02/26/2017 FFP Desperate Measures (PPV)


FFP Desperate Measures
February 26, 2017
St. Louis, Missouri

The show opened up with the FFP return of Austin Briggs. Briggs suffered a torn quad back in March of last year, but had been spending his time as the interim-commissioner of the Ohio Wrestling Federation. Briggs was set to do guest commentary for tonight, and his return to the ring apparently was right around the corner.

Briggs climbed into the ring and took a microphone, welcoming everyone and telling them how excited he was to be back in Full Force Pro. He said that even though he wasn’t going to wrestle tonight, he was excited to be back and was looking forward to providing guest commentary for the entire show.

But before Briggs could take his spot at the announce table he was blasted from behind with a powerful clothesline. It was Mikhail Vakhrov, with Bianca Hunt cheering him on. Vakhrov laid in repeated stops to Briggs before picking him up and slamming him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Vakhrov then drug Briggs over to the corner and wrapped his leg around the ring post. Next, Mikhail grabbed a steal chair. He proceeded to smash Briggs’ injured leg 14 times with the chair. FOURTEEN TIMES. FFP security rushed to ringside to pull the Big Russia away while EMTs tended to Briggs, stretchering him out of the arena.

Alexander Modest vs Aiden Conrad
Mary Faith Brooks came down to the ring with her daughter, Hope. Mary stated that she and Hope were there to introduce the first match of the night. Hope blushed as her boyfriend, the debuting Alexander Modest, made his way to the ring. Even Mary appeared to be very excited. Alexander gave Hope a kiss and Mary a hug as Aiden Conrad approached the ring.

Alexander seemed a little cocky as he and Aiden locked up. After gaining the strength advantage, he shoved Aiden down to the mat. Mary clapped wildly at ringside, while Hope just smiled. Not wanting to be upstaged by a rookie, Aiden jumped up and exploded on Alexander, knocking him with stiff shots to the head. Aiden whipped Alexander off the ropes and kicked him in the gut, then went for the Beauty Maker, but Alexander countered with a spear. Modest beat Conrad down with a series of suplexes, followed by a top rope crossbody.

Showing off for his girlfriend, Alexander flashed a wink to Hope at ringside, but it was Mary who flashed the bigger smile of the two. In this time, Aiden tried for an O’Connor roll, but Alexander held onto the ropes so only Aiden himself rolled back. In a quick reaction, Alexander charged at Aiden and hit his finisher, The End of Your Run, for the three count. Mary jumped out of her seat with joy, while Hope simply stood up and clapped, not at all paying attention to her mother. They both entered the ring and raised his hands, with Alexander eventually putting his arm around Hope, but grinning at Mary’s excitement.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by with Ariana Chaos, who had just competed in the 10-woman battle royal in the Preshow, and was attacked by Masina after being eliminated. Tyrece asked Ariana if she had any idea why Masina attacked her. Ariana, obviously still in pain from the attack, said she had no idea why Masina did what she did. But before she could say anymore, she was blasted from behind. Masina had come back to do more damage. And that’s exactly what she did. She hammered on Ariana as she tried to fight back to her feet. Masina then whipped the former Diamond Champion by her hair, slamming her into a couple nearby equipment boxes. FFP security quickly arrived to step inbetween the two.

WWS Ladies Title | Elimination 4-Way Match
Alexandra Knight vs Lucy Badcock vs Ella Brant vs Truttie Fyfe
The next match was a World Wrestling Society exclusive. The United Kingdom wrestling promotion would be crowning it’s first ever Ladies Champion, and they worked out a deal to have the match on a FFP pay-per-view (just like their WWS Title match that was featured on Frost Bite).

