11/20/2016 FFP Rebirth (PPV)


FFP Rebirth
November 20, 2016 | Baltimore, Maryland

The show opened up with pyro going off around the arena. The camera panned around the arena showing a couple former FFP superstars such as Ariana Chaos, Synn and Christopher Morgan, who was wrestling for another promotion but was here to support his Simply the Best stablemate Caleb Newstead, HONOR Wrestling superstars such as Katashi Goya and HONOR Women’s Champion Cassie Carlisle, and also competitors that took part in the 16-to-1 Tournament such as Hope Jamison, Courtney Kennedy and Tabitha Mullins were in the audience.

The scene cut backstage where Bianca Hunt was speaking about Hunt Enterprises. She said that her stable had the Cruiserweight Championship, and before long they’d have much more than that.

FFP Television Title
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Caleb Newstead
Caleb Newstead was the very first FFP Television Champion. And he came into this match with all the confidence in the world, that he would once against hold the coveted TV Championship. Both superstars showed tremendous technical wrestling skills, but Hiroki’s loud and stiff kicks were something that Newstead didn’t seem to prepare himself for. As the kicks echoed through the arena, Newstead obviously was in pain, so he changed the gameplan. First, he keyed in on Hiroki’s leg. If he took one leg away, the kicks would be far less painful. A couple dragon leg screws and a dropkick to the front of the knee slowed Ito down.

But Hiroki connected with a hard kick to Newstead’s head. Next he dumped Caleb on the back of his head with a German suplex. As Caleb fought to get back up, Hiroki hoisted him up for the Go to Sleep, but as he went to connect with the move, Caleb caught his leg and hit another dragon leg screw. Newstead then called for the end. He pulled Hiroki up and planted him with the Fisherman Brainbuster, Newstead’s finisher. Caleb hooked the leg with confidence written all over his face. 1…2… and Hiroki got his foot up on the bottom rope. Caleb couldn’t believe it. He pulled Hiroki over to the center of the ring and hooked his leg. 1…2… and Hiroki kicked out. Obviously all the time spent between the first pin and dragging the Champion to the center of the ring, was too much time.

Caleb then looked out to the crowd. He called for the Fisherman Brainbuster again. He pulled Hiroki up and set him up, but Hiroki blocked. He connected with a headbutt which sent Caleb stumbled backward. Hiroki then hit another hard kick to the skull. Newstead collapsed to the mat, but Hiroki fell as well, after having all of his weight on his leg. He got back up as Newstead began fighting up. Hiroki went for a shining wizard, but Caleb somehow reversed into a sit-down powerbomb. That had to be it! 1…2… and Hiroki kicked out again! Caleb couldn’t believe it! He slammed his hands on the mat and went back after the Television Champion. He pulled Hiroki up and hooked him for another Fisherman Brainbuster. But this time, as he hoisted Hiroki in the air, Ito swung his body and reversed into a small package. It was a very impressive reversal. Newstead kicked out at two, but Hiroki quickly popped back up and destroyed Caleb with a kick to the side of the head. He pulled Newstead up, scooped him onto his shoulders and successfully connected with the Go to Sleep. Hiroki then fell onto Caleb’s body, hooking his leg. 1…2…3! Hiroki Ito had successfully defended his title in a five-star match against Caleb Newstead!

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was joined by Lewis Weaver. Weaver talked about FFP signing a new wrestler who is also from the United Kingdom by the name of Levi Fuller. Fuller walked into the picture, shaking hands with Lewis. They said thst they were soon going to be tagging up snd hoping to make an impact in the Tag Team Division.


Kenzie Anderson vs Fiona Burke
After the way their last match ended, both women wanted to prove once and for all that they were the better competitor. They started off evenly matched, escaping each other’s holds and taking each other down with arm drags. That all came to an end when Kenzie backed Fiona into the corner and slapped her across the face, hard. Before Fiona could even react to it, Kenzie dropkicked her knee, sending her to the mat in pain. Kenzie hopped out of the ring and dragged Fiona by the leg towards the ring post, then smashed her leg into it. Fiona screamed, clutching her knee and inching back as Kenzie climbed back inside.

