01/22/2017 FFP Frost Bite (PPV)


FFP Frost Bite
January 22, 2017
Green Bay, Wisconsin

The show opened up with fireworks. The Green Bay crowd was pumped for Frost Bite.

In the front row there were a few top wrestlers from the World Wrestling Society, a new promotion in the UK that had a working relationship with Full Force Pro. Notable at ringside were Duke Samuels, Morgan Landings, Alexandra Knight, Ernie Harlow and Fabian Poole. Obviously they were there to watch the finals of the WWS Title Tournament.

FFP Hall of Famer Lizzy Kraven came out to cheers from the crowd. She took a spot at the announce table, preparing to be a special guest commentator for the night.

Mary Faith Brooks then came down the isle with her daughter Hope Brooks. Mary announced that Full Force Pro had announced the newest and hottest up and coming talent to their roster. Mary then noted that since it was Hope’s boyfriend that Hope should have the honor of introducing him. Blushing a little, Hope announced her boyfriend, and FFP’s newest acquisition, Alexander Modest.


Modest came down the isle and waved to the fans. He was all smiles as he took the microphone and said that it was always his dream to be a professional wrestler, and that he would do everything in his power to always put on the best matches for the fans.

Anarchy vs Kashimanaki
The match started out with hard strikes from both men. The Green Bay crowd groaned with each chop, forearm, punch and kick. Within the first couple minutes of the match both men’s chests were red from the chops and kicks. Kashimanaki gained the upperhand first following a solid kick. He backed away and charged, but Anarchy caught him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Anarchy then kept Kashimanaki down, using his submission skills to try to wear down the FFP Hall of Famer.

Anarchy hit a German suplex that seemed to knock Kashimanaki a little groggy. But after a missed clothesline, Kashimanaki hit a hard kick to the skull, then hit a spinning back suplex of his own. Kashimanaki backed Anarchy into the corner and hit a couple running dropkicks. On the third, Anarchy moved, causing Kashimanaki to straddle the top turnbuckle. Anarchy then went up top and attempted what looked like a fallaway slam, but Kashimanaki reversed it, with both men falling down, Kashimanaki on top. He quickly got back up and waited for Anarchy to follow suit. When he did, Kashimanaki went for a hard running kick. But Anarchy dodged and planted Kashimanaki with a STO.

The match raged on, continuing to be back and forth. Anarchy hit a running powerbomb for a two count. Kashimanaki battled back, hitting hard kicks to Anarchy’s chest. Kashimanaki then floored the big man with a dropkick to the knee. He followed it up with a double undertook suplex. Then the former Cruiserweight Champion climbed up top and hit a double stomp. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Anarchy kicked out. Anarchy tried fighting back to his feet, but Kashimanaki hoisted him up and planted him with the Kashimanaki Driver. He hooked Anarchy’s leg for the pin. 1…2…3!

After the match Kashimanaki celebrated his victory. Anarchy was slow to get up. When he did he grabbed Kashimanaki’s arm and turned him around. They went eye to eye before Anarchy reached his hand out. Kashimanaki had earned Anarchy’s respect. Kashimanaki accepted the handshake and the crowd cheered.

But after the handshake Anarchy hit Kashimanaki with a huge clothesline. He pulled Kashimanaki back up and hit him with a Flatliner. He stood over his rival and raised his arm in the air.

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Marcy Tillman vs Mona Skye

In surprising fashion, it was Mona who charged Marcy once the bell rang. Obviously Mona had a lot of pent up aggression stemming from Marcy’s attacks and belittling of her over the last few weeks. Mona was throwing fist after fist to the point where the referee had to get on her case about letting up, but Mona kept at it, and even tried to slap the referee for trying to hold her back. Luckily he ducked; otherwise the match would have ended in a disqualification.

Marcy was able to use her strength to toss Mona off, and then nailed her with a vicious clothesline that turned Mona inside out. The crowd thought it would be over right then and there when Marcy went for the pin, but Mona kicked out. Marcy screamed in Mona’s face about how she should stay down, and how she would be nothing if it weren’t for her. That’s when Mona snapped out of her daze and slapped Marcy hard across the face. You can imagine that Marcy didn’t like that whatsoever as she gripped Mona up by the hair and wrapped both hands around Mona’s throat, lifting her former tag team partner in the air and dropping her down in a Chokebomb.

