Interview with Adrenaline Champion Odell Porter

This afternoon had a chance to sit down with the FFP Adrenaline Champion Odell Porter. We spoke to him about his Adrenaline Title reign, his ANY Case, his favorite wrestler and his opponent at The Haunting, Hades.

FFP: Odell, thanks for sitting down with us today.

ODELL: No problem at all.

FFP: How does it feel being the FFP Adrenaline Champion?

ODELL: It’s pretty great. It’s a very prestigious belt. And add onto it that I ended Christopher Morgan’s epic reign, it’s just awesome.

FFP: How’d that feel? Ending Christopher Morgan’s 470-day reign. The longest title reign in Full Force Pro history.

ODELL: I mean, it was awesome. Christopher defended this title against everyone. I really don’t think I can think of anyone he didn’t defend against. If they had an interest at wrestling for the belt, he’d face them, and beat them.

FFP: And then you came along.

ODELL: (Laughs) And then I came along.

FFP: You’ve come a long way in the fairly short time you’ve been here. You had your uncle here with you, who kept pushing you to take the easy way out. You ended up sending him packing. You won the FFP Television Title back in February. In March you won the first every ANY Case Tournament. And on July 4th you won the Adrenaline Title from Christopher.

ODELL: Yes, I’ve come a long way. My uncle meant well. He really did. But that relationship turned sour quick. I didn’t want to always take the easy way out. I wanted to do the respectful thing. I wanted to prove I was one of the best professional wrestlers in the world.

FFP: That’s very noble of you. A lot of people would’ve taken the easy way out. And speaking of easy, you won the ANY Case in March. And the ANY Case gives you the opportunity to come down at any time and challenge someone for their title. We have seen several times where FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews has been laid out, whether it be by Genocide and SUCCUMB, Brandon Kincaide or anyone else. Yet, you don’t cash in. Why is that?

ODELL: I’d rather not do it that way.

FFP: But isn’t that the whole point of the ANY Case?

ODELL: I guess it is, but if I win the World Championship, I want it to be one-on-one, in a main event, both men at 100%. Not me coming down, handing the briefcase over and pinning him. Where’s the honor in that? How could I be proud of that?

FFP: I guess you couldn’t be.

ODELL: That’s right. I mean, if I get a match with Daniel Matthews, it’ll be great. If I earn myself that shot, him and I will have one of the best matches the world has ever seen. And that can be said about other potential World Champions too. But coming down like a snake in the grass and cashing in when he’s down, the fans may like seeing a title change, but they got screwed out of a great match.

FFP: So will you ever use the case? It’s good for one year. That year will be up in June.

ODELL: I mean, never say never. I wouldn’t want to give it up. Just in case. But right now all of my effort, time and energy is going into being the best Adrenaline Champion I can be.

FFP: We are confident that you will be a great Adrenaline Champion.

ODELL: Thank you.

FFP: So talk to us about Hades. We saw him on Saturday talking about wanting a shot at the Adrenaline Championship. You’ve accepted that challenge. He’s a…different kind of opponent.

ODELL: (Laughs) That he is. He’s definitely unorthodox. He’s got a unique look. You can even say he’s sort of intimidating. I’m looking forward to the challenge. How fitting to face a creepy looking guy like him at The Haunting. I won’t take him lightly though. I’m going to prepare just like I always do. I’m going to come in and give 100% just like I always do.

FFP: Who do you seeing your biggest threat to your title reign?

ODELL: Umm, I don’t want to give a cliche answer like, “no one”, so I’ll say maybe Anarchy, or Hiroki Ito. Those guys are tough, and stiff. When they hit you, you know it.

FFP: Hades didn’t make your list?

ODELL: He’s a bad dude too. And anyone is capable. I mean, you can go out there and lose any day. It takes a count of three, that’s it. But I’m confident going into The Haunting.

FFP: Who is your favorite wrestler in FFP?

ODELL: Current?

FFP: Sure…or all-time. Doesn’t matter:

ODELL: Current I’d say Hiroki Ito. I love watching that guy go. And all-time, it’ll probably shock some people, but Veronica Clyne.

FFP: Really? Veronica Clyne?

ODELL: Yeah. Every match she ever had, you knew she brought everything she had. No matter who she faced, she brought it. She brought it for herself, and she brought it for the fans. She was the first woman to hold the FFP World Champion. She opened up a lot of doors…or rather, knocked them down. There’s a reason she was the very first inductee into the FFP Hall of Fame.

FFP: Odell, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today. Do you have anything else?

ODELL: Just, everyone watch The Haunting on October 30. It’s going to be a great show.

FFP: Thanks Odell.

ODELL: Thank you.

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