Kenzie went to stomp on Fiona’s knee before being taken down with a single-leg monkey flip. Fiona managed to get to her feet just in time to prevent another onslaught, striking Kenzie with chops and an enzuigiri. Fiona tried to lift Kenzie up for the Fab Drop, but her knee couldn’t hold up. Kenzie wiggled out of Fiona’s grip and kicked her knee one more time before backing up, ready to deliver the final blow. Kenzie then charged at Fiona and hit the Busaiku Knee! The entire arena thought it was over, including Kenzie as she nonchalantly laid over Fiona for a cover. Just before the referee counted three, Fiona rolled Kenzie over, trapping her in a crucifix for the victory. Fiona rolled out of the ring, as Kenzie sat in complete shock over her loss. Despite her knee being in incredible pain, a smile was plastered across Fiona’s face as she celebrated her win.

In the Ring
Next, the FFP President Veronica Clyne came down to the ring. She talked about how the decision needed to be made on who would take over running the Ohio Wrestling Federation when the time came for Austin Briggs to return to the ring. Veronica said that after much discussion as well as face-to-face interviews, that her along with Matt Kraven had decided to bring in the former owner of the AWF, where Matt and Chris Kraven both got their starts, and successful businesswoman Mary Faith Brooks.

Mary Faith Brooks then made her way down the isle, with a beautiful blonde by her side. We could only imagine the blonde was Mary’s daughter. Veronica handed Mary the microphone. In a slight Southern accent Mary spoke to the crowd, asking them “how ya’ll doing tonight?” She talked about her experience in the professional wrestling industry as well as the business world. She also noted that she owned the sports channel UltaSports, which meant Full Force Pro and the OWF could be seen by even more eyes than they’re already seen by.

She spoke about how she was a very busy woman, and that was why she was bringing her daughter Holly Brooks along to assist in running the OWF and making sure it is the best product that it can be. She thanked the Baltimore crowd and waved to them as her and Holly exited the ring.

16-to-1 Tournament Final
Erika Storm vs Jaqueline Aulstrike
The match started out one sided, on two different accounts. The crowd was solidly behind Erika, cheering her up while booing Jaqueline constantly from the start of her entrance. But then when the bell rang, Erika went after Jaqueline at full speed, and hit a wall. Erika started with strikes, but Aulstrike absorbed and threw Storm down. Erika charged again, but again was thrown to the mat. She charged a third time, and got leveled with a big boot. Her head snapped back and leveled the mat below. Things already looked grim.

Jaqueline looked out at the jeering crowd and swung her arms to say “this is it!” She pulled Erika up, whipped her into the ropes and went for the Pop-Up Powerbomb. In mid-air Erika turned her body and cracked Jaqueline with a kick to the head. Jaqueline stumbled back. And Erika quickly got back to her feet. She went for a clothesline attempting to send Jaqueline over the top, but only got her teetering. Erika back up and went for another clothesline, but Jaqueline planted her feet and backbody dropped Erika. Storm went over and landed on the apron. Aulstrike turned and charged, leveling Erika with a running big boot sending her crashing to the arena floor.

Jaqueline stood in the ring, raising her arms in the air. The referee started his 20-count, but as Erika began moving Jaqueline went to the outside. She pulled Erika up and violently slammed her into the guardrail with her hair. Then slammed her into the steel ring steps. She sent Erika back in under the bottom rope. Jaqueline went in as well, climbed to the middle rope and went for a splash. But Erika rolled out of the way. Jaqueline slammed to the mat. Both women got up about the same time. Erika but a couple stiff elbows and firearms. She hit the ropes and sprinted toward Jaqueline, attempting a cross body block. By Jaqueline caught her in the air, and dumped her over the top with a fall away slam.

Jaqueline once again went out and sent Erika back into the ring. She backed her into the corner and went for a big avalanche, shades of King Kong Bundy, but Erika moved out of the way. Jaqueline slammed into the turnbuckles and stumbled back. She turned around to get cracked with a Superkick. Jaqueline was groggy. Leading Erika to grab ahold and somehow deliver an awesome overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Yes, I said overhead. Erika looked out into the crowd and let out a scream. As Jaqueline got back to her feet Erika went for a Roaring Elbow, but Jaqueline caught her by grabbing her by the throat, and slamming her to the mat with a chokeslam. The crowd went from loud and cheering to silent. Aulstrike shot the ropes and delivered a leg drop. She got up, hit the ropes, and another leg drop. Then a third. She pulled her blonde opponent up by her hair, bent her over and delivered an awesome powerbomb. But she kept a hold of Storm, brought her up again and delivered another. Then, one more, into a sit-down powerbomb. She held the position for the pin. 1…2…3! Jaqueline Aulstrike had won the 16-to-1 Tournament.