Straight out of the gate Lucy Badcock seemed to have the size and strength advantage, but any girl who went up against her tried to use speed to their advantage. Truttie Fyfe was nearly eliminated after a Samoan drop courtesy of Lucy, followed by a big splash. Alexandra Knight then went after Lucy while Ella Brant targeted Truttie. Eventually Ella teamed up with Alexandra in an attempt to eliminate Lucy, even hoisting her to the top turnbuckle and hitting a huge impactful superplex to Badcock. Alexandra went for the pin, but only got a two count. Meanwhile, Ella turned her attention back to Truttie, kicking her in the gut and going for a powerbomb. However, Truttie reversed into a hurricanrana, and held it for the pin. 1…2…3! Ella Brant was eliminated.

Ella slapped the mat in frustration. Then she destroyed Truttie with a monstrous clothesline. By now Lucy had fought her way back up to her feet, so Ella went after her next. The two had had some heated exchanges on Twitter, and apparently Ella was ready to make them physical. Ella hit Lucy with a clothesline from behind, then rammed the big girl in the corner. She went for a splash in the corner, but Lucy caught Brant and threw her into the corner instead. Lucy backed away and hit Ella with an avalanche in the corner. Ella stumbled forward and fell to the mat. Lucy climbed up to the middle rope and delivered a big splash. Lucy then rolled Ella out of the ring. Unfortunately for Lucy, while she was distracted, Alexandra and Truttie dumped her over the top. Then, the two went head-to-head.

As the match raged on in the ring, Lucy and Ella began brawling on the outside. Ella gained the upperhand by raking Lucy’s eyes. She then rammed Lucy into the steel guardrail. Finally, Ella grabbed a steel chair and cracked Lucy in the head with it. Finally, FFP security was able to remove Ella from ringside, but the damage had been done to Lucy Badcock.

Alexandra got the best of Truttie Fyfe, hitting her with the Angels Wings in the center of the ring. She pinned the redhead, and it all came down to Alexandra Knight and Lucy Badcock.

Lucy, still reeling from the chairshot courtesy of Ella Brant, slowly climbed back into the ring. But Alexandra was quick to pounce, hitting Lucy with everything she had. That is until she went for a cross body block, and Lucy caught her. Lucy then planted Alexandra to the mat with a big slam, Lucy’s weight landing right on top of Knight. Lucy hooked her leg. 1…2… and somehow Alexandra was able to get a shoulder up.

Lucy went to the middle rope again. She was going to deliver the same splash she did to Ella. But Alexandra moved out of the way, and Lucy slammed to the mat. Alexandra took a moment to regain her breath. Meanwhile Lucy pushed herself to a sitting position. But Alexandra quickly hit the ropes, and cracked her big opponent with a shining wizard. Slowly, Lucy pushed herself to a sitting position again. So Alexandra hit the ropes, and hit another shining wizard! But she still wasn’t done. Alexandra pulled Lucy’s arms, forcing her to a sitting position again. Alexandra hit the ropes once more, and this time blasted Lucy with a third shining wizard, TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Lucy collapsed, prone to the mat. Alexandra jumped on top, hooking Lucy’s leg. 1…2…3! Alexandra Knight had survived to become the first WWS Ladies Champion!

Alexandra was awarded the belt. She grabbed a hold of it and stared down at it. Then she raised it in the air for the world to see. As EMTs checked on Lucy, Alexandra climbed up on the middle rope of all four corners, holding her title in the air.

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FFP Women’s Television Title
(c) Aubrey Moresi vs Kenzie Anderson
This match had rivalry, feud and hatred written all over it. These two women had gone back and forth, having matches, brawling, attacking, etc. Although Kenzie couldn’t seem to get the victory over Aubrey that she needed to take the gold away from Aubrey and become the second FFP Women’s Television Champion in company history. Although if you asked Kenzie, she should have been the first. The match began when Aubrey slid into the ring and was immediately attacked by Kenzie. Aubrey didn’t even have time to take the title off of her waist. Kenzie laid in boots and kicks, hitting one soccer style kick to Aubrey’s ribs that echoed through the arena. Aubrey made a horrible sound as the air left her lungs. She was hurt, early.

