01/07/2017 FFP SSN


January 7, 2017
White Plains, New York

The show opened with the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews. Wearing a Daniel Matthews t-shirt, and with the World Title on his shoulder, Matthews asked Odell Porter to join him in the ring. Porter came down, and the men shook hands.

Daniel said their match at the New Year’s Eve Show was phenomenal, but he didn’t want Odell’s ANY Case cash in to result in a time limit draw. So Matthews suggested they wrestle once more.

This brought out Anarchy, who after Daniel and Odell’s time limit draw, came down and beat both men down. Anarchy said he wanted another chance at the title, and said he deserved it more than Odell.

This brought out interim-President Mary Faith Brooks. Mary said that Odell cashed in his ANY Case and wrestled Daniel to a draw, therefore he deserved a rematch. She said that Anarchy had a few shots at Daniel, but came up just short.

Anarchy got mad, and began arguing with Mary. But obviously that wasn’t going to make her change her mind. So Anarchy stormed off.

Mary then announced that Odell Porter would get his rematch for the FFP World Title next Friday at the FFP Friday the 13th Show.

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FFP Television Championship
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Kashimanaki

A fast paced back and forth match that saw both men land brutal kicks to the other. Kashimanaki went for the Kashimanaki Driver, but Hiroki slipped out of his grip and hit a hard German suplex. Following a shining wizard, Ito hit the Go to Sleep for the three count.

After the match the two men shook hands.

Anarchy vs Patrick McCoy
We went from a technical and respectful match to an all-out brawl. Anarchy had the advantage when it came to brawling, and gave McCoy quite a beating. Anarchy enjoyed times on the offensive, even hitting s running powerbomb for a two count, but Patrick fought back, using his speed and a couple springboard moves to get the best of Anarchy. After knocking the big man flat on his back, Patrick went up top and hit an impressive 450 Splash for the three count.

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The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was talking with Jackson Pearce about his feud with Prince Tau. Pearce talked about his victory over Pearce at FFP Throwback and said he would gladly beat him again. This brought Tau into the camera view where the men went face-to-face. FFP security quickly arrived, but the two men didn’t fight. They just went nose-to-nose.

FFP Women’s Television Championship
(c) Aubrey Moresi vs Amy Kraven

Huge respect between both women. The close friends tried pushing their friendship to the side to try to leave Toledo with the Women’s Television Title. Still no cheap shots or hard shots to the face. A couple suplexes from Aubrey, a missile dropkick from Amy and a big double clothesline. Moresi went for a Northern lights suplex but Amy reversed and locked Aubrey in the Dragon Clutch. This was the move that Amy’s big brother Matt had used many times. However, Aubrey was able to turn and deliver the Northern lights. Moresi then went up top and successfully delivered Cake Faced for the three count.

After the match Aubrey helped Amy up. They hugged. Amy then raised Aubrey’s hand in the air. The crowd loved it.

The scene cut backstage where Anarchy was storming through the hallways ripping over tables and punching doors. He turned the corner and suddenly was face-to-face with FFP Hall of Famer Kashimanaki. Anarchy called him a has-been and demanded he move out of his way. The two traded words and a brawl broke out. FFP security quickly stepped in and separated the two men.

HONOR World Championship | Open Challenge
Matt Kraven came to the ring first. Then, the crowd was shocked to see the FFP return of Joseph Curtis, along with his girlfriend and NHB Factory co-owner Cheyenne Reede. Kraven and JoCu shook hands. And then, it was on. Matt Kraven was obviously still hell bent on showing the world that after suffering a broken neck in May that he was still capable of wrestling his ass off, and still deserving of being the HONOR World Champion. And JoCu was making his return, wanting to do so in a big way, winning the HONOR World Title.

A lot of strikes and mat wrestling. JoCu hit a sweet springboard European uppercut for a two count. But Matt flattened JoCu with a Superkick. It took Matt moments to go for the pin, and JoCu kicked out at two. The two got back up, trading blows. JoCu went for a wild clothesline, but Matt ducked it and scooped the challenger up, hitting him with a Death Valley Driver. Kraven waited as Joseph pushed himself up to his feet. Matt then hit the Superkick. He hooked JoCu’s leg and got the three count.

Matt immediately checked on Joseph, helping him up and whispering something in his ear. The men shook hands and embraced as the fans cheered for the return of JoCu.

The scene cut to Mary Faith Brooks, who was hyping a new signing in Full Force Pro, his name being Alexander Modest. She said he was a great athlete and would be debuting very soon.

Mary also announced a couple of matches for FFP Frost Bite, taking place on January 22. First, Aubrey Moresi would be defending the FFP Women’s Television Title against Kenzie Anderson. Next, she announced that Anarchy would clash with Kashimanaki. And finally, she announced that Jackson Pearce and Prince Tau would battle once more, in a First Blood Match!

Join us on January 22, 2017 for FFP’s first pay-per-view of 2017, FFP Frost Bite! Green Bay, Wisconsin will never be the same again!

FFP Women’s Championship
(c) Cindy Labre vs Quinn Delaney

The first SSN of 2017 would definitely end with an explosion as this feud would take center stage. Both women came out on fire, trading punches, clotheslines, chops and kicks. The first big move was a German suplex from the Women’s Champion. She followed it up with a running knee lift to Quinn, knocking her back down. Cindy then set Quinn up for the Stalling Fisherman Brainbuster, but Quinn reversed it into a small package for a two count. Both girls popped back up and charged at each other. Quinn ducked a clothesline attempt and hit the Quinn Cutter! She hooked Labre’s leg. 1…2… and Cindy kicked out. The Toledo crowd groaned, wishing Cindy’s title reign would come to an end.

Quinn continued on the attack until Cindy leveled her with a devastating dropkick to the knee cap. Cindy then continued working the leg, with back-to-back dragon leg screws, and a leg DDT. Cindy locked on the figure four, and Quinn screamed out in pain. Eventually Quinn tried and tried and flipped her and Cindy over, reversing the move. Cindy broke the hold and went after Quinn again, but Delaney hooked another small package. 1…2… and Cindy kicked out again. Quinn fought to her feet too, but Labre immediately floored her with a chop block. Quinn was hurt. Cindy grabbed her legs, pulled her to the center of the ring, and applied another figure four. Quinn screamed out in pain. Tears went down her cheeks. Obviously the pain was excruciating. She had no choice but to tap out. Cindy Labre was still the FFP Women’s Champion.

After the match April Hunter and Katsumi Akiyama joined Cindy in the ring hugging her and presenting her her title. The show went off the air as Cindy held her Championship in the air listening to the Toledo crowd boo.


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