Four Matches Already Set for FFP Throwback!

Full Force Pro’s December pay-per-view FFP Throwback takes place live from Madison Square Garden in New York on December 25th, that’s right, Christmas Day! And what a Christmas present for those able to attend the show live, or watch live on pay-per-view or on the FFP Network!

Full Force Pro has always striven to bring you the best professional wrestling action, especially when it comes to pay-per-view events. And FFP Throwback won’t be any different. Earlier this morning, on Thanksgiving Day, four matches were already set for what is sure to be an unbelievable Christmas Day event.

We’ll start at the very top. Full Force Pro’s World Champion Daniel Matthews had an unforgettable match with Anarchy at FFP Rebirth just last Sunday. After the match Anarchy attacked Daniel, and the feud was ignited! Already signed for FFP Throwback, we will see Daniel defend the World Title once again against Anarchy!

Speaking of World Titles, last night we got word that Matt Kraven, the reigning HONOR World Champion, has been cleared to wrestle after suffering a broken neck in May. Kraven quickly got on the phone after learning that he would be cleared, and set up a match to defend the HONOR World Title. At Throwback at MSG, Kraven will defend his title against HONOR Wrestling superstar Masanori Ishida!

At FFP Rebirth, Odell Porter successfully defended his FFP Adrenaline Title against Patrick McCoy in an awesome match. After the match however, former OWF Champion Alexander T. Morrison (ATM for short) made his main roster debut, jumping the guardrail, attacking Odell, and stealing the Adrenaline Title. Odell is ready to get his title back, and will be defending the title at Throwback against ATM. This is the very first time these men have faced off.

And although we have spoken quite a bit about FFP Rebirth, we will do it once more. At Rebirth Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce lost their FFP Tag Team Titles to Assault & Battery, ending a 200+ day title reign. The loss came off of some miscommunication, but things got a little more sticky after the match, when Prince Tau flattened Pearce with the Spear. Obviously Pearce wants vengeance, and he will get his chance when he battles his former tag team partner in a No Holds Barred Match at FFP Throwback!

This event is shaping up to be quite incredible. Grab your tickets now, and free up your Christmas night. This is going to be awesome!


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