02/26/2017 FFP Desperate Measures Preshow


FFP Desperate Measures Preshow
February 26, 2017
St. Louis, Missouri

The FFP Desperate Measures Preshow began with the Desperate Measures panel. Tonight it was FFP reporter and interviewer Raquel St Claire, controversial FFP writer Emily, the man who returns tonight to do guest commentary Austin Briggs and former FFP World Champion Lizzy Kraven.

The group spoke about the match that would occur at tonight’s Preshow, a 10-woman battle royal to determine a new number one contender for Nina Fox’s Women’s Title. Emily picked Masina, saying her size and power would come into play. Lizzy Kraven agreed. And Austin Briggs picked Cindy Labre, talking about how she is still mad that she hasn’t got her rematch, and she will have the help of Katsumi Akiyama.

The group also talked about tonight’s Desperate Measures pay-per-view. They talked about Daniel Matthews facing Odell Porter for the World Title, and what role Dani Rawlings will play. They also talked about who might step up and challenge ATM for the Adrenaline Title, with Austin teasing that it could be him. They also talked about the mystery tag team that would be challenging Brandi Moore and Amy Kraven. Emily said that she had been saying that Seduction Inc would be reuniting soon and would wind up turning on Amy. Lizzy interrupted, saying that Amy is a smart girl and obviously is much more familiar with the situation than Emily.

Lastly, the group talked about Aubrey Moresi defending the FFP Women’s Television Title against Kenzie Anderson. Austin Briggs and Emily agreed on Kenzie walking away the new champion. Lizzy said that she knows Aubrey, and saw the fire in Aubrey’s eyes. She picked Moresi to retain.

Just before the battle royal, they touched on tonight’s main event once more, talking about how it wouldn’t be a fair match with Dani Rawlings at ringside. Austin noted that at the FFP Live Event in Cleveland on Wednesday that Daniel looked to be in the best in-ring shape of his life. Austin said that Odell would need to be on the very top of his game to win. Austin was the only one however to pick Daniel to retain. Emily and Lizzy agreed that Odell would leave the new FFP World Champion.

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10-Woman Battle Royal | Winner Face Nina Fox for Women’s Title Tonight
(including: Cindy Labre, Giovanni Gotch, Mona Skye, Marcy Tillman, Kemina, Katsumi Akiyama, Quinn Delaney, Lacey Abernathy, Ariana Chaos & Masina)

Minutes went by without an elimination in this one. Obviously it was a big deal to every woman in the ring, getting a shot at Nina Fox’s Women’s Championship. Cindy Labre and Katsumi Akiyama obviously teamed up, beating on anyone who got close to them. Marcy Tillman was the first eliminated, by her former partner Mona Skye. Marcy stormed back into the ring and attacked Mona, whipping her down by her blonde hair and putting the boots to her. Mona’s head hit the mat pretty hard, so she was groggy. The referee’s got Marcy out of the ring. And at nearly the same time Cindy pulled Mona out and dumped her over the top.

Masina seemed to be on a path of destruction, flattening the likes of Giovanni Gotch, Quinn Delaney and Ariana Chaos. Meanwhile Lacey Abernathy was dumped out by Kemina.

The remaining women then realized that they needed to team up on Masina to get her out. So they began to team up on her. However she tossed Katsumi Akiyama and Ariana Chaos out in the struggle. Finally, Masina went tumbling over the top. After landing on the arena floor, and pulling herself back to her feet, she spotted Ariana Chaos beside her. She grabbed the former Diamond Champion by her dark hair and violently whipped her into the steel guardrail. She pulled her up and slammed her into the announce table. The referee’s finally intervened and Masina walked away, leaving Ariana laying.

We were down to the final four. Cindy Labre, Giovanni Gotch, Kemina and Quinn Delaney. Kemina and Giovanni obviously had some kind of tension, tearing into each other and brawling in the corner. Meanwhile Cindy Labre and Quinn hooked up, with Quinn getting the early advantage. Giovanni was the next to be tossed out when she turned her attention away from Kemina for a moment, only to be tossed over by her. Cindy and Quinn were still going at it, with Quinn eventually hitting Cindy with the Quinn Cutter and tossing her over. The final two was Kemina and Quinn. Kemina a former Diamond Champion, and Quinn a former HONOR and FFP Women’s Champion. The two women were very cautious, not wanting to make a mistake. The biggest one, was a missed clothesline by Quinn. Kemina then hit her with a lung blower. Kemina hoisted Quinn up on her shoulders in a fireman’s carry and attempted to eliminate her, but Quinn broke free. She went for another clothesline, hoping to send Kemina over the top. But Kemina ducked and back body dropped Quinn over the top rope. Kemina had won, and earned herself a shot at Nina Fox and the FFP Women’s Title later tonight.


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