Around the Ring with Emily – Desperate Measures Preview

Here we are a few weeks from FFP’s February pay-per-view Desperate Measures live from St. Louis. Not sure if the card is completely set yet, but eight matches have been announced. And I know you all have been dying for another edition of Around the Ring with Emily, so I thought I’d go ahead and write my “preview” for the show.

Let’s start with the elimination 4-way match to crown the first ever World Wrestling Society Ladies Champion. First of all, love the title name. Ladies Champion. Very cool. And I completely understand FFP using other Feds from across the globe. It’s getting us worldwide exposure and helping them out as well. But, why this match? Most FFP fans have no idea about any of these ladies. Alexandra Knight? Never heard of her. Lucy Badcock? Are you kidding? Ella Brant? Nope. Truttie Fyfe? Nah. I feel like if FFP wants to showcase talent from around the world, use some people that the fans will be interested in. I guess I got the big girl winning. Surely she’s powerful and will give the others trouble.

Next is Alexander Modest vs Aiden Conrad. Mary Faith Brooks seems super excited about her daughter and boyfriend Alexander making his debut. I just don’t know. Never seen him wrestle. And Aiden has held the FFP Television Title three times – a record. Gotta go with Aiden Conrad.

Women’s Tag Team Title – open challenge. I’ve been calling Brandi turning on Amy for a long time. Not sure if this will be it or not. Unless Taylor is returning and we are going to see some kind of swerve. Not sure how it’ll turn out. But for right now I guess I’ll say Brandi and Amy retain. But Amy needs to watch her back.

Women’s Television Title. Aubrey vs Kenzie again. We’ve seen this like fourteen times. Aubrey has had Kenzie’s number every time. But Kenzie is showing a little bit more spunk. However, Aubrey did as well, attacking Kenzie. I’m torn on this. But let’s go with a new champ. Kenzie. (I could change my mind on this in an hour)

FFP TV Title. Hiroki Ito vs Gregory Hart. I love me some Assault & Battery, but Gregory needs to stick with Tag wrestling. Hiroki wins, big.

FFP Adrenaline Title – another open challenge. What’s the deal with these open challenges? ATM is going to be in for the shock of his life. I believe Christopher Morgan makes his return, answering the challenge and taking back the Adrenaline Title. You heard it here folks.

HONOR World Title. Matt Kraven defends against Katashi Goya, who is rather popular over in Japan. Kraven has had the title since 4/24/16 (same as Daniel Matthews with the FFP World Title). Kraven has fought through so much, with his broken neck, his failed relationships and his family troubles. I see him fighting through this and retaining, but it’ll be a close one. Goya is going to give him one hell of a fight.

And finally, Daniel Matthews defends his World Title against Odell Porter. Odell has come up short so many times against Daniel. Whether it be a time-limit draw or you-know-who coming out and helping the FFP World Champion pull out a W. Daniel is coming down to the ring alone. And I just feel like his title reign has run its course. On February 26, 2017, Odell Porter will win the World Championship, and bring in the era of Odell to Full Force Pro. Are you ready?!

Like I said, I’m not sure if this is the final card or not, but I feel like we will most likely see Nina Fox defend her FFP Women’s Title on this night. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Anarchy take on Kashimanaki or Prince Tau take on Jackson Pearce. Either way, this should be a pretty sweet show.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

– Em