Jaqueline stood up, proudly, taking in all the boo’s from the crowd. She stepped through the ropes and walked up the entrance ramp, knowing that she had earned herself a contract.

After Jaqueline left, the crowd began cheering for Erika. It took several moments for her to stir. She pushed herself up onto her knees, realizing that even though she lost, the crowd was still solidly behind her, even chanting “please sign Erika” over and over.

As she pushed herself up to her feet, still a little groggy, three women jumped the guardrail and slid into the ring. It was three of the four 16-to-1 Tournament injury alternates. Lisa Ann Marie, Nikki Griffin and Sierra St. James. They surrounded Erika, who was still somewhat out of it. On Lisa’s command, the three pounced, pummeling Storm to the ground. Erika had just fought the toughest match of her life, unfortunately coming up short. So she didn’t put up much of a fight. The three alternates laid into Erika, beating her down with kicks, punches and stomps. Then they pulled her up. Lisa instructed the other two to send Erika into the ropes. They did and Lisa buried her with a huge spinebuster. The trio stood over Erika’s motionless body with their arms raised. Obviously they were proud of what they had accomplished. The crowd began throwing trash into the ring.

On December 12, 2016 the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present it’s milestone 100th show! Main evented by Blaine Edwards defending the OWF Title against Hayden Flowers, we will also see Population Control battle the Tamatoas for the OWF Tag Team Titles, and much more! You won’t wanna miss it.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was standing by with Anarchy. She spoke to tonight’s World Title challenger about his relationship with Daniel Matthews. Anarchy said that in this business you have few friends. He said that him and Daniel were friends, but that when it comes to winning the most prestigious title in professional wrestling, that friendships end. Anarchy said it’s been too long since he’s held the World Title and tonight, that belt would be his once again.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs Assault & Battery
A very physical match the whole way. Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce did exactly what they have done their entire 237-day Tag Team Title reign. Meanwhile, Assault & Battery did exactly what they did while winning the OWF, HONOR and FFP Tag Team Titles. Gregory Hart hit a couple nice suplexes on Jackson Pearce. Kevin Lewan tagged in and used some very impressive striking to wear Jackson down. Pearce took quite a beating, but fought back with a huge clothesline to Lewan opening up the chance to crawl to his corner and tag Prince Tau.

Tau took the fight to Kevin Lewan. He obviously had the power advantage, tossing Kevin around the ring. Lewan tagged out to Gregory Hart who went after Tau’s leg. Tau fought back with a couple right hands. He swung Gregory into the ropes and hit a powerslam. Tau tagged Jackson Pearce back in who continued keeping his team on the offensive. Gregory Hart fought back, and tagged Kevin Lewan back in. Jackson Pearce continued using his brawling to wear Kevin down, hitting a spinebuster and getting a close two count. Pearce went for an elbow off the middle rope, but Lewan raised his knee and hit Pearce right in the chin as he came off the ropes. Pearce stumbled back off the impact and tagged Prince Tau back in. Meanwhile, Lewan dove to his corner and tagged Gregory Hart. Tau and Hart went toe to toe, with Tau getting the advantage. He hit the ropes, going for the Spear, but Gregory dodged it and Tau flattened his tag team partner.

Tau checked in Pearce for a moment. He turned around only to be struck with a running knee courtesy of Kevin Lewan. Gregory Hart then hooked Prince Tau and hit him with the Double Underhook Backbreaker. Hart hooked the leg, and the referee slid into position. 1…2…3! Assault & Battery had ended the reign of Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce.

The new champions were presented their titles. They climbed out of the ring and held them up to the fans as they walked up the entrance ramp. Meanwhile Prince Tau began to get back up. By now Jackson was getting up to his feet too. They began talking to each other, but the talking turned into screaming. Eventually they began shoving each other. Then, Jackson smacked Tau across the face. Tau stumbled back. Then looked at Pearce with intensity. He charged and flattened his partner with another Spear.

Prince Tau stood over Jackson for a moment looking down at him. He stepped over Pearce and exited the ring, leaving his partner lying motionless on the mat.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Odell Porter vs Patrick McCoy
A back and forth matchup from bell to belly. Patrick McCoy, who had held nearly every title you can hold in FFP, put up a fight, wrestling with Odell to the best of his ability, hitting a swinging neckbreaker, a springboard missile dropkick and a turnbuckle powerbomb. McCoy hooked Odell up for the Kryptonite Krunch, but Porter reversed into a roll up for a two count. McCoy kicked out and blasted Odell with a shining wizard. McCoy covered the Adrenaline Champion. 1…2… and Odell kicked out. But Patrick wasn’t done. He pulled Odell up and this time successfully delivered the Krypotonite Krunch. McCoy hooked the leg. 1…2… and Porter stretched his foot out and placed it on the bottom rope, breaking the count.

