Around the Ring with Emily – Frost Bite

This past Sunday Full Force Pro presented it’s January pay-per-view Frost Bite. An event that has put on quite a few classic matches in the past, with matches on the card this year that had solid potential.

We started out the night with FFP interim-President Mary Faith Brooks and daughter Hope introducing Hope’s boyfriend Alexander Modest as FFP’s newest signee. He smiled and waved and said he’d always try his best for the fans. Blah blah, eye roll emoji.

Next was Anarchy vs Kashimanaki. Hard hitting, the way I like it. Kashimanaki won. Eye roll. Later on in the night the two fought backstage. Hopefully this leads to a rematch where Anarchy can squash the mosquito.

Next it was Marcy Tillman vs Mona Skye. Mona proved that the airhead blonde can get lucky every once in a while (not like that) and got the victory. Marcy Tillman is clearly the better wrestler. It was just Mona getting lucky and getting the win. I’m pretty sure FFP only keeps her around because guys think she’s hot and her roster page gets hits. That’s the third eye roll from me…already!

Next was a super violent First Blood Match between Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce. They took turns beating the crap out of each other. Jackson Pearce won with a ladder. Former Tag Team Champions clashing, what’s not to love? Plus both guys have amazing tats.

Austin Briggs came out next. Does he still wrestle? Is he still injured? Is he just going to be the Commissioner of the OWF forever? Who knows? Briggs announced the first ever OWF PPV and Hall of Fame. OWF maybe hitting the big time.

Next was a match for the World Wrestling Society Championship. A UK based promotion that has a “working agreement” with FFP. No one knows what that means. Miles Lynch beat Anthony Farrow. Miles Lynch is awesome. And after the match he beat another English wrestler up. Not sure why FFP decided to work with this promotion, other than to continue their quest to have a worldwide appeal. Not bad for business I suppose.

Backstage we saw Matt Kraven and the rest of the Kliq 2.0. Matt, Amy, Daniel Matthews, Veronica, etc, etc.

Next Aubrey Moresi defended the FFP Women’s Television Title against Kenzie Anderson. Aubrey…yawn. Kenzie…has different color hair. I’m not going to lie, I rooted for Kenzie, but both girls scream boredom to me. Aubrey won with the Cake Faced. Eye roll number four.

Alexander T Morrison defended the FFP Adrenaline Title against rookie Levi Fuller. Not sure what rookie Levi did to earn a shot at one of FFP’s most prestigious titles, but ATM won with help from OWF pal Dexter Murdoch – did I mention Beatrice was banned from ringside? Either way, ATM proved that he needs help from an OWF wrestler to beat a rookie. Ouch.

Assault & Battery vs American Bulldogs. This match was billed as the two best tag teams in FFP history. Must have forgot about Simply the Best. Anyway, Assault & Battery won. Later on in the night the Bulldogs admitted that they needed to do something different. Probably. Since the last time they held the Tag Team Titles was late 2014 to early 2015. Michael Graham talked to them. Maybe he’s finally getting clients…

Cindy Labre issued an open challenge for the FFP Women’s Title. The woman to answer? Masina. Obviously Cindy wouldn’t stand a chance, right? Well you’re wrong. With help from April and Katsumi, Cindy rolled Masina up for the pin. She may have pulled the tights, I couldn’t see it.

Then, Nina Fox came out. She cashed in her ANY Case and defeated Cindy. Nina Fox is now the only person to have held the FFP Women’s Title on multiple occasions. Remember, this is a different lineage than the Diamond Title. Brandi Moore held that one like 9 times. Eye roll.

The main event was Daniel Matthews putting the World Title on the line against Odell Porter. The two had battled to a one-hour draw at the FFP New Year’s Eve Show. This time, there definitely was a winner. The match was great. Then, Dani Rawlings came down to the ring. No one knows if it was to hog the spotlight since she thinks she’s just be greatest thing in the world, or to legitimately help her boyfriend Daniel retain the title. But that’s what she did. Distraction. Led to Odell Superkicking her – which I think secretly everyone loved. Then Daniel hit the Death Valley Driver for the win. Odell Porter is a great wrestler, but just didn’t get it done at Frost Bite.

Overall it was a good show. I only eyerolled like half a down times. Desperate Measures will most likely have a few return matches from this show, which is cool.

This was my first official article with FFP. If you liked it, good. If you didn’t, you’re probably an idiot.

– Em