02/04/2017 FFP SSN


February 4, 2017
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The show opened up with Mary Faith Brooks hyping up FFP Desperate Measures which will take place later this month. Mary then announced that Austin Briggs would finally be returning to Full Force Pro on that night, although he wouldn’t be wrestling, he would be the guest commentator for the night.

Mary also was happy to announce that tonight we would finally see the official FFP return of former FFP Diamond Champion Ariana Chaos!

Ariana Chaos vs Marcy Tillman
A very athletic matchup that saw both women enjoy moments on the offensive. But it was Ariana spiking Marcy with the Impaler for the three count.

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The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was joined by the former FFP Women’s Champion Cindy Labre. Raquel asked Cindy about her publicly scolding April Hunter, but all Cindy wanted to talk about was the rematch she was owed for the Women’s Championship. Cindy said she wanted to face Nina Fox at Desperate Measures, and Cindy wouldn’t lift a finger for FFP until she was granted her rematch.

Patrick McCoy vs Prince Tau
A back and forth match that featured two men with two completely different styles. Tau relied on his power, McCoy relied on technical wrestling and speed style moves. A springboard dropkick from McCoy really turned the tide in his favor. He went for the Kryptonite Krunch, but Tau muscled his way out and flattened Patrick with the Spear. After, Tau hoisted McCoy up and hit the F5 for the pinfall.

After the match Tau continued the beat down of Patrick McCoy. The attack was cut short however when Prince Tau’s former partner Jackson Pearce came out and floored him with a clothesline. Tau retreated while Jackson dared him to return to the ring.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was speaking with Kenzie Anderson, who would be challenging Aubrey Moresi for her FFP Women’s TV Title at Desperate Measures. The last time we saw Kenzie, she had attacked Aubrey from behind and held her belt up in the air. As Kenzie explained her actions, Aubrey exploded from behind, letting out a scream and taking Kenzie down to the concrete floor. The two began rolling around the ground trading shots. Aubrey got the best of Kenzie, landing several unanswered shots as security arrived and pulled the champion away.

Lizzy Kraven vs Giovanni Gotch
A back and forth match with both women getting in some hard strikes from the very beginning. After fending each other off, there was a test of strength, which Giovanni got the best of when she kicked Lizzy in the stomach. Gotch went for her Hellacious Powerbomb, but Lizzy over powered her with a back body drop. Eventually it was Lizzy who picked up the win after nailing Giovanni with the Kraven Lariat. Giovanni was irate as Lizzy rolled out of the ring and celebrated.

On February 25, one night before FFP Desperate Measures, the Ohio Wrestling Federation will present it’s first ever pay-per-view, OWF We Earned This. On this ground breaking show, we will also see the first ever class get inducted into the OWF Hall of Fame! You won’t want to miss this!

The scene cut to the FFP Adrenaline Champion Alexander T Morrison along with Beatrice Keenan and Dexter Murdoch. The group were sitting comfortably in their locker room while ATM held his title on his shoulder. Beatrice was talking to ATM about who his next opponent would be for the title. He seemed extremely confident that whoever challenge next, wouldn’t stand a chance.

10-Man Battle Royal | FFP TV Title #1 Contender
featuring: Nathan Caine, Matt Evanston, Attila, Kevin Lewan, Gregory Hart, Aiden Conrad, Levi Fuller, Lewis Weaver, Joseph Curtis & Nevin Solomon

The battle royal began, and oddly enough, went quite a few minutes before an elimination. Lewis Weaver was the first to go out, courtesy of Joseph Curtis. Nevin Solomon then eliminated Joseph from behind. Aiden Conrad was next, being tossed out by the American Bulldogs. The final four of the battle royal was Nathan Caine, Attila, Gregory Hart and Levi Fuller. Levi was first to go, from a clothesline courtesy of Nathan Caine. Caine was almost immediately eliminated next by Gregory Hart. It was all down to Attila and Gregory, for a shot at Hiroki Ito’s Television Title at Desperate Measures. Both men attempted to hit a couple of big moves before tossing his opponent out. Attila seemed to have the advantage, but Hart slid out of his grip and hit a Codebreaker. Hart then tossed Attila out to become the new number one contender!

The scene cut backstage where the American Bulldogs were talking. Matt Evanston suggested that they have a serious conversation with Michael Graham, because they weren’t performing to the best of their abilities.

On February 26, 2017 FFP presents FFP Desperate Measures. The FFP World Championship will be on the line when Daniel Matthews defends against Odell Porter in what will surely be a classic. Also, Matt Kraven defends the HONOR World Title against Katashi Goya. Don’t miss this show!

Non-Title Match
Daniel Matthews vs Jackson Pearce

A match that had a ton of potential. Daniel was the one to bring Jackson and Prince Tau into FFP, having them join the Kingdom back in the day. The match was a respectful one. The crowd loved it. Back and forth with big move after big move. Pearce hit a hangman’s neckbreaker that looked pretty brutal, but the FFP World Champion kicked out at two.

Matthews fought back, going for his Death Valley Driver. But before he could deliver the move, Prince Tau made his way to ringside. Before long, Tau and Pearce were arguing. Then, Tau entered the ring. Daniel tried to talk some sense into the two, but it didn’t work. They tore into each other.

The referee threw the match out as the men traded blows. Jackson got the upperhand, hitting Tau with an insane spear inbetween the ring ropes. The two men spilled to the outside, with Pearce landing repeated punches to Tau’s face. Daniel tried to separate the two men, but FFP security had to rush to ringside to pull the men apart.


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