The 16 to 1 Tournament Brackets

Anyone who has been following the FFP Twitter the past few days has seen the announcement of 16 woman wrestlers from across the globe. These 16 women all have one thing in common. They all will take part in a tournament that will last about a month, with the winner getting a guaranteed contract with Full Force Pro, most likely heading to our developmental territory, the OhioWrestling  Federation in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A few of the participants will look rather familiar to diehard FFP fans. Former FFP Diamond Champion Ariana Chaos was announced yesterday as well as former FFP superstar Ginger Fields (who also was a part of the AWF where Matt Kraven got his start years ago).

Other names in the tournament are 3XW Women’s Champion Erika Storm, former 3XW Women’s Champion Jada Knight, former MMA superstar Hope Jamison, Jaqueline Aulstrike, Tabitha Mullins, Courtney Kennedy and many more.

The 16 to 1 Tournament will begin on a special episode of Woman Crush Wednesday on November 2, and will end at FFP’s November pay-per-view FFP Rebirth.

If you’d like to take a look at the tournament brackets they are available at the bottom of this article. Also, FFP will be naming a few alternates in case any injuries occur during the tournament.

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