BREAKING NEWS Out of Cincinnati

kravenFull Force Pro has just learned that the owner of Full Force Pro Matt Kraven, who is also the reigning HONOR World Champion, has received news regarding his injury. Kraven suffered a broken neck on May 4th of this year in a match against his good friend Daniel Matthews. During their match Kraven was on the offensive, and attempted a suicide dive to Daniel on the outside of the ring. Daniel moved out of the way, and Kraven crashed head first into the steel guardrail.

Kraven was stretchered out of the arena, and given a small chance to ever return to the squared circle. However, Matt has been trying to get healthy and make a triumphant return back to the ring.

Tonight right before the OWF #97 event in Cincinnati, Kraven got a call from his doctor, who gave him the all clear to return to the sport he has always loved, professional wrestling. We here at FFP want to wish Matt Kraven all the best in his career going forward. We have heard that he is already attempting to set up a place and time to defend the HONOR World Championship.

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