Five Blockbuster Matches Set for the First SSN of 2017

Earlier today we learned that Full Force Pro’s first event of 2017, this weekend’s SSN, will feature a few high profile matchups. The interim-President of FFP, Mary Faith Brooks has set up five blockbuster matches, four of which are for Championships, and one of the Championship matches is an open challenge!

Mary Brooks has also announced that a new superstar will be debuting soon in Full Force Pro. Will this superstar debut on the first show of 2017?

Let’s take an in-depth look at the schedule matches for this weekend’s FFP SSN.

HONOR World Championship | Open Challenge
Matt Kraven made his return to the squared circle at FFP Throwback. He makes his in-ring return to SSN this weekend defending the HONOR World Title in an open challenge! Who will challenge Kraven for his title?

FFP Women’s Television Championship
(c) Aubrey Moresi vs Amy Kraven
Aubrey Moresi won the FFP Women’s Television Title at FFP Throwback. She will defend the title for the first time, taking on one of her best friends, Amy Kraven. This match most definitely will be a respectful, technical match.

Anarchy vs Patrick McCoy
Anarchy has been in a very personal feud with Daniel Matthews. This weekend he will take on one of Daniel’s best friends, and trainees, Patrick McCoy. Will Anarchy try to get to Daniel by beating down his friend?

FFP Television Championship
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Kashimanaki
Both of these superstars have a lot in common. They both have held multiple titles here in FFP, they both hail from Japan and they both have great respect from the FFP crowd. Hiroki will look to continue his Television Title reign at the first FFP show of 2017, while Kashimanaki looks to get his wrestling career back on track with a championship title win.

FFP Women’s Championship
(c) Cindy Labre vs Quinn Delaney
Cindy Labre has found a way to one-up Quinn Delaney several times. First with April Hunter in her corner, and now with Katsumi Akiyama by her side as well. Will Quinn be able beat Cindy with all the distractions at ringside, and once again become the FFP Women’s Champion?

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