Kenzie pulled Aubrey up by her blonde hair and whipped her down with a violent snapmare. She hit the ropes and delivered a devastating shining wizard. Kenzie hooked Aubrey’s leg. 1…2… and Aubrey barely kicked out. Kenzie couldn’t believe it. Aubrey turned and got on her hands and knees, trying to get herself back up. Kenzie grabbed the Women’s TV Title and ripped it off of the champion. She brought it back and whipped Aubrey in the back with the strap. The crack of the belt on Aubrey’s back echoed. The front row cringed. Obviously, that hurt. Kenzie drew the belt back again, but the referee grabbed a hold and took it away. Kenzie turned to him, yelling and pointing her finger. Aubrey by now had gotten up and charged, going for a clothesline. But Kenzie ducked, and Aubrey hit the official. He dropped the Women’s TV Title and tumbled through the ring ropes, crashing to the arena floor. Kenzie hit Aubrey from behind with a knee to the back, sending Aubrey stumbling into the ropes. Kenzie then took possession of the Women’s TV Title and cracked Aubrey in the face with it. Aubrey crashed to the mat below.

Kenzie tossed the title to the side and made the cover, but the referee was still down. She slapped the mat three times. Then she got up on her knees and began yelling at the referee again. She got up and walked to the ropes, looking down at him, and demanding that he get in the ring and make the count. Kenzie then turned around and was hooked into a small package. The referee slid into the ring in time to begin the count. 1…2… and Kenzie escaped the pin. She turned back to Aubrey who nearly retained the title at that moment. Kenzie charged at Aubrey again, but Moresi sidestepped her and rolled her up into an O’Connor roll. The referee made the count again. 1…2.. and Kenzie kicked out again.

She popped back to her feet and blasted Aubrey with an elbow to the face. Aubrey crashed to the mat. Kenzie turned to the ref and this time pointed to the mat, telling him to make the count. She hooked Aubrey’s leg. 1…2… and Aubrey kicked out. Kenzie got up and step up to the official, screaming at him, demanding he make a faster count. Aubrey now rushed Kenzie and hooked her in a school boy pin. Unfortunately, Kenzie had grabbed the official’s shirt. So he fell to the mat while Aubrey rolled Kenzie up. Obviously Aubrey had Kenzie pinned for over a three count. She released Kenzie and turned to the official. She reached down to help him, but Kenzie quickly cracked her in the back of the head with the Women’s TV Title. Aubrey fell to her hands and knees.

Kenzie pulled Aubrey up by her hair and planted her with an impressive and dangerous inverted hurricanrana. Kenzie now hooked Aubrey’s leg. The referee, still a little dazed made the slow count. 1……2……3. Kenzie Anderson was the new FFP Women’s Television Title, in a ridiculously controversial match. Kenzie ripped the title away from the referee after he retrieved it from the time keeper. She stood in the center of the ring, holding the title up in the air. The St Louis crowd wasn’t shy in showing Kenzie their distaste of the way that she won the title, but she didn’t care. She climbed out of the ring and walked up the entrance ramp with the title on her shoulder. She stopped on the entrance stage and held the title in the air. The crowd continued booing, but Kenzie didn’t care. She finally took the title from Aubrey Moresi.

FFP Television Title
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Gregory Hart
A back and forth match that saw both men hit some very solid strikes to start the match. Hiroki hit kicks and elbows that seemed gruesome, even busting Gregory’s right eyebrow open. But Gregory Hart wasn’t out of it yet. He continued battling back, doing everything he could to win his first singles title. A double undertook bsckbreaker, a running knee to the chin, and a spinning powerbomb were moves Gregory Hart used to try to take the FFP Television Title from Hiroki Ito. But auto fought back, flooring Gregory with a hard kick to the forehead. Ito then muscled Gregory up onto his shoulders and hit him with the Go to Sleep. Hiroki then hooked Gregory’s leg for the pin. 1…2…3! Hiroki Ito was still the FFP Television Champion.

