12/31/2016 FFP New Year’s Eve Show


FFP New Year’s Eve Show
December 31, 2016
Troy, Ohio

The show openend up with Mary Faith Brooks welcoming everyone to the FFP New Year’s Eve Show. She noted that the entire day had been a lot of fun. The viewers were shown clips from the FFP Dodgeball Tournament, which was won by the team of Matt Kraven, Daniel Matthews, Dani Rawlings, Kenzie Anderson and OWF newcomer JJ Perry. Also clips from the FFP Video Game Tournament were shown. Brandi Moore won that.

Mary then hyped up tonight’s show, especially the main event, Odell Porter cashing in his ANY Case against the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews.

The scene quickly cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was speaking with Anarchy. Anarchy said that his quest to be the FFP World Champion again was far from over, and whether it be Daniel Matthews or Odell Porter he would destroy either to get the belt.

FFP Television Title
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Matt Evanston
Both men showed mutual respect with a handshake before the match. Hiroki’s main focus was hitting solid strikes on Evanston, who looked to take the Television Champion down to the mat. Evanston’s submission game was something he had worked on and looked to hook Ito in the Ankle Lock, not only extremely painful, but also attempting to take Hiroki’s lethal kicks away from him.

A solid kick to the skull led to Ito hitting a fisherman brainbuster for a two count. Eventually Ito went for another kick, but Matt ducked it and hit a German suplex. He locked the Ankle Lock on from here. Hiroki reached out for the ropes, pulling himself toward the ropes, although he was putting a lot more pressure on his own ankle doing so.

Eventually Hiroki got to the ropes and Evanston had to break the hold. Hiroki got back to his feet but there was an obvious limp. Evanston grabbed Hiroki and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. Ito again was slow to get up. Evanston charged and clotheslines Hiroki over the top. When he pulled himself up using the ring apron, Evanston charged again. He attempted a baseball slide dropkick, but Hiroki moved out of the way and cracked Matt in the skull with another kick. Evanston went down from the kick, but Ito did as well, collapsing on his hurt ankle.

The match found it’s way back into the ring where Ito took the upperhand, that is before he was taken down with a chop block. Evanston continued wearing down the Television Champion’s leg. Evanston went up top and attempted a flying headbutt, but Ito brought his knee up into the air, connecting with the challenger’s head. Hiroki then hoisted Matt up and connected with the Go to Sleep for the victory.

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HONOR Women’s Title
(c) Cassie Carlisle vs Dani Rawlings
Although these two women hadn’t had much interaction, the dislike was very noticeable. They put on a good match with a nice mixture of technical and brawling moves. Cassie went for a diving clothesline off the middle rope but Dani reversed it into a code breaker that knocked the wind out of the Champion, but Cassie was still able to kick out at the count of two.

Cassie fought back, using solid right hands before sending Dani into the ropes and delivering a devastating spinebuster. Cassie continued on the offensive, but Dani ducked a clothesline and hit a lung blower. Dani quickly capitalized, hitting Cassie with an impressive sit-down powerbomb for a two count. Rawlings got up, frustrated, wanting to take the HONOR Women’s Title from the Champion. She waited as Cassie fought her way back to her feet. Then she charged, and cracked Cassie with a running knee to the jaw. Cassie was out. But that didn’t stop Dani from pulling her up and hitting another sit-down powerbomb, holding it for the pin. 1…2…3. Dani Rawlings was the new HONOR Women’s Champion.

The scene cut backstage where Hiroki Ito approached Matt Evanston. The two had one hell of a match earlier in the night. Hiroki told Matt that he was a great wrestler that took him to the limit, and he should be proud of the match he put on. Hiroki then shook Evanston’s hand.

OWF Title
(c) Blaine Edwards vs Matt Thatcher
Another solid match on New Year’s Eve night. Matt Thatcher had the advantage when it came to strength and size, rocking Blaine with solid punches. The Troy, Ohio crowd seemed a little puzzled at why Thatcher wouldn’t rely on his very good mat wrestling skills, but instead decided to turn the match into a brawl.

