12/17/2016 FFP SSN


December 17, 2016
White Plains, New York

The show opened up with the man who would challenge Daniel Matthews at FFP Throwback for the World Championship, Anarchy. Anarchy looks extremely upset. He took a microphone and talked about Daniel attacking him last week at SSN. Anarchy said that Daniel was going to pay for what he did.

Matthews came out on stage, offering to come to the ring and the two settle everything right now. But Anarchy refused, saying that he would make Daniel pay for his sneak attack by the end of the night.

British Impact vs Guided by Voices
A very competitive match. These two tag teams had locked horns twice before with each team picking up a victory. A big double clothesline sent both Lewis Weaver and Tyler Reynolds crashing to the mat. Both of their partners reaching in and waiting for a tag. Levi Fuller got the tag just before Joey Danielson did, and cleaned house. Levi then hit the Flex Slam on Joey for the three count.

In the Ring
Next, Mary Faith Brooks came down to the ring. Mary said that she was very proud of the matches that British Impact and Guided by Voices were putting on. She said that both of them seemed to deserve a shot at the Tag Team Titles, but since British Impact won two of the three matches, that they were her choice to wrestle a Assault & Battery on Christmas Day at Throwback.

Mary then said, speaking of Tag Team Titles, that she had also decided on who would wrestle Brandi Moore and Amy Kraven for the FFP Women’s Tag Titles at FFP Throwback. Mary announced that the challengers would be Marcy Tillman and Mona Skye!

The scene cut to Tyrece Beckman who was standing by with the American Bulldogs. He talked to them about the new number one contenders for the FFP Tag Team Titles, British Impact. Matt Evanston said that they were an impressive team, but that either way, the Bulldogs would eventually be champions again. Nathan Cains then chimed in saying that whether British Impact deserve it or not, the Bulldogs are the best team in FFP.

FFP Women’s TV Title Tournament: Semifinal 
Dani Rawlings vs Aubrey Moresi

A feud revisited. These two women came out of their corners on fire, firing at all cylinders. A lot of early strikes with Aubrey getting the advantage, so Aubrey took her down with a headlock takeover. Rawlings tried to slow the pace down, but Aubrey escaped and hit a couple arm drags.

The match went back and forth. Knife edge chops, elbows, and a big superplex courtesy of Dani sent Aubrey crashing to the ground. Dani then hit a pump handle slam and a running leg drop for a two count. Dani pulled Aubrey up and set her up for her boyfriend Daniel Matthews’ finisher, the Death Valley Driver.

But Aubrey slipped off Dani’s shoulders, hit a couple chops and a spinebuster. Moresi capitalized on her downed opponent hitting a couple loud kicks and a belly to belly suplex. Aubrey went up top to go for her finisher, Cake Faced. But Dani stopped her with a couple shots to the head. Dani then threw Aubrey to the mat by her blonde hair. As Aubrey got back up Dani hit her with a devastating dropkick to the knee. Aubrey fell to the mat holding the knee. Dani, like a shark smelling blood, continued working on the knee. Stomps, kicks and a running splash to Aubrey’s knee was quite effective. Aubrey was obviously in pain. Rawlings then hooked on the figure four. Aubrey was in trouble. And far from the ropes. Aubrey reached. She stretched. She used her hands to scoot herself and Dani toward the side of the ring. And she finally reached the ropes. Dani released the hold, but grabbed Aubrey’s leg and began pulling her back toward the middle of the ring. Aubrey used her legs to kick, eventually connecting with Dani and sending her falling through the ropes and hitting the arena floor. Aubrey then attempted a baseball slide dropkick, but Dani caught Aubrey’s legs, and whipped her off the apron to the arena floor. Dani then blasted Aubrey with a hard kick to the knee and slid back into the ring. Dani had the match in control. And wasn’t shy about strutting her stuff in the center of the ring.

Aubrey began climbing back into the ring, obviously favoring her leg. Dani pulled her in by her hair, and muscled her up onto the top turnbuckle. Dani took Aubrey’s leg and set her up for a dragon screw off the ropes, but Aubrey used both of her feet to hit Dani with a hard kick to the chest. Dani crashed to the mat below. Aubrey then carefully stood up on the top rope, and connected with Cake Faced. She hooked Dani’s leg. 1…2…3! Aubrey Moresi would wrestle for the FFP Women’s Television Title at FFP Throwback! But who would she face?

After the match the crowd exploded with cheers for Aubrey. She climbed out of the ring and limped up the entrance ramp. As she disappeared behind the black curtain, Anarchy appeared from the crowd. He slid into the ring and stood over Dani. Anarchy looked over at the entrance ramp and yelled something about Daniel Matthews watching. Then, he pulled Dani up and dumped her on the back of her neck with a dangerous German suplex. The crowd couldn’t believe it.