After the match Hiroki extended his hand to Gregory. Hart accepted the handshake, and the St Louis crowd loved it. Sportsmanship. Gotta love it.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles | Open Challenge
(c) Brandi Moore & Amy Kraven vs ???
Just as everyone else in attendance, Brandi and Amy were curious to see who their challengers were. The champions were surprised when the HONOR Women’s Tag Team Champions, Mandy and Mindy Ellison, made their way to the ring. This match suddenly became a Champions vs Champions match, with the potential for The Ellison Twins to hold two tag team championships at the same time. Mindy and Brandi started the match with an exchange that saw the FFP Hall of Famer take control. A roundhouse kick had the crowd thinking Mindy would be leaving the arena with a concussion, but she managed to kick out after a two count.

Mindy sent Brandi crashing into the bottom rope throat-first with a drop-toe hold and tagged in her sister. Mandy locked Brandi in a sleeper hold, but Brandi rose to her feet. Mindy tagged herself in to prevent Brandi from getting the advantage. The Twins double teamed Brandi with a kick to the gut and a double hair pull slam. Showing off how well they worked together, The Twins frequently tagged each other in, isolating Brandi in their corner and beating her down. Eventually Brandi fought Mandy off, hitting her with a flapjack. Amy and Mindy were tagged in at the same time, and the crowd went crazy for Amy. Kraven rocked Mindy with clotheslines, a dropkick, and a hurricanrana. The Champions nearly retained when Amy cracked Mindy with a superkick, shades of her brother, but Mindy was too close to the ropes and broke the count. Amy attempted to pull Mindy towards the center of the ring, but Mindy kicked her off and made the tag to her sister.

Mandy charged into the ring, but ran right into a superkick of her own! Amy then picked Mandy up and planted her with the Kraven Klash! It looked to all be over as Amy went for the cover, but Mindy ran in the ring and dropped an elbow to the back of Amy’s head, breaking the pin and seemingly knocking Amy loopy in the process. This brought Brandi in, who was furious. Since the referee was closer to Brandi, it was her he focused his attention on. With his back turned, Mindy grabbed her sister and tossed her out of the ring. Brandi screamed for the ref to turn around, but he insisted she get back to the apron. In this time, just as Brandi complied, Mindy pulled Amy to her feet and hit her with a fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker across the knee. The referee had no idea that the twins switched places and made the three count! Mindy rushed out of the ring before Brandi could get to her, and The Ellison Twins were crowed the new FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions.

After the match Mindy and Mandy Ellison were awarded the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. They now held the two more important Women’s Tag Titles in the world, FFP and HONOR. As they left the ring, Amy was just getting back to her feet. Seeming confused at what exactly happened.

Brandi helped Amy up, but began arguing with her. Brandi was obviously the aggressor, scolding Amy about getting pinned. Brandi got into Amy’s face which prompted Amy to shove her partner back. Brandi couldn’t believe it. She took a deep breath, then leveled Amy with a right hand. Amy stumbled back and fell to the mat. Brandi then saw an opening. She backed up into the corner, and made a gun with her fingers, pointing it at Amy. Brandi was going to hit Amy with the End Game. The same move that sent many superstars to the hospital. But Taylor Clawson rushed to ringside.

Taylor slid into the ring and stood inbetween Amy and Brandi, trying to talk sense in Brandi. Brandi seemed to calm down. So Taylor turned and helped Amy up. Taylor patted Amy on the head. Then planted her with the Flatliner. The crowd couldn’t believe it! Taylor got back to her feet, and pulled Amy up onto her hands and knees. Brandi then charged, and leveled Amy with the End Game. Amy Kraven was out cold. And apparently Seduction Inc was back, and already seemed as dangerous as ever.

Brandi and Taylor climbed out of the ring and headed toward the locker room. Meanwhile, EMTs made their way to the ring to check on Amy.

