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December 10, 2016 | Boston, Massachusetts

The show opened up with the new interim-President of Full Force Pro, Mary Faith Brooks. Many would recognize Mary as being the woman introduced as the OWF’s next Commissioner once Austin Briggs would heal up and return to the ring. However, after Veronica Clyne’s injury at the hands of Cindy Labre and April Hunter, Matt Kraven called and audible and brought Mary to FFP.

Mary came to the ring with her daughter Hope. Mary thanked everyone for welcoming her with open arms, and said that she would do her best to continue showcasing the best professional wrestling in the world as only the FFP can do.

Rematch from Last Week
British Impact vs Guided by Voices

A very good, very technical tag team match. However, unlike last week, Guided by Voices pulled out the victory when they knocked Levi Fuller off the ring apron and hit Lewis Weaver with a spike powerbomb for the three count.

FFP Women’s TV Title Tournament: Opening Round
Aubrey Moresi vs Lacey Abernathy

Lacey Abernathy officially returned to Full Force Pro after leaving to join the International Wrestling Syndicate (which was just recently bought out by FFP). Lacey wanted to come into this match showing that she still belonged, fighting her way toward becoming the first ever FFP Women’s Television Champion. However, Aubrey Moresi was coming into this match to show the world that there was a reason that she was called up so quickly from the OWF.

Lacey had the advantage, especially when it came to experience, and technical wrestling. Lacey had a strong submission style and attempted to work Aubrey’s arm down, setting her up for the Code Red Armbar. After several grueling minutes, Abernathy took Aubrey down and hooked her in the move. Moresi was obviously in pain, reaching with her legs toward the ropes. Abernathy kept he move on, tightening up and really torquing Aubrey’s arm. Lacey had forced many wrestlers to submit to this move, and had also sent a couple to the hospital. Aubrey swung her hips and fought up, putting weight down on Lacey and using leverage to roll her up in a pin. 1…2… and Lacey turned, now forcing Aubrey down to her chest, with the Code Red Armbar still locked in. Aubrey was in trouble.

She screamed out in pain, trying to punch Lacey’s knees hoping it would force her to break the hold. Moresi continued fighting, reaching out for the bottom rope. She crawled, and reached, and stretched and finally reached the rope. Lacey was forced to break the hold, but she was quick to get up and continue on the offensive. She pulled Aubrey up and set her up for a suplex, but Aubrey reversed it into a tight small package. Lacey fought as the referee made the count. 1…2… and Lacey barely forced Aubrey to break her grip. Both girls quickly got back to their feet, but Aubrey connected with a hard knee to the chin. Lacey stumbled back and fell on her butt. Lacey quickly got back to her feet, but Aubrey charged and hit a hard clothesline. The blonde then climbed to the top rope. Lacey fought back up to her feet, but fell victim to Aubrey’s finisher Cake Faced. Moresi then hooked Lacey’s leg. 1…2…3! Aubrey Moresi would advance in the FFP Women’s Television Title Tournament, facing off next against her old rival Dani Rawlings!

After the match Aubrey helped Lacey up. The last time we saw Abernathy in an FFP ring she wasn’t the sportsmanship type. However Aubrey put her hand out for a handshake, and Lacey accepted. The Boston crowd ate it up.

On December 12, 2016 the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present it’s milestone 100th show! The main event of the night will be Blaine Edwards defending the OWF Championship against Network Champion Hayden Flowers. Also Chloe Banks will defend the OWF Women’s Title against Fiona Burke. OWF will present it’s first Steel Cage Match when Hunter Chase takes on Lafter. Plus much more! Don’t miss it!

FFP Television Title
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Aiden Conrad

Hiroki Ito was ready with some stiff strikes that echoed throughout the arena. Aiden Conrad dished out some very good technical wrestling moves, but Ito stayed on the offensive for most of the match, and cracked Conrad with the Go to Sleep for the three count, successfully defending his Television Title.

FFP Women’s TV Title Tournament: Opening Round
Giovanni Gotch vs Ariana Chaos

Another returning woman superstar to Full Force Pro. Ariana had a huge experience advantage over Giovanni Gotch, but that didn’t stop Gotch from dishing out some punishment to Ariana. Giovanni, a former OWF Women’s Champion really did a number to the former FFP Diamond Champion Ariana Chaos. Although Chaos had dealt with adversity before. Off of a missed clothesline Ariana hit an awesome superkick that got her a two count. She went up top for what looked to be a moonsault attempt, but Gotch quickly got up and shoved Chaos’ legs, causing her to crash down on the turnbuckle. Giovanni then went up top to attempt a back suplex from the top, but Ariana reversed in mid-air, causing Gotch to spill to the mat below with Ariana on top. Chaos hooked the leg. 1…2… and Gotch kicked out. Giovanni was surprised, obviously not expecting the reversal.

Gotch got back up, still looking rather confident, but Ariana hit her with a spinning elbow, then dumped her on the back of her head with her own back suplex. Chaos now called for the end, her finisher the Impaler. However Giovanni shoved Ariana off. When the former Diamond Champion turned back around Gotch floored her with a running big boot. Gotch then pulled Ariana up by her hair, and drove her down to the mat with her Hellacious Powerbomb. Gotch made the cover and got the three count. She would advance in the Women’s Television Title Tournament, next taking on Kenzie Anderson.

After the match Ariana got up and extended her hand to Giovanni. Obviously Giovanni earned Ariana’s respect. Gotch accepted the handshake, that is until she pulled Ariana in and said something to her. Ariana looked aggravated, but it didn’t turn physical until Gotch leveled her with a hard slap across the face. Ariana took Gotch down with a double leg and began to pummel her with fists. FFP security quickly got into the ring and separated the two. It didn’t seem like we’ve seen the end of this one.

