2017 Predictions from Wrestlers, Staff and Fans

With the coming of the New Year, ffpwrestling.com had the chance to sit down with some FFP wrestlers staff members and fans, along with the same from the OWF, to find out what their predictions were for the year 2017.

Here is what they all had to say.

Mary Faith Brooks: I see FFP continuing their dominance atop the professional wrestling world. I also predict to see the OWF really showcasing their talent, with a bunch of people getting called up.

Duncan Wright: I predict the OWF will continue to produce top notch athletes with a record number of OWF wrestlers being called up.

FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews: In 2017 I’m going to strive to continue being your FFP World Champion, but also continue to defend against all the top wrestlers. Odell Porter and I should get another chance to showcase our skills. I predict that Dani Rawlings is going to impress everyone, and I will make Anarchy pay for the pain in be ass he had been for so long.

Anarchy: 2017 is going to be the Year of Anarchy. I will become the new FFP World Champion and take that strap into 2018. No one is going to stop me. No one.

HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven: I predict that in 2017 we will see a lot of our up and coming wrestlers come into their own. We will see a few long title reigns with superstars really legitimizing their championships. Daniel Matthews will continue to prove why he is the best pro wrestler in the world, and I think we will see Amy Kraven win the FFP Women’s Title.

Hayden Flowers: I predict that Blaine Edwards will continue to sore in the OWF, eventually getting called up to the main roster and becoming the TV Champion. I also think I’ll get that call up too, and join Aubrey in the FFP. I also predict Aubrey’s last name will change in 2017.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Champion Brandi Moore: In 2017, I expect to see Taylor Clawson return from injury, as well as Nina Fox and Austin Briggs. They all will step in like they haven’t missed a beat. And as far as Brandi Moore goes, I think 2017 is going to be a very nice year for me, and my tag team partner.

HONOR Women’s Champion Dani Rawlings: I predict that I will continue to be the icon that I am, ruling the division and making history while out-performing Amy and Aubrey on a weekly basis just like I have always done.

Deshaun Reed: I’ve been stagnant for far too long here. 2017 I’m coming out on fire and will go places I’ve never gone before.

FFP Women’s TV Champion Aubrey Moresi: I definitely expect to see a lot of OWF call ups, one of them being that Hayden Flowers guy for sure. And of course, I see myself defending my Women’s TV Title like a badass.

Kenzie Anderson: I’m going to 1) Win the Women’s TV Championship, 2) Win the Women’s Championship, and 3) Be the poster girl for at least 4 more pay-per-views. I also see Matt Kraven rising back to the top now that he’s back, and eventually dethroning Daniel Matthews as World Champion.

Odell Porter: In 2017 I will strive to have a better year than 2016. I really hope that in 2017 I will become the FFP World Champion. Other than that, I think Full Force Pro will continue doing what it does best. This place is great. It’s only getting better.

FFP Website Writer Jacoby Coleman: Last year I predicted Amy Kraven would get called up and win the FFP Women’s Title. She got called up, but didn’t win the title yet. This year, she wins the title. Also Matt Kraven regains the FFP World Title, and Lizzy Kraven wins a title too. It’s the year of the Kraven’s.

FFP Website Writer Lauren Tucker: Full Force Pro has always showcased women’s wrestling better than any other pro wrestling promotion in the world. True story. And we all love them for it. FFP will continue doing this. I also expect to see the FFP World Championship only change hands once this year. That’s right, one time.

OWF Website Writer Cory McAdams: I believe that in 2017 we will see every FFP Championship eventually held by an OWF alumni. Aubrey Moresi, ATM and Assault & Battery already have us close. Call up the likes of Blaine Edwards, Hayden Flowers, Connor Campbell, Malakai and a few others, and it’s happening. The OWF is taking over.

FFP Head Official Johnny Crawford: Last year I predicted the year of first time World Champions. Boy was I wrong. Last year I specifically noted Kashimanski as one that would win the World Title. I was simply a year early. He’s winning the gold this year.

FFP Superfan Capri Wansor: I’m calling Cindy Labre turning on April Hunter. Cindy calls herself the HOF Killer after all, and April is in the HOF the last time I checked. And no more broken necks!

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