11/26/2016 FFP SSN


November 26, 2016 | Norfolk, Virginia

The show opened up with the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews. Matthews talked about his victory against Anarchy at Rebirth, and what Anarchy did afterwards. Daniel noted their upcoming match at FFP Throwback on Christmas Day, and said he was looking forward to getting revenge.

Adam Black vs Travis Banks
Adam had the advantage when it came to brawling. But Banks was the better mat wrestler. Banks tried to wear Black down and get him wrestling his gameplan, but Black got the best of Travis, hitting him with the Prince’s Throne for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Alexander T Morrison rolled up in a limo. He climbed out with Beatrice Keenan by his side, and the FFP Adrenaline Title on his shoulder. Apparently he thought he was actually Champion.

Mona Skye vs Monika Andrews
A very solid match. The Norfolk crowd seemed to enjoy it. Monika Andrews, a former FFP Diamond Champion, went for the Curb Stomp, but Mona escaped and hit a solid spear. Skye then hit the Fameasser for the three count.

Raquel St Claire was joined by the new FFP Women’s Champion Cindy Labre. Labre spoke about taking out the likes of Nina Fox, Taylor Clawson and Veronica Clyne. However she was interupted by Kemina. Kemina told Cindy that if Cindy had the guts to face her, that Kemina would easily take the Women’s Title from her. The trash talk escalated until the two agreed to a non-title match next week. With the condition that if Kemina won, she would get a Women’s Championship match at Throwback.

Join us on Christmas Day for FFP Throwback, where we will see Daniel Matthews defend the FFP World Title against Anarchy, Matt Kraven defend the HONOR World Title against Masanori Ishida, and MORE!!!

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was talking to a Prince Tau. Tau had turned on Jackson Pearce at a Rebirth after they lost the FFP Tag Team Titles. Tau said he was tired of carrying the dead weight.

Jackson Pearce blasted into the camera view and started trading punches with Tau. The security intervened as both men landed solid shots.

Shikamaru vs El Desconocido
The FFP Cruiserweight Champion EJ “Money” Carter came down to do guest commentary. The commentators kept noting that this could be for a future Cruiserweight Title shot. EJ kept telling them it didn’t matter, that he’d beat either guy. Fast paced and exciting match. Shikamaru hit the Dragon Suplex for the three count.

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The scene quickly cut backstage where Odell Porter and ATM were being held back by security, pointing their fingers and shouting at each other. Beatrice Keenan had possession of the Adrenaline Title as Odell demanded to have it returned.

Marcy Tillman vs Lizzy Kraven
A stiff match that could be compared to some of the stiffer men matches, but the crowd loved it. Lizzy Kraven hit a big superplex for a two count. Marcy fought back and hit a spinning clothesline for a two. Lizzy gained the upperhand again and went for the Kraven Lariat, but Marcy ducked and hit an awesome running big boot for the three count. Tillman pulled the upset on Kraven.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire spoke about the upcoming FFP Women’s Television Title Tournament. She then presented a graphic of the official brackets.

Click for larger view

On December 12, 2016 the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present it’s milestone 100th show! We here at FFP are extremely proud of the growth of the OWF and we can not wait to see OWF #100 in December. Don’t miss it!

FFP Television Title
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Ochoa

These two men were in the Assassination Squad stable together for a short time. This was another very stiff match. And Ochoa shocked the Norfolk crowd with a Vertabreaker, but just as shocking was Hiroki’s kick out. Ito fought back with hard knees. Ochoa fought back as well. But he went for a Superkick which Hiroki caught. The TV Champion then hit a gruesome Sherman suplex. As Ochoa got back to his knees, Hiroki leveled him with a kick to the side of the head. The Champion covered Ochoa and got the three count.

After the match Hiroki hoisted the title in the air as the crowd cheered. As the show was about to go off the air the scene quickly cut backstage where Daniel Matthews was down and Anarchy was pummeling him with punches to the face. Security was trying to pull the big man off the Champion, but was having a hard time. The show ended as Anarchy screamed at Daniel about how his title reign was coming to an end on Christmas Day.


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