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#1 Contender Match
Katsumi Akiyama vs Quinn Delaney

A tremendous match in a night that seemed to be filled with women matches. Katsumi was known for her awesome kicks, and dealt them out very generously to Quinn Delaney. However, the former FFP Women’s Champion Quinn Delaney not only could take a beating, but could also dish one out, and that’s what she did, hitting European uppercuts, a couple German suplexes and a running dropkick that seemed to be the end of the match.

The Boston crowd cheered both women on, enjoying the back and forth competitive matchup. That is until the FFP Women’s Champion Cindy Labre came down the isle with her manager April Hunter. They stepped up to the ring obviously to get a better look at these two women, one of which Cindy would defend her title against at FFP Throwback.

Katsumi and Quinn both noticed the presence, but continued on with the match, wanting to be the one to go on and defeat Cindy for the title, shutting Cindy up. But as the match went longer and longer, Cindy and April got antsy, and finally stormed the ring, attacking both women. Cindy went after Quinn as April went after Katsumi. They were easily taken down due to the highly competitive match they had just taken part in. Obviously the referee had to call for the bell and threw the match out due to the interference. Cindy and April isolated Quinn first, hitting her with a double DDT before doing the same to Katsumi. Cindy then had April bring her a microphone.

Cindy Labre said that her and April did the world a favor as no one wanted to see either one of them get a Women’s Title opportunity. Cindy said that since there was no winner in the match, that obviously that meant that she and April would be able to take Christmas Day off and only have to worry about opening up the tons of gifts that they will be receiving.

However, as Cindy and April looked to be leaving, Mary Faith Brooks stepped out onto the entrance stage. Mary told Cindy that she had a big mouth and liked to run it. She said that Cindy talked a big game, and if she really wanted to prove how good she was that Mary could give her the opportunity at Throwback. Cindy again said that the match ended in a draw, therefore there was no number one contender. But Mary told Cindy that since the match ended in a draw, the only logical choice would be to have Cindy Labre defend the Women’s Championship at FFP Throwback versus Katsumi Akiyama AND Quinn Delaney in a Triple Threat Match!

Obviously Cindy hated the decision as she threw a fit in the ring. Mary wished her luck and returned backstage. The crowd cheered Mary’s decision as Cindy and April stormed away from the ring.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Brandi Moore & Amy Kraven vs The Queendom

Another awesome match for the Boston crowd. The crowd was solidly behind Brandi Moore and Amy Kraven, which wasn’t much of a surprise. Brandi really dealt out a beating to both members of The Queendom before tagging Amy in. Kraven looked good against Monika and Jenna, however, Amy missed a clothesline and Jenna capitalized with the Spear. The thing is, Jenna had already been worn down, so she couldn’t take advantage and make the pin immediately. When she finally did, Amy kicked out at two. Jenna crawled to her corner and tagged Monika Andrews in. Andrews went for the Curb Stomp, but Amy popped up and hit an awesome STO. Again, Amy couldn’t capitalize and make the cover as quick as she needed. Monika kicked out at two. Jenna got back into the ring to try to stop Amy from making the tag to Brandi Moore, but after some tussling she was cracked with the Superkick, sending her stumbling and falling out of the ring.

Amy went for the tag, but Monika hit her from behind with a chop block. Amy was in pain. Monika then locked Amy in a figure four leg lock. Amy fought and fought, reaching for the ropes or attempting to tag her partner into the ring, but Monika kept trying to keep Amy away from her corner. Eventually Amy was able to reverse the hold. Monika broke it and got ready, setting Amy up for that Curb Stomp. But when she charged for the move again, Amy dodged sending Monika into her corner. Brandi Moore connected with a kick to Monika’s head. She stumbled back and was the recipient of a German suplex courtesy of Amy. Kraven bridged the move for the pin. 1…2…3!

After the match Brandi got into the ring and checked on her partner. She helped Amy up and they embraced as the Boston crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Join us on Christmas Day for FFP Throwback, where we will see Daniel Matthews defend the FFP World Title against Anarchy, Matt Kraven defend the HONOR World Title against Masanori Ishida, and MORE!!!

Anarchy vs Patrick McCoy
The next match definitely had a little bit of personal in it as Anarchy has really been attempting to make Daniel Matthews’ life a living hell. Patrick gladly stepped up to face Anarchy due to his close friendship to Daniel.

Speaking of Daniel, as Anarchy made his entrance, Daniel stormed out onto the entrance ramp and clocked Anarchy from behind with the FFP World Championship. Anarchy hit the ramp hard. Matthews dropped the title beside him and began laying into the back of Anarchy’s head with fists. Matthews pummeled the big man, as he lie with his arms up on the sides of his head trying to protect himself. Matthews got back to his feet and began to strike Anarchy with stomps and kicks. Obviously Matthews had had enough of Anarchy’s attacks, and was ready to fight back.

As security attempted to pull Daniel off, Matthews stepped back and grabbed his title. He held it up in the air, as the crowd cheered on his Anarchy beatdown. FFP medics came out to try to help Anarchy. But as he got back up, he shoved them away. He turned around only to be leveled with the World Championship again. Anarchy hit the ramp hard, with blood pouring out of his forehead. Matthews dropped to one knee and began to drive his fist repeatedly into Anarchy’s wounded forehead. Finally more FFP security arrived and physically pulled Daniel off of his FFP Throwback opponent. Matthews was screaming to Anarchy that the fight wasn’t finished. He said that if Anarchy wanted to make it personal, that now it was, and Anarchy was going to be hurt.

This is how the show came to an end.


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