11/16/2016 FFP Return Anniversary Show


FFP Return Anniversary Show
November 16, 2016 | Chicago, Illinois

The show opened up with the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews making his way to the ring. Matthews took a microphone and welcomed everyone to the FFP Return Anniversary Show. Matthews promised that tonight’s main event of the Soul Assassins vs Simply the Best was going to be an incredible main event. Daniel reminded everyone of the history of these two stables, and noted that without either stable, the FFP could have been completely different, and possibly wouldn’t have had the bright future it has today.

Daniel went on to talk about this weekend’s FFP Rebirth pay-per-view. He talked about him taking on Anarchy for the World Championship, and promised he’d do his best to beat Anarchy and put on one hell of a show.

Then, Anarchy’s music hit, and the challenger walked down to the ring. Anarchy took hold of a microphone and stepped face-to-face with Daniel. Anarchy said that Sunday night he wasn’t coming to Rebirth to entertain fans or to put on a show, but to beat Daniel Matthews for the FFP World Championship. Anarchy told Daniel to enjoy tonight’s flashback main event, but keep in mind that Sunday as ass whipping is waiting for him.

Triple Threat Match
Amy Kraven vs Dani Rawlings vs Aubrey Moresi
The match started out with Dani Rawlings running her mouth to both of her opponents. A double suplex courtesy of Amy and Aubrey shut her up. Then she rolled to the outside and Amy and Aubrey went head-to-head. Amy and Aubrey went very technical. Armdrags, hip tosses, a big dropkick from Aubrey Moresi followed by a leg drop. Then Dani slid back in. She grabbed Aubrey from behind and tossed her out of be ring. She pulled Amy Kraven up and hit a swinging neckbreaker. She went for the pin, but got a two count. Dani pulled Amy back up and hit a Northern lights suplex. But Aubrey made her way back in, flooring Dani with a clothesline.

Aubrey went to check on Amy, but Kraven hooked Aubrey into a small package. She got a two count. Aubrey and Amy then shared a look. The respect was still there, but Aubrey knew Amy was playing to win. They locked up again, but Dani hit Aubrey with a chop block. She hit Amy with a couple hard punches and went for a clothesline. Amy back body dropped Dani, causing her to land on the ring apron. Aubrey charged at Amy, but Kraven dropped down and Aubrey collided with Dani, sending her crashing to the arena floor.

Amy and Aubrey went at it again. Amy hit a belly-to-belly. She waited for Aubrey to get back up and went for the Superkick, but Aubrey ducked it and caught Amy with a running bulldog. She went to the middle rope and hit a missile dropkick. She went back to the middle rope and proceeded to hit a blockbuster. Aubrey went for the pin, but Dani quickly got back into the ring and hit Aubrey with a hard kick to the head. She pulled Aubrey up and planted her with a DDT. Dani used her foot to push Aubrey, rolling to the outside. Dani turned her attention to Amy who was getting to her feet. Dani hit a kick to the gut, and planted Amy with a piledriver. Dani then hooked Amy’s leg and got the three count.

Dani got up and out her arms in the air. She had won her debut FFP match. But she continued beating down on Amy. That is until Aubrey reentered the ring. She grabbed Dani and whipped her out of the ring. She then checked on her friend.

On December 12, 2016 the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present it’s milestone 100th show! Main evented by Blaine Edwards defending the OWF Title against Hayden Flowers, we will also see Population Control battle the Tamatoas for the OWF Tag Team Titles, and much more! You won’t wanna miss it.