Patrick pulled Odell up, setting him up for another Kryptonite Krunch, but Odell broke free and hit a Superkick. McCoy was stunned, which led to Odell hitting a leaping kick to the side of the head, then a German suplex. McCoy was hurt. Odell capitalized with a pin attempt. 1…2… and Patrick kicked out. Odell stayed on the offensive, hitting a couple kicks before hitting a snap suplex and going up top. Patrick put a stop to it, hitting Odell, in the legs causing him to fall down and crotch himself on the top turnbuckle. McCoy climbed to the top with Odell, setting him up for the Krunch off the top. But Odell delivered a devastating sunset flip powerbomb. Odell then climbed back up to the top rope for proceeded to hit an impressive 450 Splash. The Champion hooked McCoy’s leg. 1…2…3! Odell Porter had successfully defended his Adrenaline Title.

Odell stood with his title held up in the air. Patrick McCoy got up and the two shook hands. McCoy left the ring, leaving the Champion to have his spotlight. But it was cut short when OWF superstar Alexander T Morrison hopped the guardrail, and attacked Odell from behind. Knocking him down to the mat, ATM next took the Adrenaline Title and fracked Odell over the head with it. Now, ATM’s girlfriend Beatrice Keenan appeared from the crowd, joining her man in the ring. He held the Adrenaline Title in the air as he stood over Odell. Beatrice stood next to him, holding his arm up in the air. Beatrice assisted ATM in strapping the title around his waist. Then, they left the ring, leaving Odell lying in the middle.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Brandi Moore & Amy Kraven vs Lizzy Kraven & Aubrey Moresi
A very fast paced match with back and forth action the whole way. The Baltimore crowd loved it, rooting on all four women in the match. Brandi Moore and Lizzy Kraven really battled it out, Brandi relying more on her technical skills while Lizzy depended on her strength and brawling. Aubrey got the tag in and got the best of Brandi. That is until Brandi hit a big clothesline, flooring Aubrey. Moore then rolled to her corner and tagged in Amy Kraven.

Aubrey got up and the two recently called up women went at it. Arm bars, arm drags, a snapmare by Amy and a dropkick to Aubrey’s back is how it began. Amy got the best of Aubrey in the first exchange, but Moresi kept with it, gaining the momentum and hitting a running STO for a two count. Aubrey went up top to go for her finisher, Cake Faced, but Amy quickly scurried away, causing Aubrey to have to climb back down the turnbuckles. Amy tagged Brandi back in who went after Aubrey. This time, Brandi gained the upperhand. Lizzy was then tagged back in. Brandi and Lizzy, two FFP Hall of Famers went back at it again. Until Lizzy clobbered Brandi with the Kraven Lariat. The knockout blow put Brandi too close to the ropes. Lizzy went to pull Brandi into the middle of the ring, but Brandi fought away and tagged in Amy. It was finally here. Lizzy Kraven vs Amy Kraven! Cousin vs cousin.

They were very technical with each other. Obviously they knew each other better than anyone else. Lizzy seemed to gain the advantage simply off of her experience and strength advantage. But Amy cracked Lizzy with a Superkick and a running forearm. Amy went for the pin, but Lizzy kicked out at two. They continued wrestling as the Baltimore crowd ate it up. Lizzy gained the upperhand, setting Amy up with a fallaway slam. As Amy slowly got back to her feet, Lizzy charged, heading for a Kraven Lariat. But for some reason, Lizzy put on the brakes. Almost as if she couldn’t do it. But Amy quickly stepped around her reluctant cousin and rolled her up. 1…2…3! Brandi Moore and Amy Kraven successfully retained the titles off of Lizzy’s reluctance to put the finishing touch on her younger cousin!

Lizzy was obviously disappointed in herself. She sat on her knees in the center of the ring, holding her head in her hands. Brandi and Amy embraced before shaking hands with both of their opponents. Aubrey checked on Lizzy, who seemed to not want to be talked to at the moment.

