02/11/2017 FFP SSN


February 11, 2017
Des Moines, Iowa

The show opened up with the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews coming down to the ring. Matthews announced that his girlfriend, and HONOR Women’s Champion Dani Rawlings would be accompanying him down to the ring at FFP Desperate Measures.

The scene cut backstage where Odell Porter was not happy. Obviously Odell had been promised a one-on-one match with Daniel. The last time they wrestled for the World Title, Dani played a very key role in Odell losing.

Anarchy & Matt Evanston vs Mikhail Vakhrov & Levi Fuller
The matches for the night were randomly drawn matches. This match had some interesting moments, but the best part was Levi Fuller and Matt Evanston going head to head in a great encounter. Anarchy picked up the pinfall victory however, after slamming Fuller with a big German suplex.

Lizzy Kraven & Ariana Chaos vs Amy Kraven & Kenzie Anderson
The most interesting part of this matchup was when cousins Lizzy and Amy Kraven went head to head. Lizzy nearly hit Amy with the Kraven Lariat, but Amy ducked it and hit the Superkick for the three count.

After the match Aubrey Moresi came out to do battle with Kenzie Anderson again, but Kenzie tucked tail and ran.

On February 26, 2017 FFP presents FFP Desperate Measures. The FFP World Championship will be on the line when Daniel Matthews defends against Odell Porter in what will surely be a classic. Also, Matt Kraven defends the HONOR World Title against Katashi Goya. Don’t miss this show!

The scene cut backstage where Odell Porter was knocking on Daniel Matthews’ locker room door. Obviously wanting to talk to him about his announcement of Matthews having Dani accompany him to ringside at Desperate Measures. Dani answered the door, and when Odell asked for Daniel she said he couldn’t talk, and quickly shut the door.

Hades & Attila vs Nathan Caine & Kevin Lewan
Both teams had some similarities. Nathan and Kevin seemed to not fair as well as Hades and Attila surprisingly. However Nathan Caine recorded the pinfall after spiking Hades with a tombstone piledriver.

Mona Skye & Brandi Moore vs Giovanni Gotch & Kemina
Mona Skye and Brandi Moore were former rivals, but faired quite well as a tag team. However it was Kemina hitting Mona with the Cradle Shock Driver for the three count.

Kemina and Giovanni Gotch seemed to work out well as a tag team, however the two wound up brawling at the end of the match.

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Odell Porter & Hiroki Ito vs Prince Tau & Patrick McCoy
An intriguing main event tag match. All four men saw flashes of offense. But it was Odell Porter putting Patrick McCoy down for a three count with the Regal Plex. Interesting that Odell pinned Daniel Matthews’ protege, possibly foreshadowing of Odell and Daniel’s match at Desperate Measures.

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