16-to-1 Tournament: Semifinal
Hisoka Nadeshiko vs Jaqueline Aulstrike

Hisoka came out using strikes to try to rock the giant Jaqueline Aulstrike, with Jaqueline trying to cover up and absorb most of the blows. Hisoka backed Jacqueline into the corner, still hitting her with strikes, by Jaqueline blasted out of the corner, hitting Nadeshiko with a massive clothesline. She pulled Hisoka up and whipped her into the corner, then smashing her with an avalanche. Hisoka stumbled forward right into Jaqueline’s Pop-Up Powerbomb. Aulstrike covered her opponent and gained the victory. Rather easily she advanced to the finals of the 16-to-1 Tournament.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was speaking with the FFP Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney. Raquel asked Quinn about defending her Women’s Title against Cindy Labre Sunday at Rebirth. Quinn said that Cindy came in with the hot hand in FFP, but that she was far from being Championship material. Quinn continued, but was quickly cut off when Cindy leveled her from behind. April Hunter helped Cindy with her assault on Quinn, beating her down, then slamming her through a nearby table. They continued putting the boots to the champion until FFP security rushed in and intervened.

Chicago Street Fight
Logan Christopher vs Joey DeMarco
Logan exploded on Joey from the very beginning, throwing a fury on punches. Joey was able to push Logan back and connect with a big boot to knock him down. With Logan down, Joey rolled out of the ring and instantly went under the ring. He threw two chairs into the ring and pulled a table out, but left it at ringside. With a third chair in his hands, Joey slid back in the ring. Just as he did, Logan jumped up and grabbed one of the chairs. The two men had a stand-off before simultaneously swinging their chairs at each other, clapping them together. They did this two more times before Logan dropped his chair and dropkicked Joey’s chair into his face. Joey stumbled back, holding his nose.

Logan hit a running Tornado DDT and Joey spilled out of the ring. As Joey groggily rose to his feet, Logan cleared the top rope with a flip, landing hard on Joey. Although Logan appeared to be in some pain after the rough landing, he searched under the ring and pulled out a trash can. Once Logan saw Joey getting to his feet, he charged, clocking Joey in the head with the can. Logan tossed the can aside, but kept hold of the lid. He looked down at Joey, before a burst of anger came about, leading him to slam the lid onto Joey’s face repeatedly. It got to the point where the lid was so crushed, it was unrecognizable. Joey was busted open, bleeding all over himself. That’s when Logan turned his attention to the table Joey had pulled out earlier.

After setting the table up, Logan decided that it wasn’t enough. He pulled more chairs out from under the ring and laid them on the table. Then he lifted up Joey’s motionless body, laying him on the table as well. The fans stirred, wondering what Logan was going to do. When Logan went back under the ring and pulled out a ladder, they exploded. With the ladder set up, Logan looked at Joey, then the ladder, then back at Joey, then back at the ladder, debating whether this was a good idea. But he made his decision and climbed up. Logan looked out at the audience, who were all cheering him on, before diving off the ladder, hitting a Shooting Star Press on Joey, sending them both through the chairs and the table. The crowd was in awe as both men were being checked on by the referee.

Both men lied, motionless on the arena floor. The referee check on them, before finally calling for the EMTs to come to ringside. After whispering to the ring announcer it was announced that the match had been called due to both men’s conditions. The Chicago crowd grew quiet as both men were stretchered out of the arena.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with Anarchy. Tyrece asked Anarchy about his promo on Daniel Matthews earlier in the night. Anarchy said that it’s been almost two years since the last time that he won the World Title. He said that he likes Daniel, and respects him, but at Rebirth it will all be about winning back the World Title.

Lizzy Kraven vs Masina
Both women came into this match with the thought that they’d just beat the bell out of the other. Masons gained the early advantage, beating Lizzy into the ropes, then whipping her into the ropes and planting her with a spinebuster. Masina bounced off the ropes and went for a big leg drop. But Lizzy moved out of the way. Masina slammed to the mat, but fought to get back to her feet. Lizzy had already got back up and leveled her opponent with the Kraven Lariat. Masina crashed to the mat, and Lizzy went for the pin. 1… and Masina kicked out! A one count?! After the Kraven Lariat?! Lizzy couldn’t believe it.