FFP World Title
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Anarchy
The match began with both men feeling each other out, trying to find an advantage. But the match turned to brawling once Anarchy roughed Daniel up with a couple fists to the face, then a clothesline out of the ring. Anarchy followed, continuing to lay punches into Daniel. He rammed him into the nearby commentator’s table, then the steel steps, then the guardrail. Anarchy went for a running kick to Daniel, but the Champion dodged and Anarchy connected with the guardrail. Daniel proceeded to clothesline Anarchy over the guardrail, the challenger nearly landing on a couple of front row fans.

Matthews backed away, then charged, diving over the guardrail and laying Anarchy out. He continued laying punches in. But Anarchy fought back up. Anarchy got the advantage with heavier fists, and rammed Daniel into the guardrail again. He charged, and hit Daniel with a running shoulder block that knocked he steel guardrail over. The referee had been counting his 20 count, and even being lenient. He finally called for the bell. The match was a draw!

As he instructed the ring announcer to make the announcement, Veronica Clyne came out onto the stage with a microphone in hand. She said that the World Title match at Rebirth was NOT going to end this way. She said that the match would restart, and this time with no count outs.

The referee shrugged and called for the bell again. Anarchy continued his assault on Daniel, pinning him against the ring and laying in repeated punches to Matthews’ ribs. He scooped Daniel up and slid him into the ring. Anarchy continued working on Daniel’s ribs, pummeling him and keeping him down. But attempting an avalanche in the corner, Daniel made a comeback by connecting with a knee to Anarchy’s chin. He then planted Anarchy with a running bulldog. But he wasn’t done there. Daniel muscled Anarchy up and planted him with a DDT. Then, a double arm DDT. He followed that up with a suplex, then went up top for a flying elbow drop. He went for the pin but only got a two count. So he waited for Anarchy to get back up and went for the Death Valley Driver. But Anarchy slipped off of Daniel’s shoulders and nailed him with a Dragon suplex. Matthews pushed himself out of the ring to get a breather.

But Anarchy proved his athleticism when he hit the ropes and delivered a suicide dive to the Champion, sending him crashing to the arena floor. The Baltimore crowd loved seeing the big man leave his feet. Anarchy sent Daniel back into the ring where he locked in his finishing hold, the STF. Daniel screamed in pain, reaching and clawing to get to the bottom rope. But the big Samoan kept wrenching back on Daniel’s neck. Eventually Matthews got to the ropes, forcing the break. Anarchy stayed on Daniel, pulling him to the center of the ring to attempt the STF again, but Daniel hooked him in a small package. 1…2… and Anarchy kicked out. Both superstars reached their feet at the same time, and Daniel leveled the challenger with the Roaring Elbow. Anarchy stumbled back, falling into the ropes and stumbling forward. So Daniel cracked him with another Roaring Elbow. Anarchy stumbled back again. Then forward. And Matthews but another. Anarchy finally fell to his back. Daniel then hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Daniel Matthews retained his title in a brutal hard hitting affair.

Matthews was presented his Championship. But he took a knee next to Anarchy. When Anarchy finally came to, Daniel spoke to him, and helped him up. The two shook hands, obviously gaining a mutual respect. Daniel turned to leave the ring, but Anarchy grabbed him around the waist and planted him with a German suplex. Anarchy grabbed the World Title and held it up, standing over Daniel’s body. Anarchy then folded the title up and dropped it onto Daniel’s back. Anarchy left the ring, with the World Champion lying face first on the mat.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman had caught up to Lizzy Kraven. He asked Lizzy about her reluctance to hit her little cousin with the Kraven Lariat, but Lizzy wouldn’t comment. She walked off without addressing Tyrece’s question.

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FFP Women’s Title
(c) Quinn Delaney vs Cindy Labre w/ April Hunter
As soon as Quinn got into the ring Cindy attacked. The two beat the ever living out of each other. Just like the World Title match, Quinn and Cindy wound up on the outside trading blows. Cindy gained the advantage with a knee to the midsection, then whipping Quinn down by her bright hair. Quinn slowly tried sitting up but Cindy blasted her in the face with a running knee. Quinn seemed out, already. Cindy said something to April before entering the ring. Obviously her plan wasn’t to win by count out, as she wouldn’t win the title that way.

After Cindy got into the ring she grabbed the referee and began talking to him. April pulled Quinn up by her hair and performed a modified snapmare with the hair, whipping most of her body into the steel guardrail. She pulled Quinn up and delivered a devastating powerbomb onto the apron. Quinn’s back bending awkward on the impact of the edge of the apron. Cindy continued to distract the ref as April shoved Quinn back into the ring.

