Cindy Labre to Face Her Toughest Test as Women’s Champion

Last night at SSN, Katsumi Akiyama and Quinn Delaney wrestled in a number one contender match, with the winner going on to face Labre for the title at FFP’s Christmas Day pay-per-view Throwback.

The match was a back and forth competitive one, until Cindy Labre and April Hunter came down and ruined it. Beating both women down, Cindy and April thought they were doing Cindy a favor, making sure there was no number one contender.

But FFP’s new interim-President Mary Faith Brooks came out and made her first major announcement. She announced that Cindy would put her Women’s Title on the line against Katsumi AND Quinn in a Triple Threat Match at Throwback!

Both Katsumi Akiyama and Quinn Delaney are very well established women wrestlers who have held both the FFP Women’s Title and the HONOR Women’s Title. Cindy Labre is in for quite a tough task on Christmas Day. Although surely April Hunter will be there to lend a helping hand.


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