Around the Ring with Emily – My Top 5

It’s February 2nd and I’m back. That’s right. I wrote an article with my strong opinions about FFP Frost Bite, some people got their panties in a bunch, but the top dogs of FFP likes it so much that I’m back.

Today I wanted to talk a little about the FFP superstars and give you all my top five in FFP. Top five all time? No. Top five moments? Nah. Just my top five wrestlers in FFP. Men and women, my top five – who I enjoy watching and who I think are the best on our TVs, iPads, iPhones, etc today.

Let’s go in reverse order because I’m Emily, I’m writing this and I make my own rules.

5. Levi Fuller – Levi Fuller has shown a lot of promise since debuting recently. He teamed with Lewis Weaver but quickly started wrestling and impressing in singles matches. He earned himself a shot at the Adrenaline Title, but ended up on the losing end of things. Plus he’s not bad to look at. Hottie…

4. Amy Kraven – Matt Kraven’s little sister, and favorite sibling for sure. Amy is cute. She’s scrappy. And she’s a natural in the ring. Her and Brandi Moore, an unlikely duo, have held the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles for 95 days, making them the longest Women’s Tag Champs in FFP history. Amy’s passion is pro wrestling. You can see it with his happy she looks when she wrestles. But, how is she so blind to the fact that inevitably, Brandi Moore’s friendship with Taylor Clawson is way more important to Brandi, and Seduction Inc will one day return and leave Amy on the side of the road. Be careful Amy, Brandi is out for one thing, Brandi. And when she realizes that Seduction Inc is going to be better down the road than Brandi and Amy, you’re going to become expendable.

3. Cindy Labre – I’ll admit, when this chick comes out, I want to choke her. And not in a good way. But she’s grown on me. Granted, she lost the FFP Women’s Title at Frost Bite when Nina Fox cashed in her ANY Case. But Cindy has taken out a bunch of Hall of Famers, won the Women’s Title in record time, and told everyone to kiss her ass in the process. Right now there seems to be some dissension in the Labre camp, but I see Cindy coming right back and doing what she did before. Kicking ass and taking names err… rings.

2. Odell Porter – Odell Porter is ranked number two on my list today. My list could change everyday. Imagine that. If I released a liter everday, it would surely make me the most clicked on in FFP website history. Anyway… Odell had come a long way. Debuting with his uncle by his side who tried to steal the spotlight from his talented nephew. He’s fought, scratched and clawed to become an impressive wrestler. He ended Christopher Morgan’s record breaking 470-day Adrenaline Title reign, and had become one of Full Force Pro’s top wrestlers. But he hasn’t won the big one yet. He cashed his ANY Case in against Daniel Matthews, announcing a time and place for the match – instead of taking advantage of having the case and cashing in when Daniel was worn down and tired. Some would say that was a sportsmanship thing to do. Others say it was just stupid. Anyway, Odell will have another shot at Daniel Matthews, and very well could walk away the new World Champion. I hope he piledrives Dani. Literally…

1. Daniel Matthews – He is the FFP World Champion. He won the World Title from Joey DeMarco back at All Torn Up 2016. He’s held the title for 284 days, tying Veronica Clyne’s 284-day Diamond Title reign (the sixth longest reign in FFP history). Daniel can wrestle any style and had proved himself time and time again. His downfall however, will most likely be that “hot blonde” he keeps on his arm Dani Rawlings. She made her presence felt at Frost Bite, interfering in Daniel’s match with Odell. How long before she distracts Daniel from what is really important, and costs him the title he had fought so hard to keep?

That’s my list of five. I hope you enjoyed. If you didn’t, it’s your own fault. Until next time, follow me on Twitter @EmilyIsYourPapi. Toodles.

– Em