11/02/2016 Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday
November 2, 2016 | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

President Veronica Clyne came out and spoke about the 16-to-1 Tournament which would begin in a few moments. Veronica also announced tonight’s main event, which would be a six-woman tag featuring FFP Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney, Katsumi Akiyama and Aubrey Moresi taking on the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Brandi Moore and Amy Kraven teaming with Marcy Tillman.

16-to-1 Tourament: Opening Round Match
“Rowdy” Riley Perkins vs Diana Ashton

A competitive match that saw Riley Perkins pull out the victory with a Death Valley Driver off the middle rope.

16-to-1 Tourament: Opening Round Match
Jaqueline Aulstrike vs Katrina Jackson

Jaqueline Aulstrike was incredibly dominant in the ring. Her strength and size were definitely what gave her the huge advantage over Katrina Jackson. Jaqueline hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb for the three count.

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16-to-1 Tourament: Opening Round Match
Erika Storm vs Rachel Evans

A back and forth match that was the experienced Erika Storm use her technical wrestling skills to wear down Rachel Evans, beating her with a Roaring Elbow.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was joined by Fiona Burke. She asked Burke about her match with Kenzie Anderson at The Haunting and how it ended in a draw. Fiona said she was unhappy with the ending and that she wanted a rematch with Kenzie.

Kenzie interrupted and things got intense, however security quickly made their presence known to keep the women from getting physical.

16-to-1 Tourament: Opening Round Match
Hisoka Nadeshiko vs Nicole Diamont

The last tournament match of the evening, and arguably the most competitive. Both women hit some very impressive moves including a Northern Lights Suplex by Nicole that got her a close two count. Hisoka fought back hitting a stalling German suplex and a spinning Lariat for the three count.

Masina vs Lizzy Kraven
The biggest test that Masina had faced to date. Lizzy and out hell bent on silencing the buzz around Masina, even flooring the Samoan with a Kraven Lariat for a two count. In a complete shock to the Oklahoma City crowd, Masina fought back hitting a running powerslam following two consecutive big splashes to get the three count on the former FFP World Champion.

The scene cut to Veronica Clyne who was in her office, joined by the former OWF Women’s Champion Dani Rawlings. Veronica congratulated Dani. Apparently she was being called up. Dani asked when she would make her debut on the main roster, to which Veronica replied this weekend at SSN.

On December 12, 2016 the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present it’s milestone 100th show! We here at FFP are extremely proud of the growth of the OWF and we can not wait to see OWF #100 in December. Don’t miss it!

Six-Woman Tag
Quinn Delaney, Katsumi Akiyama & Aubrey Moresi vs Brandi Moore, Amy Kraven & Marcy Tillman

A very respectful match, which is something refreshing these days. All six women impressed. Amy Kraven hit a superplex on Aubrey Moresi who answered back with two European uppercuts and a hurricanrana off the middle rope. Marcy Tillman got tagged in and showed off her striking skills, really laying onto the Women’s Champion. Katsumi Akiyama eventually hit some impressive strikes at all. But the match came to an end when Aubrey debuted her new finishing move, Cake Faced off the top rope, on Marcy getting the three count.

After the match all six women shook hands. The winning team stayed in the ring to celebrate. However Cindy Labre appeared from behind the ringside guardrail and blasted Quinn Delaney from behind. Just as quick as Cindy appeared, she was fine, careful not to start a fight with Quinn’s entire team.


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