Cindy finally let go of the ref. As Quinn rolled further into the ring, barely moving, Cindy dropped a knee to her back. Labre then locked in a camel clutch. Delaney was in serious trouble. The powerbomb on the apron had done damage to her back and the way the camel clutch was locked in, Quinn wasn’t going anywhere.

April cheered Cindy on as she continued wrenching on Quinn, bending her very awkwardly. Eventually, Quinn wrapped her arms around the neck of Cindy’s knees and began to muscle herself up onto her knees. Still in a great amount of pain, she attempted to break out of the move, but Cindy released and hit a hard knee to Quinn’s back. Labre then kicked the camel clutch back in. Quinn grabbed a hold of Cindy’s hands, trying to break her grip. But she couldn’t. She reached her foot out toward the ropes, but Cindy had her positioned in the middle of the ring.

Quinn tried one last effort, pushing herself back as far as she could. Finally, Cindy fell back. The move was broken. But Quinn’s back was in terrible shape. Cindy pulled Quinn up by her hair and hooked her head, setting her up for the Stalling Fisherman Brainbuster. But Quinn began to strike Cindy with repeated knees. Screaming in pain with each knee, Quinn continued with her attack, sending Cindy stumbling back. Quinn then charged and hit a running knee to the gut. Cindy flipped over landing on her back.

April Hunter rushed to the time keeper and grabbed the Women’s Title. She set it on the apron near Cindy,
And climbed onto the apron, attempting to distract the official on the other side of the ring. Quinn saw what April was attempting and grabbed the Women’s Title herself. She turned toward Cindy, but Labre quickly hit the championship up, slamming it into Quinn’s face. The title went flying into the air and fell in the corner. Cindy then grabbed Quinn and delivered a huge backbreaker in the center of the ring. Labre turned the Champion over and locked her back in the camel clutch. Delaney, with tears in her eyes reached for the ropes again. April Hunter dropped to the arena floor, freeing up the referee. He checked on Quinn, who was crying out loud, stretching for the ropes. Finally the pain was too much, and the Women’s Champion tapped out.

Cindy released the hold and jumped up in the air, pumping her fists in the air. Cindy Labre was the new FFP Women’s Champion. April Hunter slid into the ring and handed the title to Cindy. She held it over her head as the Baltimore crowd booed.

As Cindy and April celebrated, Quinn was helped out of the ring by EMTs. But the night wasn’t over. Because Nina Fox’s music hit, and she walked out onto the entrance stage with her ANY Case in hand. The last time we saw Nina active in the ring was at Blaze of Glory in August, when Cindy and April broke her neck.

Nina walked down the isle with her case in hand. There was no way she was healed up 100%, but it didn’t look like she cared. Nina entered the ring and handed the case over to an official. However, before he could call for the bell the new Women’s Champion Cindy Labre and April Hunter jumped her. They pummeled her to the ground, repeatedly kicking and stomping her. Cindy instructed April to back up. Cindy did the same. When Nina got up to her knees, Cindy blasted her with the Women’s Championship. Cindy then called for her and April to deliver the spike piledriver to Nina again. This was the move that they used to break her neck in August.

They set her up for the move, but before they could deliver, Veronica Clyne rushed out to the ring. Veronica slid into the ring and yelled for them to stop. April Hunter shoved Veronica away, and began to set Nina up again. But Veronica grabbed April and threw her inbetween the ropes, sending her to the arena floor. Clyne then turned back toward Cindy, but was immediately leveled with the Women’s Title. Veronica crashed to the mat. April Hunter now grabbed a steel chair and slid into the ring. Cindy shoved Nina out of the ring with her foot as April Hunter positioned Veronica Clyne’s head in the chair. Cindy Labre now climbed up onto the second rope. As April Hunter held the chair closed around Veronica’s head, Cindy strapped the Women’s Title around her waist. Then, she jumped off the turnbuckle, performing a leg drop to the chair. The force of Cindy’s body crashing on the chair caused it to close tight around Veronica’s neck and skull. The crowd let out an audible gasp. Clyne could very well have been seriously injured. But obviously Cindy and April didn’t care. Cindy took a hold of Veronica’s hand and slipped her FFP Hall of Fame ring off. Cindy placed it on her finger. Then, she stood over Veronica’s body showering her muscles. April Hunter stood proudly next to the new FFP Women’s Champion.

The show came to an end as the Baltimore crowd booed the disgusting antics of Cindy and April. Matt Kraven came down the isle with a very concerned look on his face. He checked on Nina, then slid into the ring to check on Veronica. EMTs also came down to the ring.

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