Daniel Matthews exploded out of the entrance and charged the ring, but Anarchy slid out of the ring and disappeared through the crowd. Matthews knelt down by his girlfriend and demanded that medics come tend to her.

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Caligula vs Shikamaru
Shikamaru definitively had the technical wrestling ability, but the brawling advantage went to Caligula. Both wrestlers were former Cruiserweight Champions and most likely had the thought of a future Cruiserweight Title shot on their mind. Shikamaru went for a brainbuster on Caligula, but Caligula hit Shikamaru with the Absolute Terror for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was joined by the HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven. She talked to him about his return match with Masanori Ishida at FFP Throwback. Matt spoke about how extremely excited he was about finally returning to the ring after breaking his neck back in May. Matt said that he knew Masanori was going to bring nice stiff competition, but that Matt would leave on Christmas Day still the HONOR World Champion.

Non-Title Match
Odell Porter vs Aiden Conrad

Odell Porter came down to the ring, still missing his FFP Adrenaline Title. As the match raged on, ATM and his girlfriend Beatrice Keenan showed up, ATM with the Adrenaline Title draped on his shoulder. Of course this distracted Odell, who dared ATM to come down to the ring. Aiden rolled Odell up from behind, but Odell kicked out, and blasted Aiden with a kick to the head. Porter then hit Conrad with the Regal Plex for the three count.

ATM teased as if he was going to rush the ring and go head-to-head with the Adrenaline Champion, but he smiled and held the title in the air. ATM and Beatrice then turned and left he entrance stage.

The scene cut backstage where Jackson Pearce was obviously about to have an interview with Raquel St Claire. However things got tense when Prince Tau walked by. The two men traded insults until finally a brawl broke out. As FFP security dealt with the brawl, the scene quickly cut to another area backstage where Katsumi Akiyama had been laid out by the FFP Women’s Champion Cindy Labre and her manager April Hunter. As they continued beating Katsumi down, Quinn Delaney entered the scene and attempted to fight the attackers off. FFP security arrived and began maintaining order. FFP security had their hands full tonight!

Join us on Christmas Day for FFP Throwback, where we will see Daniel Matthews defend the FFP World Title against Anarchy and Matt Kraven defend the HONOR World Title against Masanori Ishida! Also Cindy Labre will defend the Women’s Title in a Triple Threat against Quinn Delaney and Katsumi Akiyama!

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire asked Bianca Hunt about the possibility of EJ “Money” Carter putting the Cruiserweight Title on the line against Caligula. Bianca called Caligula disgusting, and said that EJ was absolutely a better wrestler, and would prove it if he had to.

FFP Women’s TV Title Tournament: Semifinal 
Giovanni Gotch vs Kenzie Anderson

Another very competitive match in the FFP Women’s Television Title Tournament. Giovanni Gotch not only had the size advantage, but the technical advantage as well as the experience. But that didn’t stop Kenzie, who was like a little stick of dynamite, hitting Gotch hard and rocking her early. After a running dropkick Kenzie hit a Superkick that nearly got her the three count, Gotch was a little too close to the ropes and got her foot on the bottom rope.

Kenzie backed away to give Gotch a chance to get up. Anderson charged and went for a hurricanrana, but Gotch reversed it into a powerbomb – not quite her Hellacious Powerbomb, but Kenzie was hurt. Gotch made the pin. 1…2… and Kenzie kicked out. Gotch got up to her knees and questioned the ref. Then, she stood and dared Kenzie to get up. When Kenzie reached her feet Giovanni charged, and blasted her with a running big boot. She went for another cover. 1…2… and Kenzie kicked out. The crowd loved the fight in her. But Gotch did not, and called for the Hellacious Powerbomb. She pulled Kenzie up and went for her finisher, but the force of bringing Kenzie into the air sent Giovanni stumbling backward. Gotch fell over the top rope, sending Kenzie crashing to the arena floor as well.

Both women were hurt. And the referee began to count. The commentators speculated that if the match ended in a double count out that Aubrey Moresi would win the Women’s TV Title by default. But Gotch climbed back into the ring. Kenzie wasn’t far behind her. The match continued with both girls still giving it their all. Giovanni went for a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Kenzie reversed into a head scissors takedown. As Giovanni started getting up to her knees, Kenzie cracked her with a Superkick. Gotch was stunned, and still on her knees. Kenzie hit the ropes and blasted Gotch with the Busaiku Knee. Kenzie then made the pin. 1…2…3!

Kenzie Anderson would face off against Aubrey Moresi at FFP Throwback on Christmas Day to crowd the first ever FFP Women’s Television Champion.


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