Last night the Ohio Wrestling Federation held it’s first ever pay-per-view, OWF We Earned This. The event was incredible. Check out all the action from the show by clicking here.

FFP Adrenaline Title | Open Challenge
Alexander T Morrison w/ Self Made vs ???
Alexander T Morrison came down to the ring first with Beatrice Keenan and Dexter Murdoch by his side. He waited to find out who he would be defending the FFP Adrenaline Title against.

The St Louis crowd was completely shocked to see the entrance of the man who just last night lost the OWF Championship. Blaine Edwards was coming down to challenge ATM!

The crowd cheered as Blaine made his way down the isle. High fiving his fans as ATM stood in the ring. But as Blaine reached ringside, he was blindsided, with a hard elbow to the back of the head. Edwards crashed to the protective mats around the ring. The crowd couldn’t believe the attacker. It was Hayden Flowers!

Hayden stood for a moment over Blaine, who seemed a little out of it. Hayden pulled the former OWF Champion up and rammed him into the steel ring steps. The steps tipped over, the sound echoing through the arena. But Hayden wasn’t finished. He pulled Blaine up again, and rammed him into the steel ring post. Flowers then forced Edwards into the ring.

ATM and company climbed out of the ring. And as Hayden mounted Blaine and began to drive fists into his skull, Self Made left ringside.

After Hayden busted one of Blaine’s eyebrows open with his knuckles, he called for a microphone, and was handed one. He looked into the crowd with intensity in his eyes. Hayden said that Blaine Edwards won the Winter Class Tournament last year, he had defeated Hayden on a number of occasions, and he apparently got called up before him. Hayden said that he had had enough. He said that tonight was going to be the night that he stepped up, and took the Adrenaline Title from ATM, just like he took the OWF Title from him. Hayden said that seeing Blaine step out from behind the curtain before him, and seemingly get another opportunity before him was the last straw.

Hayden said he was done being nice. He was done standing back, playing second fiddle. He said that tonight started the new era of Hayden Flowers, where he would do what was best for Hayden Flowers.

Hayden then pulled Blaine up once more, hooked his arms, and slammed him to the mat with a Full Nelson Facebuster. Flowers stood over Blaine once more. The crowd let him know that they were not happy about this. Hayden didn’t care. He climbed out of the ring and disappeared behind the entrance curtain.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was standing by. Beckman said that he had just received word that Austin Briggs very well could have had his quad reinjured at the hands of Mikhail Vakhrov earlier tonight. He injured his quad back in March of last year, which had kept him out of action for nearly a year. Beckman said that currently Austin was at the hospital being evaluated, but things didn’t look good. If his quad was reinjured, there would be a chance that Briggs could be out of action for many more months.

In the Ring
Mary Faith Brooks came back out to the ring and said that she had a big unveiling for FFP’s annual Tour of Japan. It was the Tokyo Cup Tournament brackets – both the men’s and women’s. Mary directed everyone to look at the big screen to check out the brackets. She asked everyone if they were hyped for the Tour of Japan, which got a big cheer.


HONOR World Title
(c) Matt Kraven vs Katashi Goya
A very respectful match. Both men shook hands before they locked up. Goya surprisingly came out on fire, getting the best of Kraven. That is until he went for a springboard off the corner, and was nearly decapitated by a huge clothesline. Kraven quickly locked in a STF, but Goya fought to the ropes. Matt pulled Katashi up and locked in an abdominal stretch, switching it into a pump handle backbreaker. Kraven then stepped back and waited. As Goya got back up, Matt went for a clothesline, similar to Lizzy’s Kraven Lariat, but Goya ducked it and stunned Matt with a Superkick. He followed it up with a Northern Lights suplex for a two count.

