01/28/2017 FFP SSN


January 28, 2017
St Paul, Minnesota

Daniel Matthews comes out and apologizes for Dani’s interference in his World Title match with Odell Porter at Frost Bite. Matthews asks Odell to come out. Porter does. Daniel says that when he saw the distraction he did what he had to to keep his title, but knew it was wrong. Daniel then told Odell that he would gladly give him another shot at the World Title, and it would just be one-on-one. Odell accepted and the two men shook hands.

Aiden Conrad vs El Desconocido
A good opening match that for the St Paul crowd up and cheering. Desconocido hit a few breathtaking aerial moves, but Conrad reversed one into a painful rib breaker. Aiden then hit the Beauty Maker for a three count.

In the Ring
Aubrey Moresi came out with the FFP Women’s TV Title on her shoulder. She talked about her match with Kenzie at Frost Bite and about how she was proud to keep the title. As Moresi continued talking, Kenzie came out from the back and attacked Aubrey. She blasted her with a clothesline from behind and put the boots to the champion. She pulled her up and hit her with a brainbuster. After that, Kenzie grabbed the title and blasted Aubrey in the face with it. Kenzie stood over Aubrey, with the Women’s TV Title held in the air. Obviously this war was far from over.

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FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) EJ “Money” Carter w/ Bianca Hunt vs Kashimanaki

A very good match. Back and forth the whole way. Kashimanaki used his kicks to wear EJ down, but as he got EJ down and hooked him into Cattle Mutilation, Anarchy came out and attacked Kashimanaki. He pummeled him and planted him with two consecutive powerbombs.

In the Ring
The former FFP Women’s Champion Cindy Labre came down to the ring with Katsumi Akiyama and April Hunter behind her. Labre reminded everyone of how she defeated Masina at Frost Bite, but Nina Fox cashed in her ANY Case and stole the title from Cindy. Labre then showed a clip of the match to the crowd and pointed out April Hunter’s errors. Cindy said that April was the one that was to blame. Cindy then scolded April before storming off.

The scene cut backstage to the new FFP Women’s Champion Nina Fox. Raquel St Claire asked Nina a couple of questions about her return, and her being the first person to hold the Women’s Title multiple times. Nina said she was happy to be back, proud to be the champion again and excited to defend the title against whoever, whenever.

FFP Television Title
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Attila

A very stiff match. Both men hit each other with solid shots that echoed through the arena. The fans seemed to be nearly split with who they were behind. Attila hit a turnbuckle powerbomb for a two count. Then he hit a superplex for another two. But Hiroki turned the tables with an awesome shining wizard. Ito then hit the Go to Sleep for the three count.

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Mona Skye vs Giovanni Gotch
A rematch from a few weeks ago. Giovanni Gotch looked rather impressive, but Mona Skye hit the Fameasser for the three count.

After the match Marcy Tillman came down to the ring to go after Mona, but Skye fought her off.

Odell Porter vs Joseph Curtis
Daniel Matthews came out to do guest commentary on the match. He again explained himself on commentary. Odell looked very impressive in the match. JoCu hit a couple big moves such as a huge clothesline that sent Odell flipping through the air, as well as a huge backbreaker. But Porter gained the upperhand and hit the Regal Plex for the three count.


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