Will Nina Fox Cash in Her ANY Case?

On June 26, 2016 Full Force Pro presented FFP Uprising. FFP’s annual June pay-per-view live from London, England – the second straight Uprising show from London.

On that show, Nina Fox battled Fiona Burke in a hard fought match, and came out victorious to win a FFP ANY Case (two ANY Case were one that night, one by a male – Odell Porter, and one by a female – Nina). The rules of the ANY Case are simple. You can “cash in” the case for a chance at any title, at any place and any time. Odell cashed his in for a shot at the FFP World Title at the FFP New Year’s Eve Show.

The ANY Cases in Full Force Pro have a shelf life of one year. Meaning that if Nina Fox doesn’t cash in before June 26, her ANY Case will become void. So we ask the question, will Nina cash in her case?

At FFP Blaze of Glory in August, Nina was attacked by Cindy Labre and Cindy’s manager April Hunter. After being beaten down, she was spike piledriven on the concrete floor. Nina suffered a broken neck.

However, on November 20th at FFP Rebirth, after Cindy Labre defeated Quinn Delaney to win the FFP Women’s Title, Nina Fox came out to cash in her ANY Case. Obviously there was no way she was healed up from suffering a broken neck just three months earlier, but Nina didn’t care. She wanted to take the title away from the woman who was mostly responsible for injuring Nina.

But before she could cash in, Cindy and April attacked again. And Cindy blasted Nina in the head with the Women’s Title. The duo attempted to perform another spike piledriver on Nina, but they were interrupted by Veronica Clyne. Nina however still suffered more damage to her already injured neck.

We aren’t sure what condition Nina’s neck is in, and it is only early January. However, if Nina suffered more damage to her neck and finds herself sidelined for a long period of time, she runs s big risk of missing out on being able to cash in on this tremendous opportunity that she earned in London, England.

We here at ffpwrestling.com never want to see anyone get injured. And we very much hope to see Nina Fox heal up as fast as possible, return to the squared circle and cash in her ANY Case, giving us an unforgettable memory at an upcoming event before June 26th!

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