She grabbed Masina by the hair, trying to force her back up. Masina got up to her knees. Lizzy let go, and hit the ropes. She was going for another Kraven Lariat, but this time Masina stepped up to her feet and flattened Lizzy with a big boot. Lizzy’s head cracked the mat. She grabbed her head in pain. But Masina saw, and began delivering stomps to Lizzy’s skull. Masina pulled Lizzy up and hit a Samoan drop. Masina then bounced off the ropes, going for her Big Splash, but Lizzy rolled out of the way. She pulled herself up to her feet with help from the ropes. Masina got up as well, and charged toward Lizzy. However Kraven dropped down, pulling the top rope down with her. Masina tumbled over the top and crashed to the arena floor.

Lizzy bounced off the ropes and attempted a suicide dive. But Masina caught Lizzy, and proceeded to powerslam her through the announce table. No matter what Lizzy did, she couldn’t seem to get any momentum.

Masina fired Lizzy back into the ring. She went in after her and continued beating her down. She pulled Lizzy up and scooped her onto her shoulder. Lizzy pushed herself off of Masina’s shoulder and hit her with a kick to the back of the knee. Lizzy then went off the ropes again, most likely going for a Kraven Lariat once again, but Masina destroyed Lizzy with an awesome spinning clothesline, turning Lizzy inside out. Masina pulled Lizzy up and planted her with a huge powerbomb in the center of the ring. She got back up, hit the ropes and delivered a Big Splash. Masina then hooked Lizzy’s leg. 1…2…3.

The scene cut backstage where the FFP Tag Team Champions Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce. They guaranteed victory over Assault & Battery at Rebirth. They said that they had successfully defended against every team in FFP, including Assault & Battery, and that wouldn’t change at Rebirth.

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Champion vs Champion
Odell Porter vs EJ “Money” Carter w/ Bianca Hunt
From the start of the match, Odell seemed weary of Bianca being at ringside. As he had an eye on her, EJ knocked him down from behind. EJ stomped on Odell repeatedly before pandering to the crowd cockily. In that time, however, Odell got to his feet and took EJ down with an inverted suplex. The Adrenaline Champion then climbed to the top rope as EJ stumbled to his feet and knocked him right back down with a reverse elbow. Bianca climbed onto the apron before Odell could go for the pin, distracting both Odell and the referee. EJ rolled Odell up as Bianca stepped down to the floor, pulling the tights for a close two count. Bianca appeared to be agitated that the match had not ended right then and there.

Odell and EJ hopped to their feet, and Odell tripped EJ up with a drop-toe hold as EJ charged at him. Bianca climbed back onto the apron before Odell could make another move, and threw her shoe at him, hitting him in the back of the head. The referee ejected Bianca from ringside following the attack, much to the delight of the Chicago crowd. As Odell watched Bianca leave, EJ spun him around and set him up for the Canadian Destroyer, but Odell countered with a back body drop. As soon as EJ rose to his feet, Odell connected with the Regal Plex for the victory.

16-to-1 Tournament: Semifinal
Ariana Chaos vs Erika Storm

This match began with a handshake. The Chicago crowd seemed pumped about this one. Ariana Chaos had the obvious advantage. Not only with the in-ring wrestling, but brawling and aerial moves. Ariana hit some quick moves and eventually moved up to high flying. Chaos attempted a cross body block off the top, but Erika pulled out the stop by turning it into a devastating gut buster. Storm pulled Ariana up, sent her into the ropes and hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Then a running elbow drop. Erika turned to the crowd and let out a scream. She turned back around only to get caught in a small package from Ariana. 1…2… and Erika kicked out. Both ladies charged at each other, attempting clotheslines. They simultaneously connected. Both women hit the mat.

Ariana was first to get up. She pulled Erika up and hit a couple of snap suplexes. She went up top and hit a beautiful moonsault for a two count. She pulled Storm up and trapped her arms behind her. She was going for her finisher, the Impaler. But Erika blocked Ariana when she tried to turn her around. Storm hit a couple of back elbows, then hit the ropes and delivered a running knee shades of Harley Race. Erika pulled Ariana up and hit her with a Michinoku Driver. She hooked the leg. 1…2… and Ariana kicked out. Erika couldn’t believe it. She pulled Ariana up and went for a German suplex, but Ariana reversed, going behind Erika and rolling her up. Erika kicked out at two. Both women hopped to their feet again and charged. Ariana attempted a clothesline, but Erika ducked it and hit a Superkick. Ariana stumbled back, then forward. Erika scooped her up onto her shoulders and hit a Samoan drop. Erika then climbed to the top rope and hit a Swanton Bomb. She hooked Ariana’s leg. 1…2… and Ariana kicked out! The Chicago crowd couldn’t believe it.