Although it seemed like the perfect time to go for a cover, Marcy just stared down at Mona with cruel intentions, stalking her for another big move. After Mona used the ropes to help herself up, Marcy grabbed her again, this time setting up for the Angel’s Wings. Marcy stalled the lifting double underhook to make a point, but this ended up costing her when Mona countered with a hurricanrana and hooked Marcy’s legs for the three count! The Green Bay crowd couldn’t believe it as Mona’s hand was raised in victory, and it looked like even Mona herself was surprised. As Mona was announced the winner, Marcy clobbered her from behind and pummeled her with a fury before tossing her out of the ring. The onslaught continued with Marcy ramming Mona into the barricade and whipping her into the steel steps. Multiple referees rushed to the scene to hold Marcy back, and she was removed from the arena kicking and screaming while Mona was left lying on the floor.

The scene cut backstage where Anarchy was storming through the hallways in the back screaming for Kashimanaki. He finally spotted the man who had defeated him earlier in the night. Anarchy charged and hit Kashimanaki with a hard clothesline. The two men began to scuffle on the concrete floor of the backstage area. FFP security arrived and pulled the two men apart.

First Blood Match
Jackson Pearce vs Prince Tau
Prince Tau came down first. And as soon as Jackson Pearce stepped foot into the ring Tau double legged him and began driving fists into his forehead. Tau was attempting to draw blood early, but Jackson was on the defense, blocking most punch attempts. Eventually Pearce was able to muscle Tau over and got to his feet. Pearce proceeded to hit Tau with a hard kick, sending him spilling through the ropes to the outside. Pearce followed him to the outside and used Tau to do his best impression of a pinball machine, slamming him against the ring steps, then the guardrail, then the ring post then the ring apron.

Pearce went to the commentator’s table and began to clear it off, but when he turned back around he was leveled with a clothesline. Tau began to drive his big fists into Jackson’s face again. Tau began whipping Pearce back toward the ring, but turned again and fired him into the commentator’s table. The table tipped over things spilt all over. Tau then pulled a steel chair out from under the ring. He went to strike Pearce with it as Jackson reached his feet, but he dodged the chairshot. Instead, Tau accidentally cracked FFP commentator Jackson Flint with the chair. Flint collapsed to the flood and medics quickly tended to him.

Tau turned back around, still armed with the chair. Jackson charged but Tau rammed the chair into his ribs. Then, he cracked him with the chair across the back. Pearce fell to his hands and knees before being kicked hard in the ribs. Tau then pulled Jackson up and rolled him back into the ring.

Prince Tau took the steel chair with him, and followed Pearce into the squared circle. As Pearce began to push himself up, Tau stalked, like an animal on the prey. But Pearce quickly got to his feet and dropkicked the chair into Prince Tau’s face. It send the mighty Samoan crashing to the mat, the chair falling beside him. Jackson quickly took possession of the chair, and began to level Tau over and over with the chair. He hit him in the head, the back, the shoulder, the leg and anywhere else he could hit. Then he stepped back and waited. As Tau reluctantly got back to his feet, Pearce cracked him with a chairshot to the head. Tau got up again, and Pearce did the same. Then again.

Prince Tau seemed to be a sitting duck. Anytime he tried to get on the offensive he would get a shot from the chair. But finally Pearce went for a running chaishot, and Tau flattened him with a Spear. The crowd gasped as the chair went flying through the air Jackson was slammed to the mat. Tau then picked Jackson up and hoisted him up on his shoulders for the F5. Tau attempted the move, but Jackson reversed it into a DDT. A very smart reversal. Pearce rolled out of the ring and checked under the ring for another weapon. This time, he pulled out a ladder. He slid he ladder back into the ring, hoisted it up and slid his arm through one of the rungs, holding the ladder in his shoulder. Prince Tau slowly pushed himself to his knees, looking at his former tag team partner.

Jackson charged, ramming the end of the ladder into Tau forehead. Tau fell limo to the mat, face down. Pearce backed away, still armed with the ladder. But as the referee checked on Tau, you could see Blood beginning to pool up under his head. Tau had been busted open.

