12/25/2016 FFP Throwback (PPV)


FFP Throwback
December 25, 2016
New York, New York

The show started out with fireworks around the arena. The New York crowd stood on their feet and cheered as the camera panned around the arena. FFP branded Santa hats seemed to be the hot seller at the merchandise booths as many fans were seen wearing them.

As the crowd settled, the FFP Adrenaline Champion Odell Porter walked down to the ring with his ANY Case in hand. Porter took a microphone and announced that no matter what, whether he win against ATM tonight or not, whether Daniel Matthews leaves Throwback as the World Champion, or Anarchy…that at the FFP New Year’s Eve Show Odell would cash in his ANY Case to challenge the FFP World Champion.

This brought out ATM, with Beatrice by his side, and of course Odell’s Adrenaline Title on his shoulder. ATM stole it weeks ago and had been able to keep it away from Odell. ATM wished Odell luck on cashing in his ANY Case at the New Year’s Eve show, because ATM promised that he would not only beat Odell tonight, but embarrass him. Odell told ATM that that was a lot of talk from the stage, and that if he had the guts that he should step into the ring right now and give the fans the Adrenaline Title match now.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Odell Porter vs ATM w/ Beatrice Keenan

A hard hitting match with Odell wanting revenge on ATM, and his Adrenaline Title back, while ATM wanted to show Odell and the world that he was the new up and comer in FFP by knocking off the impressive Adrenaline Champion. Both men hit some nice moves that nearly gained them victories. But the turning point of the match came when Odell looked to be going for his Regal Plex when ATM’s old Self Made stablemate Dexter Murdoch from the OWF came down the isle. Odell immediately turned his attention to Odell, releasing ATM, hitting the ropes and hitting Dexter with a suicide dive. Odell made his way back into the ring but fell victim to ATM’s Codebreaker. ATM hooked Odell’s leg and got the three count. ATM was the new FFP Adrenaline Champion.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) EJ “Money” Carter w/ Bianca Hunt vs Caligula
A brawl to start out, but the match turned technical. Carter impressed with a couple of moves off the top, and a springboard flying elbow. Carter hit Caligula with the Bankruptcy for the victory.

After the match EJ celebrated with his manager Bianca in the middle of the ring.

The scene cut backstage where Mary Faith Brooks was visiting with the one and only Santa Clause. Santa was handing out gifts to her as well as FFP superstars. Mikhail Vakhrov then arrived, and demanded a present. Santa informed him that he was on the naughty list. Mikhail then threatened Santa. As he looked as if he was going to attack Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick, Patrick McCoy quickly intervened, stepping in front of Santa and hitting Mikhail with a solid right hand.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Brandi Moore & Amy Kraven vs Marcy Tillman & Mona Skye
Another technical match saw Brandi and Amy own it for the most part. Marcy hit some loud strikes on Brandi and Amy, and Mona used her technical moves to try to wear either of the champions down. But it was Mona who was planted with the Fisherman Brainbuster courtesy of Brandi Moore for the pinfall. Brandi and Amy retained.

After the match Marcy had words with Mona, who wasn’t even back to her feet yet. When she got up, Marcy shoved her back down, and continued to scold her for the loss.

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No Holds Barred Match
Prince Tau vs Jackson Pearce

Prince Tau attacked Jackson Pearce as he got into the ring. The match almost immediately spilled to the outside where they took turns slamming each other into the ring posts, the ring steps and the steel guardrail. Jackson Pearce hit Tau with a DDT on the steel entrance ramp, and found himself a folding chair. As Pearce went to use the chair, Tau flattened him with a Spear. But only got a two count. The brawl continued.

Eventually the steps found their way into the ring. Pearce hit Tau with a bulldog from the middle rope onto the steps for a close two count. He then hoisted Tau up on his shoulders and hit a Samoan drop on the steps. Another two count. Pearce pulled Tau up again and set him up for a powerbomb on the steps, but Tau backbody dropped Pearce, then turned him inside out with a running clothesline. Prince Tau set Jackson up for the F5 on the steps, but Pearce slipped off of his shoulders and hit a hard kick to the groin. Pearce then planted Tau with a double arm DDT on the steps for the three count.

Jackson Pearce had won the battle, but the war seemed far from over.