Blaine gained the advantage and set Matt up for the Tiger Driver. As it seemed like the match was coming to an end, Connor Campbell stormed the ring. He slid in but was immediately floored with a dropkick from Blaine. The referee about threw the match out, but Blaine talked him out of it. Of course as Blaine was distracted Matt leveled with him with a low blow from behind. Matt and Connor then pummeled Blaine. This time, the referee called for the bell.

Matt and Connor continued their attack on the OWF Champion until finally Hayden Flowers stormed out from the back. He sprinted down the isle, slid into the ring and destroyed Connor with a running big boot. Thatcher went after Hayden as well, but Flowers back body dropped him over the top rope. Hayden then checked on Blaine.

The scene now cut backstage where Matt Kraven along with Daniel Matthews, the new HONOR Women’s Champion Dani Rawlings, Kenzie Anderson and JJ Perry were standing by. This was the group that won the Dodgeball Tournament earlier in the night. They talked about how them winning the tournament was only the beginning, then it was Dani winning the HONOR Women’s Title, and next it would be Daniel Matthews successfully defending the FFP World Title. The group talked about how 2016 was coming to a sweet end, but that 2017 was only going to get better.

The scene cut next to Taylor Clawson who was talking with the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Brandi Moore and Amy Kraven. Taylor wished them luck and told them she’d be watching.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Brandi Moore & Amy Kraven vs Marcy Tillman & Mona Skye
Marcy and Mona talked strategy as Amy and Brandi made their way to the ring. The challengers decided on Mona starting off against Amy, but after being taken down with repeated arm drags right off the bat, Marcy tagged herself in. Marcy put up much more of a fight against Amy, even managing to get the upper hand due to her strength advance. After being shoved into her corner, Amy tagged in Brandi, who ended up running straight into a big boot. Marcy took the time to gloat as Mona cheered her on.

Brandi got to her feet before Marcy could take note, and rolled her up for a two count. The two traded forearms, but it was Brandi who ended the exchange with an uppercut. The champion backed the challenger into a corner and attempted to whip her across the ring, but Marcy reversed it, then charged and connected with a splash. Brandi fell to the mat, holding her back and attempting to crawl toward Amy for a tag. Seeing this, Marcy knocked Amy off the apron and began stalking Brandi for a finisher. As she circled around her, Mona reached over the ropes and tagged in, leaving Marcy in shock.

Mona was very confident as she re-entered the ring, but that quickly changed as Brandi immediately scooped her up and dropped her with a Fisherman Brainbuster for the three count. Amy and Brandi celebrated their defense and exited the ring as Marcy approached Mona. There was a clear look of disappointment on Marcy’s face, but she seemed concerned for Mona nonetheless as she helped Mona to her feet. That’s when Marcy’s expression changed to anger and she clobbered Mona with a hard clothesline. The crowd couldn’t believe it as Marcy tore into Mona, screaming at her as she threw fist after fist. She pulled Mona up by the hair and then planted her with the Angel’s Wings. It seemed like the assault was over, but Marcy locked in a Dragon Clutch, wrenching Mona’s neck back roughly. Security had to rush to the ring to separate them, and Mona was left motionless as Marcy was escorted from the ring, still shouting at her now former tag team partner.

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Count Down to the New Year
with Aubrey Moresi
The first ever FFP Women’s Television Aubrey Moresi came down the isle as the crowd cheered. 2016 was seconds away from passing by, and the first ever pro wrestling match of 2017 was about to take place – and quite possibly could be a candidate for the match of 2017 with the talent in the ring.

Aubrey thanked everyone for their cheers. She said she was proud to be the first Women’s TV Champion and wanted to defend the title proudly. She said that 2016 was a pretty good year for her in FFP, and she couldn’t wait to see what was in store in 2017.

Aubrey then counted the Troy, Ohio crowd down to midnight. It was 2017. Hayden Flowers joined her at ringside where he shared a kiss with the champ.

FFP World Title
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Odell Porter
Most wrestling matches are back and forth, but when we describe this one as back and forth, this match absolutely was the definition of back and forth. Both men hit big moves, and scored many close falls to their opponent.

Of course the match began right after midnight. And before the wrestlers went at it, Daniel and Odell shook hands. They knew that they would give the other an absolute fight.