Jackson dropped the ladder. Exhausted, and relieved he dropped to his knees. Maybe the war between the former Tag Team Champions was over.

In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where the interim-Commissioner of the Ohio Wrestling Federation, Austin Briggs had made his way out to the ring. Briggs had teased a couple big announcements regarding the OWF here at Frost Bite.

Briggs talked about how well the OWF had been doing and how successful it would continue being. Briggs said that he had set up two very key milestones in the history of the OWF. First of all, he announced that next month, on February 25th – one night before FFP Desperate Measures the OWF would hold it’s first ever pay-per-view, which would also be available on the FFP Network. He announced that the show would appropriately titled OWF We Earned This. And the event would be live from the OWF’s birthplace Cincinnati, Ohio.

Briggs got a very good reaction from the Green Bay crowd from this announcement, but he wasn’t done. Briggs also announces that during this show that the OWF would induct it’s first ever Hall of Fame class. Austin said that throughout the next couple weeks, announcements would be made on who would be the first inducted into the OWF Hall of Fame.

World Wrestling Society Title | Tournament Final
Anthony Farrow vs Miles Lynch
Earlier in the week Full Force Pro announced that they had a working agreement with the new UK wrestling promotion the World Wrestling Society. And in this agreement, FFP agreed to feature the WWS Title Tournament Final at Frost Bite.

In the only match these two had ever competed against each other in, Anthony Farrow earned a hard fought victory over Miles after repeated running knees to the jaw, followed by one of Anthony’s finisher, the Super European Uppercut, which is basically Anthony pressing his opponent over head and hitting them with a solid European Uppercut on the way down.

This match started out technical, with both men shooting in on each other trying to find a quick advantage. Farrow gained the upperhand first with a headlock take down, but Miles head scissored out. The chess match continued. That is until Miles nearly clothesline Farrow out of his boots. Then hit him with a snap suplex and a flying headbutt from the middle rope. Lynch pinned his opponent, getting a two count. The match continued. Anthony began working on Miles’ back, hitting a backbreaker, a couple suplexes and a flying knee drop to the lower back. He hooked Lynch into the abdominal stretch but Miles wasn’t going to submit.

Instead Miles reversed into a hip toss, and took Farrow down with a clothesline. Lynch went for another, but Farrow jumped into the air and connected with a solid knee to the jaw. Miles stumbled back. Anthony went for another, but was nearly decapitated by a running clothesline. Lynch pulled Farrow up and set him up for a powerbomb, but Anthony escaped out of Miles’ grasp and hit another knee to the jaw. Anthony then went for his finisher, the Super European Uppercut. He pressed Miles into the air as the crowd cheered him on, and connected. Miles was knocked silly. Farrow dropped down and pinned Lynch. 1…2… and Miles kicked out. Anthony Farrow was that close to becoming the first ever WWS Champion.

Anthony muscled Miles up again. He him him with a couple right hands and hit the ropes, going for another knee to the jaw, but this time Lynch caught Farrow in his attempt and planted him with a spinebuster. Lynch backed away as Anthony pushed himself back to his feet. Farrow seemed groggy, stumbling back, then toward Lynch. Miles hit him with an impressive overhead belly to belly suplex. But almost immediately after Farrow crashed to the mat, Lynch pulled him up again and hit a stalling German suplex. The two men nearly looked like they were in slow motion as Lynch brought him up into the air, then slammed him to the mat. Lynch wasn’t done however. He pulled Farrow up once more, and brought him up in the air in a suplex position, but held him there with his feet pointing to the ceiling. The blood rushes to Anthony’s head as Lynch showed off his impressive strength. Then finally, he dropped him for a devastating brainbuster. Miles covered Farrow for the pin. 1…2…3! Miles Lynch was the first ever WWS Champion.

The referee awarded Miles the championship who held it in the air as the crowd booed. Lynch didn’t care. He he slung the championship over his shoulder and raised his arm in the air.