The scene cut backstage where Mary Faith Brooks announced that Hiroki Ito would defend the FFP Television Title at the FFP New Year’s Eve show against Matt Evanston. But she wasn’t done there. She also announced that Blaine Edwards would defend the OWF Title against Matt Thatcher!

FFP Women’s Television Title | Tournament Final
Aubrey Moresi vs Kenzie Anderson
The finals of the Women’s Television Title Tournament was finally here. Both women had fought through three other matches to get to this point. Kenzie came out using striking and brawling, but Aubrey quickly fought back. The match was back and forth from beginning to the end. Kenzie cracked Aubrey with her Busaiku Knee. She crawled over to her opponent and draped her arm over. 1…2… and Aubrey kicked out.

Kenzie let out a scream of frustration. Followed it up with a Northern lights suplex, and then a Superkick. She pinned Aubrey again. 1…2… and another kick out. This time Kenzie went up top. She attempted a flying knee drop, but Aubrey rolled out of the way. She got up as Kenzie got up, holding her knee. Aubrey hit a running dropkick. Kenzie got back up but was immediately hit with a running cross body block. She got up again, this time a little slower. Aubrey then hit a kick to the gut, and a stunner. Aubrey went for a pin, 1…2… and Kenzie kicked out.

Both women continued fighting. It seemed as if they both had an answer for the other’s moves. A snap suplex from Aubrey. A missile dropkick from Kenzie. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Aubrey. A rolling neck snap from Kenzie. Kenzie set Aubrey up for another Superkick, yelling out that this was it, but Aubrey ducked it and scooped Kenzie up onto her shoulders. She planted her with a Death Valley Driver. She then climbed up top. Kenzie slowly got to her feet, just in time to fall victim to the Cake Faced! Aubrey hooked Kenzie’s leg. 1…2…3! Aubrey Moresi was the first ever FFP Women’s Television Champion!


FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Assault & Battery vs British Impact
Another back and forth match that saw the fairly new tag team of British Impact working together quite well to try to achieve their goal of winning the FFP Tag Team Titles for the first time. Assault & Battery had been a tag team for quite sometime now, and their experience compared to Lewis Weaver and Levi Fuller was much better. Weaver and Fuller hit some innovative Tag Team moves, and wowed the crowd, but it was Gregory Hart locking Levi Fuller in an ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Fuller fought to get to the ropes. He fought to not submit. But the pain was too great. He tapped out.

After the match Assault & Battery shook Lewis and Levi’s hands and left with their Tag Titles. But the action wasn’t over there.

Suddenly, two men jumped the steel guardrail and entered the ring, attacking Lewis and Levi from behind and pummeling them to the mat. It was Jackson Lethal and Jason Rex, the former Tag Team Champions from the IWS. Fans and commentators were confused. FFP security quickly got into the ring and pulled the two men off of the FFP wrestlers and forced them out of the arena.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was speaking with the HONOR Women’s Champion Cassie Carlisle, who was here to celebrate Christmas in New York and to watch Throwback. Tyrece asked Cassie about the competition here in FFP. Cassie said she was impressed and would love the chance to step into the ring with some FFP women wrestlers. Dani Rawlings then stepped into view, telling Cassie that she won the HONOR Women’s Title Tournament by fluke, and that if Dani would have faced Cassie in the finals that there would have been no way Cassie walked out the Champion.

The two traded words with Cassie issuing a challenge to Dani at the FFP New Year’s Eve Show. Dani demanded that the HONOR Women’s Title be put on the line. And Cassie, being the fighting champion she is, accepted.

HONOR World Title
(c) Matt Kraven vs Masanori Ishida

This was Matt Kraven’s first match since he suffered a broken neck performing a suicide dive on his friend Daniel Matthews at a FFP live event in May. Kraven seemed a little gun shy at first, and Masanori’s gameplan was obviously to target Matt’s neck. Ishida hit three neckbreakers in the course of only a few minutes. But out of frustration Kraven hit his Superkick, sending the challenger falling to the outside. Kraven then looked down at Masanori, and over at the ropes. After a moment he bounced off the ropes and attempted a suicide dive. The crowd gasped as Kraven flew through the air. And Masanori quickly turned the tide by smacking Kraven with a stiff European uppercut while he was still in mid-air. It was a scary situation as Kraven spilled to the outside. The referee quickly climbed to the outside, making sure that Masanori didn’t continue with the attack. Instead he checked on Kraven.

