Aubrey gained the advantage over Giovanni and Katrina, FFP security, who already had their hands full earlier, rushed the ring. Giovanni and Katrina had no problems retreating up the entrance ramp.

The scene cut backstage to a face we hadn’t seen in a while. It was Hades standing in a dark room. He noted that the FFP Adrenaline Championship looked like an appealing title that he would like to hold, and said that Odell Porter was the man standing in his way of winning that title. Hades made the promise that soon he would take that title from Porter.

American Bulldogs vs Guided by Voices
The Los Angeles crowd was treated to Guided by Voices first FFP match as members of the FFP roster. Tyler Reynolds and Joey Danielson were the longest Tag Team Champions in Ohio Wrestling Federation history and were hoping to bring that success to Full Force Pro. But the American Bulldogs were no push overs.

The match was very technical. With both teams cutting the ring in half, trying to dissect the opponent that had separated from his partner. The first hot tag was Nathan Caine tagging in Matt Evanston, who took both members of Guided by Voices down with repeated clothesline. Eventually, Evanston backbody dropped Tyler Reynolds out of the ring and keyed in on Joey Danielson.

The next hot tag was Joey Danielson tagging in Tyler Reynolds, who brought the fight to Matt Evanston. Then Nathan Caine. Late in the natch Joey took off the turnbuckle pad in Guided by Voices’ corner. Reynolds attempted to ramp either one of the Bulldogs into the exposed turnbuckle, but Caine and Evanston fought away from Tyler’s attempt. However eventually, Nathan Caine went for a splash in the corner. Reynolds moved out of the way and Nathan crashed into the exposed steel. Tyler then planted Nathan with the Impaler for the three count.

Guided by Voices won their debut match against former FFP Tag Team Champions!

The scene cut backstage where Brandi Moore was talking with Raquel St Claire. Brandi said that once Taylor Clawson was healthy again that Seduction Inc would once again hold the Women’s Tag Team Titles. But Moore was interrupted by the reigning Women’s Tag Champions Las Bellezas Peligrosas. Kemina told Brandi that no matter what, Brandi wouldn’t be able to take the titles away from her and Firefly. Kemina then said that even if Brandi picked any partner of her choosing, she wouldn’t be able to beat Las Bellezas Peligrosas.

Brandi asked Kemina if that was a challenge, and said that she would find a partner and at The Haunting, they’d take the Women’s Tag Titles from the champions. Kemina laughed and said “good luck”.


Masina vs Mona Skye
Mona quickly went at Masina, hitting quite a few strikes, however they didn’t seem to phase the Samoan wrestler at all. When Mona slowed down, Masina nearly turned her inside out with a giant clothesline. Masina then pulled Mona up, sent her into the ropes and hit another big clothesline. Masina hit the ropes and hit two repeated leg drops. Then she pulled Mona Skye up and blasted her with the Samoan Spike. Masina made the pin and got the three count.

After the match Tyrece Beckman climbed into the ring with the victor. He reminded everyone about the poll on ffpwrestling.com picking who would challenge Quinn Delaney for the FFP Women’s Championship. He asked Masina what she thought about possibly being voted to challenge for the belt. But Masina simply turned and walked away. A woman of few words apparently.

The scene cut backstage to Raquel St Claire standing by with Eddie Siebenthaler. He gives an update on Joey DeMarco, saying that he isn’t healing like doctors thought and that his wrestling career may be over. Eddie promises to teach Logan Christopher a lesson at The Haunting.

#1 Contender Tournament | Semifinal
Prince Tau vs Aiden Conrad

Both wrestlers brought completely different styles to this one. Aiden Conrad relied on speed and striking, softening Prince Tau up for the Beauty Maker while Prince Tau used hard right hands and power moves to wear Aiden down. Tau went for the Spear late into the match, but Conrad performed a leap frog causing Tau to crash into the corner. Aiden followed up with the Beauty Maker! He hooked Tau’s leg for the pin. 1…2… and Tau somehow got his foot on the bottom rope. The match continued!

Aiden muscled Tau up and attempted to keep control, hooking him for a DDT, but Tau powered out of Aiden’s grip and clotheslined the hell out of him. He then pulled Aiden up and hit the F5. But the force of Conrad crashing to the mat sent him rolling to the outside.

Frustrated, Prince Tau went to the outside and flung Aiden back into the ring. He climbed back in and hoisted Aiden up again. Tau went for the F5 once more, but Conrad slipped out of Tau’s grip and hit him with a jumping side kick. Tau stumbled back and fell to one knee. Conrad then blasted him with the Beauty Maker once again. Aiden hooked Tau’s leg and the referee made the count. 1…2…3! Aiden Conrad had won the match, and will advance to the finals of the #1 contender tournament.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Nevin Solomon vs Shikamaru

A fast paced match that saw Nevin Solomon eventually slown it down with submission moves. Obviously a fast paced match benefit Shikamaru more so than Nevin. Solomon hit a running knee into a swinging neckbreaker on Shikamaru. Solomon then went up top and hit a devastating knee drop to the head for a very close two count. Obviously Shikamaru was shaken.