But his celebration was cut short when World Wrestling Society wrestler Charles Vornholt walked down the isle and climbed into the ring. Charles had injured his shoulder preparing for the WWS Title Tournament and wasn’t cleared to wrestle. He climbed into the ring and stood face to face with the new champion. Miles quickly struck Charles with a hard punch down on his injured shoulder. Lynch then grabbed Charles and violently rammed him injured shoulder first into the steel ring post. Lynch left the ring with his new championship in his hands. Meanwhile EMTs came down to check on Charles Vornholt’s shoulder.

The scene cut backstage where the HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven was sitting with his sister Amy Kraven, Brandi Moore, Veronica Clyne and FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews. Matt wished Daniel luck tonight in his World Title match against Odell Porter and told him that either way he has had one of the best World Title reigns in FFP history. The two men shook hands and embraced.

FFP Women’s Television Title
(c) Aubrey Moresi vs Kenzie Anderson
These two women weren’t strangers to each other, facing off not long ago in the finals of the Women’s Television Title Tournament. Kenzie Anderson came out looking impressive, hooking Aubrey in a quick headlock and using it to take her down. It was obvious Kenzie was going to attempt to out wrestler the champion. But Aubrey stopped her in her tracks with an impressive and impactful dropkick. Aubrey hit a snapmare and a dropkick to the back. Then she took Kenzie to the top rope and hit a superplex. The Green Bay crowd loved it, chanting “Aub-rey, Aub-rey!”

Moresi then went up top and attempted a splash. But Kenzie got her knees up and Aubrey’s ribs crashed into them. Kenzie then hooked Aubrey and rolled her into a small package. 1…2… and the champion kicked out. Both women got back to their feet where Aubrey went for a clothesline. Kenzie ducked it and rolled her up, now pulling the tights. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Aubrey kicked out. Kenzie couldn’t believe it. She quickly took Aubrey down with a clothesline, and proceeded to lay in a few stomps. She climbed up to the middle rope and waited for Aubrey to get back up.

Kenzie leapt off the middle rope for what looked like an attempted hurricanrana. But Moresi caught the challenger and planted her with a sit-down powerbomb. Impressive. Aubrey held Kenzie there for a pin attempt. 1…2… and Kenzie kicked out. Moresi got up and called for her finisher. The crowd immediately responded, cheering and chanting. One fan had a sign with the emojis of a cake, and a face. Aubrey went up top. And once Kenzie got to her feet, Aubrey dove off and connected with the Cake Faced. She hooked Kenzie’s leg. 1…2…3! Aubrey Moresi was still the FFP Women’s Television Champion!

On February 25, one night before FFP Desperate Measures, the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present it’s first ever pay-per-view, OWF We Earned This. On this ground breaking show, we will also see the first ever class get inducted into the OWF Hall of Fame! You won’t want to miss this!

FFP Adrenaline Title | Beatrice Keenan Banned from Ringside
(c) Alexander T Morrison vs Levi Fuller
This match was filled with impressive moves and near falls. Solid strikes opened the match up with mat wrestling mixed in. Levi hit a couple of suplexes, a hip toss and a clothesline sending ATM over the top rope. Beatrice was banned from ringside so ATM didn’t have someone to go talk strategy with.

A couple times the camera showed Beatrice backstage, nervously watching the match in a monitor. A couple times we caught her biting her fingernail.

Levi and ATM wound up on the top turnbuckle. ATM was on the offense, but Levi reversed into a very impressive hurricanrana off the top, sending ATM crashing to the mat below. Levi quickly crawled over to ATM downed body and pinned him. 1…2… and ATM kicked out. For a split second the crowd thought Fuller had defeated the champion.

Levi stayed on offense, hitting a couple right hands and a spinning back fist. He hit the ropes but ATM hit an awesome reversal, a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Fuller tried to quickly get back to his feet but ATM hit him with a running knee to the lower back. Obviously this was going to be ATM’s gameplan. A sidewalk slam, a suplex and even a Canadian backbreaker were all moves the champion used to target Levi’s back. And next ATM hit an innovative move. He pulled Levi up into the middle rope and hit a sidewalk slam, across the top turnbuckle. It looked painful. The crowd even groaned.