Daniel gained the upperhand first, and went for his Death Valley Driver, but Odell slipped away and hit a spinning elbow. Porter went for a Superkick but Daniel ducked it and took Odell down with a bulldog. Porter fought his way back up, but not before Matthews hit a spinning back fist. The World Champion scooped Odell up and went for his Death Valley Driver again. Porter slipped out of Daniel’s grip again and hit a German suplex. However he didn’t stop at one. He rolled back, lifted Daniel again and hit a stalling German suplex. Matthews was hurt. But Odell didn’t go for the pin. Instead, the former Adrenaline Champion pulled Daniel up and set him up for the Regal Plex. Daniel tried fighting out, even hitting a couple back elbows, but Porter hit the move. The ref slid into position as Porter went for the pin. 1…2… and Daniel kicked out. The Troy crowd loved it. The crowd was split, but no one wanted to see the match end.

Daniel slowly got up. Odell hit a Northern lifts suplex, bridging for another pin attempt. But Daniel kicked out again. Odell may have shown a little frustration. He pulled the World Champion up and delivered a body slam. He climbed up top and attempted a Macho Man style flying elbow drop. But Matthews rolled out of the way and Odell crashed to the mat. When Odell got back up Daniel charged and hit a shining wizard. Odell fell back to the mat. Motionless. But Matthews seemed spent. He crawled over and made the cover. 1…2… and Odell draped his leg across the bottom rope.

Daniel took a deep breath. He pulled the challenger up to his feet. And instead of going for the Death Valley Driver, that Odell had clearly scouted, Matthews set him up and delivered the Roaring Elbow. But the force of the blow sent Odell tumbling through the ropes and falling to the outside of the ring. Matthews reached out as Odell fell, trying to somehow catch him and keep him in the ring, but it was no use. Matthews slapped he mat in frustration. He could have left Odell on the outside to get counted out, but he didn’t want to win that way. He went to the outside and rolled Odell back into the ring. Matthews pulled him up and set him up for a powerbomb. But Odell reversed it into a hurricanrana. Daniel tried to pop up quick following the move, but Odell cracked him with a Superkick. Odell then jumped at Daniel to make the cover. The ref made another count. 1…2… and Daniel kicked out again! It was incredible. Neither man would stay down.

Odell pulled Daniel up and muscled him up to the top rope. Odell went for an impressive hurricanrana from the top, but Daniel reversed it into a sit-down powerbomb from the middle rope. Odell seemed down, and out, but the move seemed to take everything out of Daniel as well. Both men lie on the mat, neither moving.

When the two finally moved, they rolled away from each other. They fought to get to their feet and began trading blows. Punches, forearms and even a couple chops. Then they began to trade European uppercuts. The shots were loud. And the crowd ate it up. Daniel went for his Roaring Elbow again, but Odell ducked it and dumped Daniel over with another Regal Plex! Daniel was motionless, face down on the mat. Odell, instead of going for the pin, rolled over and hooked Daniel into a Crippler Crossface. Maybe instead of constant kickouts, Odell could force Matthews to kick out. The referee checked, as Matthews barely moved his arm. Obviously he was trying to reach out for the ropes, but the World Champion seemed like he was moments away from fading.

Just as it seemed as if Daniel may go unconscious, the bell rang. The referee even seemed puzzled. He turned to the time keeper. The 60-minute time limit had elapsed. The match was officially ruled a draw.

Odell seemed frustrated. He was moments away from stretching Matthews into unconsciousness. Porter stood and questioned the referees judgment. It seemed as if he was begging for more time. But as he did so, Anarchy came down the isle. He climbed into the ring and focused on Daniel, pulling him up and dumping him on the back of his head with a German suplex. Odell went to fight off the big man, but the advantage was completely with the absolutely fresh Anarchy. He hit Odell with a couple of hard punches and threw him down with a belly to belly suplex. Anarchy proceeded to stomp both men repeatedly. Then he grabbed the microphone and proclaimed that 2017 would be the year of Anarchy. The show came to an end as he stood over the FFP World Champion and challenger with his arm raised in the air.

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