Ishida rolled into the ring, putting his hands in the air. He thought the referee would call the match and award the HONOR World Title to him. The New York crowd booed. But, their boos turned to cheers when Matt Kraven got back up, shoving the referee away and sliding back into the ring. Him and Masanori went toe-to-toe. Kraven getting the best of the exchange, and hitting a kick to the side of the head, then a shining wizard. The New York crowd was completely behind Kraven as he stepped back and rocked the challenger with another Superkick. He hooked Masanori’s leg. 1…2…3! Matt Kraven retained his HONOR World Title.

FFP Women’s Title | Triple Threat
(c) Cindy Labre vs Katsumi Akiyama vs Quinn Delaney

Quinn Delaney and Cindy Labre came down to the ring. Obviously due to her concussion Katsumi Akiyama was not going to be able to wrestle. Quinn and Cindy really tore into each other. It seemed as if Cindy couldn’t make a friend in FFP, only enemies. Quinn gained the early advantage, using hard right hands and forearms to rock Cindy early. A couple big clotheslines and a neckbreaker sent the Champion to the ground. Quinn set her up for the Quinn Cutter, but Labre shoved Quinn forward and quickly slid out of the ring. Cindy walked over to April to consult with her. In the meantime, Quinn hit the ropes and dove over the top rope, flooring the wrestler and her manager.

Quinn pulled Cindy up and fired her back into the ring. The match continued with Quinn staying on the offensive. Working on Cindy’s neck, setting her up for the Quinn Cutter. When Quinn looked as if she would go for the move, April Hunter reached in and grabbed Quinn’s foot. Quinn turned and leveled April with a kick to the head. Cindy then snuck up behind Quinn and rolled her up, pulling her tights. The ref got into position. 1…2… and Quinn was able to kick out. Both wrestlers quickly got back to their feet and cracked each other with hard forearms. They both fell back. They fought to get back to their feet. Cindy went for a clothesline, but Quinn ducked it and hit the Quinn Cutter. But both women were spent. Quinn began crawling over to the Champion. But as she was about to make the pin, Katsumi Akiyama stormed out of the entrance and ran to the ring. She slid in and stood over both women. Quinn pushed herself up to her knees. But was immediately cracked in the head with a hard kick. Quinn fell to her back, out cold.

Katsumi now turned to Cindy. She grabbed her and began to pull her up. Cindy quickly crawled over to Quinn and pinned her. The referee slid into position as Katsumi stood and watched. 1…2…3! Cindy Labre had successfully defended the Women’s Title.

Katsumi helped Cindy up. Cindy let out a laugh and wrapped Katsumi in a hug. April Hunter brought the Women’s Title into the ring and presented it to Cindy. Apparently Katsumi was on Cindy’s side, faking the injury this whole time to set Quinn up.

The trio left the ring celebrating as the New York crowd let them know how unhappy they were with the outcome. Quinn lied motionless on the mat.

Once she finally began to move, a blue haired woman climbed the steel guardrail. Just like earlier in the night, she slid into the ring and attacked Quinn. It was obviously the IWS Women’s Champion Jacinta Stutz, who wrestled for the OWF when it first opened. Jacinta beat Quinn down as FFP security once again rushed the ring. And just like Jackson Lethal and Jason Rex, Jacinta was escorted from the building by security.

FFP World Title
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Anarchy

This was a war before the bell even rang. It was a week ago that Anarchy attacked Daniel’s girlfriend Dani Rawlings after her match. And ever since then, Daniel had been waiting to get revenge. Fists flew as Daniel entered the ring, not even taking his World Title off of his waist. He got the best of Anarchy, whipping him into the ropes and hitting a clothesline. Anarchy quickly got back up but Daniel took him down with a double leg takedown. He got back up and unstrapped his belt. He attempted to hit Anarchy with it, but the challenger ducked the attack and hit Daniel with a solid right hand. He took the World Title from Matthews and cracked him in the skull. Daniel stumbled back into the ropes. Anarchy then hit him with a spear which sent both men through the ropes and crashing to the arena floor.