He threw the challenger to the mat and went for the pin. 1…2… and somehow Levi was able to get his foot on the bottom rope. But this just annoyed ATM. He pulled Levi up and went for the lung blower. But Levi desperately grabbed the ropes, and ATM fell to the mat. When the champion got back up, he was floored by a superkick. He got back up again, and it was another superkick. And when the champion got up once more, Levi hit him with a running STO. The only problem, he couldn’t capitalize and make the cover.

Levi slowly got back up, putting a hand on his lower back – obviously in pain. As ATM got up Levi grabbed him for the Flex Slam. But ATM escaped and hit Levi with the Codebreaker. He pinned the challenger. 1…2… and somehow Levi kicked out! The Green Bay crowd loved it. And the champion could not believe it.

Frustrated, ATM grabbed Fuller and threw him out of the ring. Then, he turned and grabbed the referee. While he argued with the ref, a familiar face walked down the isle. It wasn’t Beatrice Keenan. It was Self Made member Dexter Murdoch. Murdoch made sure the referee was still distracted. Then he pulled Levi up, wrapped his big arms around him, and rammed him back first into the steel ring post. Dexter then pushed Levi up onto the apron.

Levi was barely moving as ATM finally let go of the ref. He allowed Levi to make it about halfway through the ropes before he approached and hit him with another Codebreaker. He pulled Fuller by his arm to the center of the ring and made the cover. 1…2…3! ATM Has would escape Green Bay with the FFP Adrenaline Championship, but it took Dexter Murdoch’s outside interference to do so.

ATM took the Adrenaline Title and climbed out of the ring, embracing Dexter at the entrance ramp. Beatrice then came out to join in on the celebration.

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FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Assault & Battery vs American Bulldogs
Arguably the two best tag teams in the history of Full
Force Pro. And what a match. Frequent tags all the way around. Nathan Caine showing off so much power, while Matt Evanston concentrated on the technical side. Gregory and Kevin continued to work as a cohesive unit, trying to work down both of the Bulldogs’ legs, and attempting to trap them in an ankle lock, a knee bar or a leg lock.

Gregory Hart hit Matt Evanston with a fisherman suplex, but Evanston kicked out at two, and was able to hit a clothesline before tagging in Nathan. Caine was powerful, hitting running clotheslines, running knees a powerslam and a spinning back suplex. Caine went for the Double Underhook Driver on Gregory, but Hart escaped out, hit a spinning elbow and tagged in Kevin Lewan.

Lewan immediately went after Nathan’s knee, with a solid dropkick. He continued working on the leg, cutting the ring in half and not allowing Nathan to get to his corner. Eventually Caine used his power to get the best of Hart, tossing him across the ring with a Northern lights suplex. Caine tagged his partner who hit Gregory with a belly-to-belly suplex and a spinning clothesline. He went for the Go to Sleep, but Hart caught his leg and hit a dragon screw. Hart then tagged in Kevin. Lewan hit his finisher the Brainbuster. He then hooked Evanston in a knee bar, far away from his corner. Evanston tried scooting him and Kevin to his corner. Nathan reached out as well, but the distance was too great. And Matt Evanston’s knee was hurt. He had to tap out.

After the match the champions were handed their titles. They held them in the air as Nathan checked on Matt. Gregory and Kevin then turned to the Bulldogs and extended their hands. The Green Bay crowd anticipated a handshake between these two great teams.

Nathan and Matt seemed aggravated at their loss, but they shook the hands of the champions and left the ring.

Cindy Labre’s FFP Women’s Title Open Challenge
Cindy Labre came out with April Hunter and Katsumi Akiyama by her side. She climbed into the ring and held her Women’s Title in the air. She was proud to be champion, proud to have injured the likes of Veronica Clyne, Nina Fox and Taylor Clawson, and proud of stealing their Hall of Fame rings.

Cindy got on the microphone and called out any of the women in the back. She said that her title reign was the most impressive and that her career would be the most storied career in Full Force Pro history.

There was a lot of speculation of who would come out to challenge Cindy. Would it be Amy Kraven, who forced Cindy to submit just last week? Would it be Nina Fox or Taylor Clawson returning from injury? Or would it be an OWF wrestler like Chloe Banks or Cosmic Cupcake?

The music hit and the crowd couldn’t believe it. It was Masina!

