You Want a Number One Contender? You Got One.

Recently Full Force Pro put up a poll on who should be the next to challenge the talented Quinn Delaney for her FFP Women’s Championship. Options to vote for on that poll were former FFP Diamond and/or Women’s Champions Brandi Moore, Kemina and Katsumi Akiyama, as well as former OWF Women’s Champions Katrina and Giovanni Gotch. Also featured was former FFP World Champion Lizzy Kraven, newly called up Aubrey Moresi as well as Cindy Labre and Masina.

I’ll admit, it’s a great list of talented women that most likely would give Quinn Delaney a run for her money. But I took the time and effort to simply look at which of these women had really stepped up their game and made an impact in these last couple weeks. And there is only one woman that has done that effectively. Cindy Labre.

Cindy Labre made her FFP debut at the Mid-Summer Classic on July 24th blindsiding Nina Fox after a hard fought victory over Lizzy Kraven. That was just the beginning.

She went on to defeat Samantha West in her first match at Madness. A few days later she beat Katrina. A week after that, Labre defeated former World Champion Lizzy Kraven after Giovanni Gotch came out to get a better look at her rival. After the match however, Nina Fox came out and hit Cindy with a Superkick.

The next week Cindy faced off against Nina at SSN. Cindy won the match, and afterward stole Nina’s brand new FFP Hall of Fame ring. Don’t worry, Nina would get it back, for a few minutes…

On August 28th, only a month (and a few days) after her debut, Cindy suffered her first loss, submitting to Nina Fox’s Dragon Clutch at Blaze of Glory. Nina took back her Hall of Fame ring and everything seemed right in the world.

Later the same night, Nina Fox came out looking as if she was going to cash in her ANY Case. But she was jumped by Cindy and April Hunter. The two spike piledrove Nina on the concrete floor, breaking Nina’s neck. Cindy once again took Nina’s Hall of Fame ring.

Cindy went on to defeat Samantha West (for a second time) and Kimber Stiles (on a special episode of Woman Crush Wednesday) having April Hunter in her corner every step of the way, and looking absolutely impressive. All the while, stirring up trouble with FFP Hall of Famer Taylor Clawson.

Cindy faced off against Taylor at Lethal Injection on September 25. She beat Taylor, and injured her arm with assistance from the steel ring post. Then Cindy took Taylor’s Hall of Fame ring. That would make two.

In the next few weeks Cindy beat Samantha West again, lost to Marcy Tillman by disqualification due to outside interference from April Hunter, then defeated Marcy in a rematch one week later.

After her victory over Marcy, Cindy got in the microphone and talked trash to everyone. This brought out Katsumi Akiyama and their match for The Haunting next week was set.

You see, Cindy has only lost two matches in FFP. One, to a former FFP World, Women’s and Diamond Champion, as well as Hall of Famer, Nina Fox. And the other loss was a disqualification due to outside interference. Not Cindy’s fault.

If the powers-that-be read this article, and I know they will, it should be clear as crystal that Cindy Labre has been the most impressive woman on the FFP roster as of late (more so than your Women’s Champion), and has made the biggest impact by far.

If you want a legitimate number one contender to give Quinn Delaney a challenge for her Championship, look no further than the beautiful, talented and impressive self proclaimed Hall of Fame Killer Cindy Labre.

– Jason Eck

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