Anarchy was first up, pulling Daniel up and throwing him over the guardrail, landing in the laps of the people in the front row. Anarchy climbed the guardrail and began to deliver right hands to Matthews’ head. Mathews eventually got back to his feet and the two continued trading punches. Daniel hit a clothesline sending Anarchy over the guardrail back toward the ring. Daniel then climbed onto the guardrail and hit a flying double axehandle to Anarchy. Eventually Matthews forces Anarchy back in the ring. He went in after him and scooped the big man up, going for the Death Valley Driver. Anarchy delivered a couple of elbows to Daniel’s head. He slid off of his shoulders and locked him in a rear naked choke. Anarchy had used this move to win matches before. Both men fell to the mat, with Anarchy keeping the hold locked in. This didn’t look good for Daniel.

Matthews stretched toward the ropes. Using his feet to push the weight of both wrestlers to the side of the ring. But he was still a ways away. He seemed to be fading. Reaching and clawing slower and slower.

Then, Dani Rawlings came out from behind the entrance curtain. She walked down the isle and climbed onto the ring apron, screaming at Anarchy. The referee got up to tell her to get off the apron. But Dani didn’t listen, obviously. Instead, she climbed into the ring and grabbed Anarchy’s head, digging her nails into his face. He released the move, screaming as she continued. He got up to his knees and pushed her away. The referee warned her, saying he would disqualify Daniel. But she drew back, ready to slap Anarchy across the face. He caught her arm. And had an almost psychotic look in his face. He grabbed her and set her up for what looked to be a powerbomb. But Daniel had gotten up, and grabbed the World Title which was still in the ring. Matthews cracked Anarchy in the back of the head with it. Dani fell backwards and quickly crawled out of the ring. The commentators noted how the referee was being very lenient tonight.

Matthews picked Anarchy up onto his shoulders and his time successfully hit the Death Valley Driver. Matthews then hooked the challenger’s leg.

1…2… and Anarchy kicked out. Mathews couldn’t believe it. So he grabbed a hold of the World Title. As he attempted to use it as a weapon once again, the referee caught it and pulled it out of Daniel’s grip. Matthews questioned the ref as he handed the title to the time keeper. While the ref was distracted, Anarchy hit Matthews from behind with a low blow. Then he dumped him on his head with a German suplex. Matthews was hurt.

Anarchy looked down at Dani and turned back to Daniel. He pulled him up, set him on the top rope, and hit an awesome overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Anarchy then pulled Daniel up again and hit a turnbuckle powerbomb. He followed that up with an avalanche in the corner. He grabbed Daniel again and dumped him with a back suplex. He went for the cover. 1…2… and Daniel kicked out. Dani breathed a sigh of relief on the outside, cheering for her man.

Anarchy said something to Dani and went at Daniel again. Matthews out of nowhere hooked Anarchy in a small package. But Anarchy kicked out. Both superstars got to their feet, but Daniel quickly cracked him with the Roaring Elbow. Anarchy stumbled back into the ropes. Matthews charged but Anarchy ducked, back body dropping him over the top. Daniel landed on the apron. Anarchy walked forward, thinking Matthews fell to the arena floor. Instead Matthews slingshot himself over the top, and caught himself in Anarchy, locking in his own rear naked choke. Anarchy fought Daniel’s grip, reaching out and walking toward the ropes. But Anarchy sized it up and backed toward the corner, but Daniel released his grip, stepping away and sending Anarchy slamming into the corner. Anarchy stumbled out and was cracked with another Roaring Elbow. Anarchy stumbled back into the corner again. Daniel muscled Anarchy up onto the top turnbuckle. Matthews climbed up with him, scooped him onto his shoulders and delivered a dangerous Death Valley Driver off the middle rope!

Daniel crawled over to Anarchy and draped his arm over his chest. 1…2…3! Daniel Matthews had successfully retained the FFP World Title again!

Dani climbed into the ring and wrapped Daniel in a hug. Daniel picked her up in a hug and kissed her lips. The referee handed Daniel his World Championship. He held it in the air as the crowd cheered him on. This is how the show came to an end.

Don’t miss the FFP New Year’s Eve Show, this Saturday night! Not only will we witness Cassie Carlisle defending the HONOR Women’s Title against Dani Rawlings, we will also witness the new FFP Women’s Television Champion Aubrey Moresi count us down to the New Year. And at midnight we will see the first professional wrestling match of 2017 when Daniel Matthews defends the FFP World Title against the man who will cash in his ANY Case, Odell Porter!


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