Masina came down and climbed into the ring. Cindy and her group quickly climbed out. Cindy couldn’t believe it. It took Cindy a few moments to get the courage to step into the ring. He bell rang and the two locked horns.

Masina was extremely more powerful than Cindy. She threw her around the ring, gorilla pressed her up in the air, and hit her with a devastating leg drop. But Cindy kept kicking out at two. She obviously was way tougher than a lot of people though.

Masina took the champion up into the top turnbuckle and hit a superplex. Then she climbed to the middle rope and attempted a splash, but Cindy moved out of the way. Masina crashed to the mat below. As she got up, Cindy hit her with a superkick. Then another. She grabbed Masina by the head and planted her with a DDT. Labre went for the cover, but Masina kicked out at two.

Cindy muscled the challenger up. She hit the ropes and went for a cross body block, but Masina caught her and powerslammed her to the mat. Cindy’s championship future looked grim. Masina pulled Cindy up and set her up for the Samoan Spike. But April Hunter climbed up onto the apron. April was sent crashing to the mat below with a Samoan Spike to the neck. Katsumi then climbed onto the apron. She too was victim to a Samoan Spike. However, the distractions were enough for Cindy to quickly roll the challenger up from behind, putting as much of her own body weight on Masina’s legs to hold her shoulders down, and pulling her tights for a little extra leverage. The referee got into position, missing the tights being pulled. 1…2…3. Cindy Labre retained her championship against what had to be her most difficult opponent.

Labre popped up to her feet and put her arms in the air. Masina argued with the referee before turned to Cindy and laying her out with a Samoan Spike. Masina turned angrily and walked up the entrance ramp.

Then, Nina Fox’s music hit. And the Green Bay crowd exploded with excitement. Nina walked down the isle with her ANY Case in her hand. By this time Cindy had began to pull herself up to her feet. Cindy was the reason that Nina had been out so long due to injury, and apparently Nina was finally cleared to compete.

She got into the ring but so did Katsumi and April. Katsumi charged at Nina, but was immediately hit with the ANY Case. Next April tried to clothesline Nina from behind, but Fox ducked and April floored Cindy Labre instead. Next April tasted a Nina Fox Superkick, sending her tumbling to the outside.

Nina handed over her ANY Case and the referee called for the bell. As Cindy fought to get back to her feet, Nina grabbed her by her hair and put her head inbetween her legs. In a little bit of poetic justice, Nina planted Cindy with a jumping piledriver, the same move Cindy used to break Nina’s neck. Nina then hooked Cindy’s leg. 1…2…3! Nina Fox was the new FFP Women’s Champion – and the first woman to ever hold the title twice.

Nina was awarded the championship. She grabbed a hold of it and hugged it, almost as if to say, “finally, I have you back.”

She let out a scream of excitement before getting to her feet, climbing to the middle rope and holding the title in the air for the Green Bay crowd to see. The fans cheered, chanting “Nina, Nina!” and “you deserve it!”

April and Katsumi climbed into the ring to check on their fallen leader as Fox made her way up the entrance, with the title on her shoulder. The Cindy Labre Women’s Championship Reign was officially over.

The scene cut backstage where the American Bulldogs obviously seemed rather disappointed with their failed attempt to regain the FFP Tag Team Titles earlier in the night. Matt asked Nathan if there needed to be some changes made in their team. But the two were interrupted by FFP manager Michael Graham. Graham told them that if they were looked for a change that he could be the change that they need. Many folks would have expected for the Bulldogs to tell him to get lost, but they were receptive, even following him into his locker room.

FFP World Title
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Odell Porter

This match definitely had a big fight feel to it. And with this being the second match between these two, with the first going to a 60-minute time limit draw, the Green Bay crowd was pumped to get a clear cut winner. The wrestlers shook hands before the match. The crowd loved it. They circled around each other, with Daniel grabbing a quick headlock. Odell tried fighting out, but reversed into an impressive bridging back suplex, holding the FFP World Champion down in a pin. 1…2… and Daniel barely escaped. Seconds in and Odell Porter almost caught Daniel for a three count. The crowd let out an “ohhhhhh”.