Katashi pulled Kraven up and hit a short arm clothesline, shades of Jake “the Snake”. Then he pulled Kraven up again and hit a pump handle suplex. Goya went to the top rope and hit a flying knee Drop to the HONOR World Champion’s head. Kraven’s title reign looked to be in grave danger. Goya hooked Kraven’s leg. 1…2… and Kraven kicked out. Goya couldn’t believe it. He pulled Matt up once more, and planted him in the center of the ring with a dangerous Piledriver. Goya then made the cover again. 1…2… and Kraven kicked out again! The St Louis crowd couldn’t believe it. Katashi couldn’t either. He climbed up top once more, and attempted a flying headbutt. But Matt rolled out of the way. He followed Goya’s miss up with a spinning back suplex. Then a swinging neckbreaker. He waited for Katashi to get to his feet, and went for the Superkick. But Katashi dodged and slammed Kraven with a hard German suplex, bridging it for the pin. 1…2… and Kraven reached out and touched the bottom rope. Just in time. It was so close to a three count.

Goya questioned the referee for a moment. The HONOR World Title was something Katashi had fought for for years, and he was so close at that moment. He pulled Matt up and scooped him on his shoulders. A Death Valley Driver? Perhaps. But Kraven slid off of Katashi’s shoulders and hooked the challenger in the Kraven on Elm Street. Kraven hooked his legs around Goya as the two men fell to the mat in the center of the ring. Goya had nowhere to go. He stretched his arm out, reaching for the ropes. Struggling. He began trying to take swings at Kraven, blindly as he couldn’t see where Kraven’s face was. But the energy he used trying to get to the ropes, of break the move by force was enough to wear him out. The referee checked on the challenger, multiple times. He lifted Goya’s arm. No answer. He was out. The referee called for the bell. Matt retained his HONOR World Title by choking Katashi out.

On March 26, 2017 Full Force Pro will present FFP Aggravated Assault live from Tokyo, Japan. Aggravated Assault is just a small part of FFP’s annual Japan Tour which takes place this year from March 10 – March 29. The card is hardly set for Aggravated Assault, however we do know that at that event we will see the finals of the Men’s and Women’s Tokyo Cup Tournament! You won’t want to miss this show!

FFP Women’s Title

(c) Nina Fox vs Kemina
Another respectful match – a nice thing to see nowadays in the sport of professional wrestling. Both women were phenomenal wrestlers and keyed in on different things to try to gain the advantage. Kemina, who last held a singles title in Mexico (the ALS Women’s Title) and then before that the FFP Diamond Championship, was looking to reignite her career. Becoming the new FFP Women’s Champion would definitely help with that. But Nina Fox was no slouch either. Nina early on hit a big back suplex followed by a shining wizard for a close two count. Nina then set Kemina up, and planted her with the STO, which was her old finisher. Nina hooked the leg again, but Kemina kicked out. Although, she was stunned.

Nina was still cautious. Waiting for the challenger to get back to her feet. When she did, Nina went for the Superkick, her finisher that she learned from her trainer Matt Kraven. But Kemina ducked it, and planted Nina with a bulldog. Kemina went to the middle rope as Nina got back to her feet, and struck her with a flying dropkick. Kemina then pulled Nina up and delivered a dangerous snapmare driver. Nina was hurt. Kemina followed up by going up top and hitting a beautiful moonsault. She hooked Nina’s leg. 1…2… and Nina kicked out, barely. The crowd couldn’t believe it. Kemina pulled Nina up and scooped her onto her shoulders. Kemina proceeded to plant Nina with her finisher, the Cradle Shock Driver. Kemina pinned Nina again. The referee slid into position.

1…2… and Nina kicked out AGAIN! Kemina couldn’t believe it. She slapped the mat, but kept her composure. She got up, waiting for Nina to get up again. Nina was groggy. She seemed to not know where she was. She turned and Kemina scooped her up. She hit ANOTHER Cradle Shock Driver! Kemina pinned Nina again. The referee once again made his count. 1…2…

And suddenly Kemina was pulled out of the ring. Kemina hit the protective mats on the floor hard. The culprit, was Giovanni Gotch. Kemina and Gotch had some kind of feud going on although no one knew why. Giovanni quickly pulled Kemina up to her feet and fired her into the guardrail at ringside. She then rushed Kemina, hitting her with a running big boot that sent her tumbling over the guardrail and into the crowd. The referee had no choice but to call for the bell. Kemina was your winner, but by disqualification due to outside interference.

