Katsumi Akiyama Attacked at SSN

If you tuned in to FFP SSN Saturday night, you saw a couple of backstage brawls. One in particular saw the end of a scuffle between the FFP Women’s Champion Cindy Labre (with assistance from her manager April Hunter) and one of the challengers for her Women’s Title at FFP Throwback on Christmas Day, Katsumi Akiyama (who along with Quinn Delaney will challenge Cindy in a Triple Threat match).

By the time camera crews began filming, Katsumi had already been laid out on the cold concrete in the backstage area of the arena. Cindy and April continued to pummel Katsumi down until FFP security arrived and separated the attackers from Katsumi.

Now the question is simple, will Katsumi Akiyama make it to the Triple Threat Match at FFP Throwback? From what we’ve heard here at ffpwrestling.com, Katsumi suffered a minor concussion after being slammed to the hard floor. In this day in age, all sports have to take concussions very seriously. If we get any more information on Katsumi’s status for Throwback, we will post it right here at ffpwrestling.com, and of course on our Twitter (@ffpwrestling).


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