Ariana pushed herself up to her feet. Erika quickly zoned in, grabbing her and planting her to the mat with a STO. Storm rolled her opponent over and hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Erika Storm would advance to the final of the 16-to-1 Tournament and battle Jaqueline Aulstrike at FFP Rebirth this Sunday!

On November 20th Full Force Pro will present it’s November pay-per-view Rebirth! Live from Baltimore we will see Daniel Matthews defend the FFP World Tirle against Anarchy. We will also see Cindy Labre challenge Quinn Delaney for the FFP Women’s Championship. Besides that, we will see many other championship matches. You won’t want to miss it!

The Original War
Soul Assassins vs Simply the Best
The crowd absolutely loved seeing the Soul Assassins back together. Veronica Clyne got a huge ovation from the Chicago crowd. However Simply the Best seemed almost just as popular. Christopher Morgan stepped back into a FFP ring as well as Caleb Newstead, who has been training for quite sometime at the OWF.

Patrick McCoy started with Caleb Newstead. One of many feuds rekindled. Technical and fast paced. Both men had held the FFP Cruiserweight Title as well as Tag Team Titles. The crowd erupted when Veronica Clyne got tagged in. She immediately pointed at Brandi Moore, as to say “I want her”.

Brandi tagged in and one of FFP’s biggest feuds in its history was reignited. Both women threw all kinds of technical wrestling at the other, but they weren’t shy about hitting some strikes as well. Veronica got the upperhand on Brandi, rocking her with a couple forearms before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. Clyne picked Moore up and set her up for the Go to Sleep. But Brandi slipped out of Veronica’s grip and rocked her with a hard right hand. Veronica stumbled and fell to her knees. Brandi looked as if she was going to go for the End Game, a move she used to put Veronica out of action for a long time. But Veronica scooped Brandi up as she rushed at her. Clyne proceeded to hit the Go to Sleep. But the force of the move sent Brandi stumbling back and a tag was made…to Christopher Morgan.

Christopher dared Daniel Matthews to tag in. And Daniel did. It was the first ever FFP World Championship feud. It was the history of FFP, right in front of our faces. Strikes turned into mat wrestling. Suplexes, neckbreakers, arm drags and rear chin locks. Christopher Morgan gained the upperhand with a back elbow followed by a dropkick. Morgan then set Daniel up for the Tiger Driver. But Daniel broke out of Morgan’s grip and rocked him with the Roaring Elbow. Daniel went for the pin, but Caleb Newstead broke up the count.

Patrick McCoy entered the ring to take on Caleb. Fists flew as they beat on each other. Then, Veronica and Brandi took to the ring. It was like 2008 all over again. Daniel Matthews knocked Christopher Morgan out of the ring and hit a suicide dive. In the mean time Caleb Newstead planted Patrick McCoy with the Fisherman Brainbuster. Veronica and Brandi continued their back-and-forth affair, with Veronica ducking a clothesline and hitting a German suplex. But Veronica’s momentum changed when Christopher Morgan joined her in the ring and hit a clothesline. He stood over Veronica, looking down at her. However Daniel Matthews re-entered the ring. Morgan turned his attention to Daniel, but Matthews hit the Roaring Elbow. Daniel then scooped Christopher up and hit the Death Valley Driver. Matthews hooked the leg and got the three count. The Soul Assassins beat Simply the Best.

After the match everyone shook hands and embraced. It was a great moment seeing some of FFP’s earliest rivalries not only be showcased once again, but then solved with a handshake. The night came to an end as the FFP alumni stood in the ring while pyro went off in the arena.


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