Giovanni hopped the guardrail, and continued hammering on Kemina. It looked as if Kemina would leave Desperate Measures the new FFP Women’s Champion, but instead was being beaten throughout the crowd. Eventually the two got to camera equipment, which Giovanni rammed Kemina’s head into. Kemina fell to the arena floor, motionless. But that didn’t stop Giovanni. Gotch pulled Kemina by her blonde hair, dragging her across the cold conrete toward the entrance ramp. Gotch proceeded to pull Kemina up and hit her with her Hellacious Powerbomb on the steel guardrail. Kemina was out. Knocked unconscious. EMTs made their way out to check on her as Giovanni stood over her. But the fight didn’t end there.

Nina Fox suddenly rushed into the camera view and took Gotch down with a double leg. She began to lay in fists to Giovanni, but Gotch was more fresh than Nina. She was able to flip Nina over and give the punches right back. Gotch got to her feet as Nina attempted to follow, but Giovanni floored her with a knee to the side of the head. Giovanni then pulled Nina up and proceeded to plant her with a Hellacious Powerbomb, across the body of Kemina! Gotch had laid both Nina and Kemina out. She placed her foot on Nina’s stomach, looking proud as she stood over both women. The crowd booed as EMTs attempted to tend to both unconscious women.

The scene cut backstage where Matt Kraven was walking down the hallway with his HONOR World Championship. He walked past a couple of tables and nearly bumped into Kashimanaki. Kashimanaki congratulated Matt on his victory over Katashi Goya. He said that Matt’s reign as HONOR World Champion had been impressive. But Kashimanaki suggested to Matt that to start the FFP’s Tour of Japan off with a bang, Kashimanaki challenge Matt for the HONOR World Title on the very first night of the Tour of Japan. Matt always had a respect for Kashimanaki. He told him that he would be proud to defend the title against him, and to do so in Japan would be amazing. Matt accepted and the men shook hands.

FFP World Title
(c) Daniel Matthews w/ Dani Rawlings vs Odell Porter
Both men went face to face. The anticipation was high. The intensity was off the charts. They traded words. Odell said something and pointed to Dani who was at ringside. Then Daniel hit Odell with an open hand slap across the face. The crowd went “ewwwwwww”. Odell tried to retaliate with a punch, but Daniel ducked and rolled Odell up in a school boy pin. 1…2… and Odell kicked out. Both men popped back up. And Daniel put his fingers close together. You could read his lips. “That close. It was almost over right there!”

Dani clapped for Daniel. The crowd booed. Not sure if the crowd booed more at Dani, or at the attitude of Daniel Matthews lately. Anyway. The two wrestlers locked up. Odell grabbed a headlock and took Daniel over. Matthews slipped out and both men popped up again. Daniel went for a clothesline but Odell ducked. Daniel tried to retaliate but Odell hooked him in a small package. 1…2… and Daniel kicked out. Odell got up and did the same thing Daniel did to him seconds earlier. “This close champ. This close.”

Enough was enough. Daniel popped up and the two began trading wild punches. Rights. Lefts. Forearms. Elbows. Chops. Daniel sent Odell into the corner and hit a clothesline. Odell popped back up and took Matthews down with a leg sweep. Back and forth. The St Louis crowd seemed behind Odell for the most part, but Daniel still had his loyal fans.

