10/22/2016 FFP SSN

October 22, 2016 | Albuquerque, New Mexico

The show opened up with the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews who came out and talked about Hunt Enterprises and Brandon Kincaide’s constant sneak attacks and beat downs. Matthews said that next weekend at The Haunting that he would battle Kincaide in a First Blood Match, and he would leave still the World Champion.

Bianca Hunt came out and told Daniel that talking wasn’t getting it done. She said that Brandon would beat Daniel and bring the World Title to Hunt Enterprises. Daniel responded, accusing Brandon of needing to have Bianca come out and do his bidding. Eventually Bianca challenged Daniel to face off against Mikhail Vakhrov tonight. Daniel accepted.

Adam Black vs Attila
Attila looked very impressive. Adam Black used his brawling, but Attila hit the Ki-Krusher for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Quinn Delaney was standing by with Raquel St. Claire. Raquel asked Quinn about The Haunting and her not being booked in a match. Delaney said that she would be more than happy to wrestle, but said that she for some reason didn’t have a match. Quinn then playfully hinted that she could be Brandi’s partner for her Women’s Tag Team Title match.

Cindy Labre then walked up, interrupting Quinn’s interview. Cindy mentioned the article that stated that she should be the number one contender on the FFP website. Labre said that once she got a chance at Quinn, that she would be the new Women’s Champion. Quinn told Cindy that if she could beat Katsumi at The Haunting, that she would gladly give her a title shot.

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Deshaun Reed w/ Michael Graham vs Lewis Weaver
Both men relied on their technical wrestling abilities. Deshaun Reed brought a little more uncertainty to the table due to his ability to be able to hit some high flying moves. Reed hit the Crash Landing on Lewis for the three count.

After the match Michael Graham got on the microphone and demanded that Deshaun be the next in line for a title match, whether it be the World, Adrenaline or Television Title.

The scene cut backstage in a dark room. Hades was alone, with a dim light. He promised to defeat Odell Porter next weekend at The Haunting. Hades said that he had waited in the dark long enough, and he was looking forward to coming to The Haunting and ruin everything that Odell Porter has fought for.

Masina vs Samantha West
Samantha West hit some really nice strikes on Masina, but the size difference was the major player here. After a clothesline that seemingly knocked Samantha out, Masina picked her up and planted her with a powerslam for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was joined by EJ “Money” Carter. EJ Carter would challenge Shikamaru at The Haunting for the FFP Cruiserweight Championship. EJ said that he was the Cruiserweight Champion before, and he would be the Cruiserweight Champion next Sunday. Carter guaranteed victory, mentioning an “insurance policy”.

October 30th from Dallas, Texas FFP presents it’s Halloween themed October pay-per-view The Haunting. Daniel Matthews will defend the FFP World Championship against Brandon Kincaide in a First Blood Match! But that’s not all! Fiona Burke will take on Kenzie Anderson in a Hardcore Match, Shikamaru will defend his Cruiserweight Championship and much much more!

FFP Television Title
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Kashimanaki

A very nice match that was back and forth with striking, technical moves and brawling. Kashimanaki hit a running knee which caught Ito right on the jaw. He then scooped the champion up and planted him with a death valley driver for a two count. Kashimanaki went up top, but Hiroki got up and hit a couple shots on the challenger. Hiroki joined him up top and hit a superplex. Ito then set Kashimanaki up for the Go to Sleep, but he slid of the champion’s shoulders and hit a big German suplex. He followed that up with a couple of hard kicks. Kashimanaki then hoisted Ito up for the Kashimanaki Driver, but Ito slipped out of grip and hit a shining wizard. Hiroki then brought Kashimanaki up and hit the Go to Sleep for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Eddie Siebenthaler was on his phone. Obviously, talking to the injured Joey DeMarco. DeMarco was injured by Logan Christopher, and supposedly injured to the point that he could possibly never return to the ring. Eddie was talking gameplan with Joey, getting ready for his match against Logan at The Haunting.


Six-Woman Tag
Fiona Burke, Lizzy Kraven & Aubrey Moresi vs Kenzie Anderson, Giovanni Gotch & Katrina

A wild match that saw a lot of time outside of the ring as well as in. Giovanni rammed Lizzy Kraven into the steel ring steps which brought all the rest of the women to the outside. Katrina wound up being tossed over the guardrail while Fiona and Kenzie traded punches up the entrance ramp. Fiona got the best of Kenzie and hit a DDT on the ramp. Aubrey shoved Giovanni back into the ring and went for her submission finisher Out-Bodied. But Gotch escaped out and hit a big running boot.

Katrina had made her way back up onto the apron where she received the tag in. Katrina went after Aubrey, but wound up falling victim to Out-Bodied. Katrina tried hard to fight out of the hold. Giovanni got back into the ring to break up the submission, but received a hard spear from Lizzy Kraven for her troubles. Katrina finally tapped out. Fiona, Lizzy and Aubrey won the match.

After the match all six women wound up back in the ring, and a big brawl broke out again. FFP security quickly intervened separating everyone.

On December 12, 2016 the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present it’s milestone 100th show! We here at FFP are extremely proud of the growth of the OWF and we can not wait to see OWF #100 in December. Don’t miss it!

Non-Title Match
Daniel Matthews vs Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt

This match was a brawl if there ever was one. Later in the match it was apparent that it was only a trap for Hunt Enterprises. Once it seemed like Daniel was getting ready to go for the Death Valley Driver, Vakhrov hit him with a blatant low blow. He then hit his finisher, From Russia with Love, but the match was already over due to disqualification for the low blow.

Brandon Kincaide then quickly made his way down the isle, sliding in and putting the boots to Daniel. Mikhail went to the outside and grabbed the World Championship. He climbed into the ring and handed it to Brandon. Mikhail then pulled Daniel up, holding his arms behind him. Kincaide proceeded to blast Daniel in the head with the championship. Matthews body fell back down to the mat. Blood began dripping onto the mat from his forehead.

Brandon and Mikhail turned Daniel over and continued beating him down. Obviously the goal was to bust Daniel open so he would have a fresh wound at The Haunting.

As the beatdown continued, Hiroki Ito charged down the isle. Ito, who had Daniel come to his favor last week, was returning the favor. He slid into the ring and hit Mikhail with a couple of hard stiff kicks. Brandon Kincaide was quick to retreat as Vakhrov hit the mat and rolled out of the ring himself. Hunt Enterprises walked up the ramp as Hiroki checked on Daniel.


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