They stood up. Odell put his fingers out as to say, “almost got you.” They fist bumped and circled again. This time Odell got the upperhand with a headlock. Matthews escaped out and hoisted Odell onto his shoulders. Surely Daniel was going for the Death Valley Driver. Odell quickly escaped out. Again the action stopped, and this time Daniel let Odell know that he almost got him.

Next the match got intense. Hard hitting and fast paced. Both men hit each other with strikes. Elbows, punches and chops. Odell rocked Daniel with a jumping kick to the side of the head. He went for a cover but Daniel quickly rolled out of the ring. Matthews’ plan was to take a quick breather, but Odell hit the ropes and delivered a suicide dive to the champion. Both men ended up on the arena floor, but Odell got up and let out a yell. The crowd was split, so about half of the arena cheered back. They were ready to see a new FFP World Champion.

The match found it’s way back into the ring with Odell suplexing Daniel in from the apron. He followed it up with a leg drop. Then Odell went up top, hitting a flying elbow drop that Randy Savage would have been proud of. He pinned Daniel and got a two count. But he stayed on the offensive, pulling Daniel up and going for a German suplex. Daniel blocked it. He broke Odell’s grip and went behind him. He went for a roll up, but Odell quickly fought out of the pinning position. Matthews popped up and hit a shining wizard. Porter’s eyes told the story. He was rocked. So Daniel pulled him back up and hit a bridging Northern lights suplex. Odell kicked out at two. But Daniel pulled him back up, hit two European uppercuts, and then the Roaring Elbow, a move Daniel had used consistently as a secondary finisher. Porter stumbled back and fell through the ropes to the arena floor. Matthews waited for Odell to pull himself up, and went for a suicide dive. But Odell reversed by jumping in the air and cracking Daniel with a kick to the skull while in midair. Matthews fell to the floor. The crowd cringed at the blow.

Odell muscled Daniel back into the ring and went up top again. He went for a Frog Splash, but Daniel raised his knees. Porter crashed into them and was in a lot of pain. Matthews pulled him up and hit a gut buster. Matthews then called for the Death Valley Driver. He pulled Odell up again and hoisted him onto his shoulders. Porter broke free and hit a Russian leg sweep. Porter then pulled the champion up and hooked him for the Regal Plex. Daniel attempted to fight out, but Odell hoisted him up and hit the move, bridging for the pin – like he had done to win so many matches.

The referee slid into position. 1…2… and Daniel got a shoulder up just in time. It was close.

Odell looked out into the crowd. They gave him a cheer as he called for another Regal Plex. Odell then pulled Matthews back up to his feet to go for his finisher again. Odell got Daniel hooked and ready to perform his finisher once more, but suddenly Daniel’s girlfriend and the HONOR Women’s Champion Dani Rawlings rushed down the isle and jumped onto the ring apron. The referee turned and instructed her to get down. Odell hit the Regal Plex, and bridged once again, pinning Daniel’s shoulders to the mat. Dani had the referee distracted. He couldn’t make the count.

After several seconds Odell released the grip and got up to see what was going on. He saw Dani and immediately went over to tell her to get down. Porter argued with Dani as the referee continued to demand she get off the apron. Daniel slowly got up, and approached Odell. He went at Porter, but the challenger ducked it. Odell now went for a Superkick on Matthews, but Daniel dodged and Odell inadvertently struck Dani. The HONOR Women’s Champion fell to the arena floor. He couldn’t believe what he had done. He looked down at her, with shock on his face. Obviously he didn’t mean to hit her.

Daniel quickly spun Odell around and scooped him up onto his shoulders. He walked to the center of the ring and planted his opponent with the Death Valley Driver. Matthews hooked Porter’s leg. 1…2…3! Daniel Matthews had retained his FFP World Championship.

Matthews grabbed ahold of his World Title and slid to the outside to check on Dani. She was groggy as he knelt down beside her. He slung his title over his shoulder and scooped Dani up. He walked up the entrance with his girlfriend in his arms and his title on his shoulder. The crowd booed as he walked up the entrance ramp. Although Daniel only seemed to capitalize on a distraction, the fans felt like it was a cheap way to retain his title against Odell Porter.

The show came to an end as Odell got to his feet and got a standing ovation from the crowd.


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