The first near fall came when Odell Porter had the upperhand. He set Daniel up on the top turnbuckle, but instead of joining him for a superplex or another off the top, Odell springboarded up and went for a hurricanrana. But Daniel caught Odell’s legs and delivered a super sit down powerbomb. Holding the position for a pin attempt. 1…2… and Odell kicked out. However after this kickout there was no fingers close together. There were no words. Daniel pulled Odell up, and continued his attack. A snap suplex. A leg drop. A headbutt from the middle rope. Odell tried to fight to get to his feet. Daniel let him up, because he was setting him up for his finisher. Odell got to his feet, Daniel scooped him up and the crowd stood. But before Matthews could deliver the Death Valley Driver, Odell slipped off of Matthews’ shoulders, hooking him from behind and hitting a beautiful bridged German suplex. The ref slid into position. 1…2… and Daniel grabbed a hold of the bottom rope before the three count. The referee’s hand was so close to hitting the mat for the three. So much, that the crowd erupted. They thought they saw a new World Champion. And Odell reacted off of their cheers. He thought he had done it. He rolled to his knees and put his arms up. The referee quickly rushed to Odell to make sure he understood that there was no three count. No bell.

Odell pulled himself up using the ropes. Still talking to the ref. Confused. Daniel crawled behind Odell and rolled him up, pulling the tights! 1…2… kickout! Barely! Daniel thought he won for a moment. The referee had to now tell Daniel that Odell kicked out. Odell was confused as well. He looked at the ref, at the timekeeper. Then both men sprung to their feet, and connected with simultaneous clotheslines. They crashed to the mat. Both men were down.

Slow to get up, both men got to their feet at the same time. Odell hit a European uppercut. Then another. Then another. Sweat flew in the air with each blow. Odell whipped Daniel into the ropes and cracked him with a Superkick. The sound echoed. Matthews stumbled back and fell out of the ring. Porter then measured him up. He hit the ropes and delivered a suicide dive, ramming Daniel into the steel guardrail.

Odell slid back into the ring, sizing Matthews up for another. But Dani Rawlings was quick to get in the way, checking on her boyfriend and blocking Odell. Porter stopped in his tracks. He wasn’t going to hit Dani. But he hit the ropes again. The crowd stood. Was he going to suicide dive into the back of Dani? No. Instead, he leapt over the top rope and hit Daniel with a diving senton over the top. A dangerous move for both men. Dani screamed out of fright as Odell’s body came down onto the World Champion. She jumped back and fell to the arena floor. Odell pulled Matthews up and fired him back into the ring.

Meanwhile, the referee went to the outside to check on Dani. He thought she had been struck. But Odell didn’t notice. He pulled Daniel up, and slammed him to the mat with the Regal Plex. He bridged, pinning the champion’s shoulders to the mat. The crowd counted out loud. “1, 2, 3!” But the referee was still tending to Dani. Odell finally released Daniel and went to the edge of the ring, yelling at the ref. Dani quickly rushed to the time keeper’s table and grabbed the FFP World Title. She quickly slid it to Daniel, who grabbed it and hid it under his body. Dani now climbed up onto the apron. The referee by now had climbed back into the ring, but was immediately distracted by Dani again. This gave Daniel the opportunity to blast Odell with the World Title. Porter crashed to the mat below. Daniel slid the belt out of the ring. Dani smiled, and dropped to the arena floor.

The referee turned to see Daniel pulling Odell up. Daniel hoisted the challenger up onto his shoulders and planted him with the Death Valley Driver. Matthews hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Daniel Matthews had retained the FFP World Title once again.

Dani rushed to the opposite side of the ring to retrieve the World Championship. She crawled into the ring and rushed to her boyfriend, presenting him his title. She wrapped him in a hug and gave him a kiss. The crowd booed. Daniel stood, and hoisted the title up with one hand, his other arm being held up by Dani.

Daniel looked down at Odell’s motionless body. Both men had put up one hell of an effort, but Dani Rawlings once again was the deciding factor. Something that Daniel promised wouldn’t happen. Something that Odell was sure would. The World Champion and his lady left the ring as the crowd continued booing. Matthews placed the World Title on his shoulder as he walked with Dani up the entrance ramp. This is how the 2017 Desperate Measures came to a close.


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