Nevin pulled the challenger up and went for the Fisherman Brainbuster, but Shikamaru escaped and hit Nevin with the Dragon Suplex! But Shikamaru couldn’t capitalize. He was too shaken from the knee to the head. He eventually crawled over to Nevin to attempt a pin, but Solomon grabbed him and hooked on a Koji clutch. He has the move locked in in the center of the ring. Things looked grim for the challenger.

Nevin continued cranking, screaming out for Shikamaru to tap. But the challenger began moving and reaching toward the bottom rope, using so much energy to move both men. But before he could reach the rope, Nevin released the hold, pulled Shikamaru up and planted him with the Fisherman Brainbuster. He hooked Shikamaru’s leg for the pin. 1…2… and kickout! The Los Angeles crowd couldn’t believe it! Neither could Nevin.

He got up and pulled Shikamaru to the center of the ring. He climbed up top for his Frog Splash. He dove off the top, but Shikamaru brought his knees up. The champion crashed and burned. Shikamaru quickly grabbed Nevin, pulling him up with him, and dumped him on the back of his head with a stalling Sherman suplex. He then pulled the champion up once more and hit the Dragon Suplex. Shikamaru now pinned Nevin Solomon. 1…2…3! Shikamaru was the new Cruiserweight Champion!

After the match the new champion was awarded the Cruiserweight Championship. He held it up in the air as the LA crowd cheered. As he celebrated the biggest win of his career, he was blindsided with a clothesline from behind from former Cruiserweight Champion EJ “Money” Carter. EJ pummeled the new champion down, delivering repeated punches while Shikamaru’s face was pressed into the mat, the Cruiserweight Title laying on the mat beside him.

Carter got up and delivered a couple hard kicks before leaving the ring, obviously making a statement that he wanted a shot at Shikamaru’s newly won championship.

October 30th from Dallas, Texas FFP presents it’s Halloween themed October pay-per-view The Haunting. Expect a lot of great FFP action as FFP invades Dallas and puts on the best pro wrestling pay-per-view in the month of October!

Cindy Labre w/ April Hunter vs Marcy Tillman
Cindy Labre came out with a white robe on, looking very confident with April Hunter by her side. The self proclaimed HOF Killer, seemed to not take Marcy Tillman serious at all. Even playing around with her, pushing her with her foot while she was down. But Cindy went for a kick, and Tillman caught her foot. She pulled Labre in and hit a belly-to-belly suplex. She backed away and as Cindy got back up Marcy hit a running knee. Cindy was rocked. Marcy stayed on Cindy, wearing her down. After a snap suplex and a dropkick, she pulled Labre up and set her up for the Angel’s Wings. But before she could deliver the move April Hunter climbed into the ring and blasted Marcy with a big clothesline. Marcy crashed to the mat. April then helped Cindy up and the duo began to pummel Marcy, laying in kicks and stomps.

The bell rang. Marcy Tillman was the winner by disqualification, but was left laying after a big beat down. Cindy stood in the center of the ring as April raised her arm to signify that she was the winner. The Los Angeles crowd booed.

Daniel Matthews & Patrick McCoy vs Hunt Enterprises
Hunt Enterprises came out gaining the early advantage. Using their power to beat down both Daniel and Patrick. McCoy gained the upperhand using his speed, hitting s couple knee lifts in Mikhail Vakhrov then hitting the slingblade. Patrick went for an early Kryptonite Krunch, but Mikhail powered out and hit a jumping kick to the face. Vakhrov tagged to Brandon Kincaide.

Kincaide put a beating on McCoy, teasing Daniel, taunting him to try to make a tag. McCoy tried, but just couldn’t reach. And the one time Patrick took Kincaide down and began to pursue a tag, Mikhail rushed in and knocked Daniel off the apron. A brawl erupted. Patrick and Brandon wound up going toe-to-toe while Mikhail rammed Daniel into the steel guardrail and then the steel steps. Vakhrov backed away and ran toward Daniel, attempting to knee him into the steps, but Matthews moved out of the way and Mikhail crashed into the steps.

About this time McCoy gained the upperhand in the ring and hit a German suplex. He crawled over and tagged Daniel into the match. Matthews got in and went after Kincaide, hitting a Northern lights suplex, a running knee and the Roaring Elbow. He then pulled Brandon up and set him up for the Death Valley Driver. However, Bianca Hunt had grabbed the FFP World Title and handed it to Mikhail. Mikhail got into ring and blasted Matthews in the face with his own championship. Matthews dropped Brandon and fell down. The referee called for the bell, disqualifying Hunt Enterprises.

Brandon grabbed the World Title and held it in the air. The crowd booed. Even some members of the crowd threw trash into the ring. Kincaide then turned to Daniel, who was getting back up. Of course Patrick entered the ring to make the save of his partner, and the man who trained him to be a professional wrestler, but Mikhail blasted him with a clothesline. When Mathews finally got to his feet, Brandon cracked him in the head with the FFP World Title. Matthews went down again. Again, with blood dripping out of his forehead. Kincaide added to his assault, repeatedly stomping Daniel in the busted open forehead. He then stood over the World Champion, putting his foot on his head and raising his arms in the air.

Bianca got into the ring with a microphone in hand and stood by Brandon. She raised his arm in the air and proclaimed to the crowd that Brandon Kincaide was the next FFP World Champion.

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