Around the Ring with Emily – OWF We Earned This

Yes, yes, Emily is back and ready to talk OWF We Earned This.

I’m known for giving my opinion and tearing some things (or people down), and not being shy about it. But first thing is first. This show was pretty freaking spectacular. OWF We Earned This was the OWF’s first pay-per-view, and it was awesome. The only negative about that is, it’ll be hard to follow if and when they produce another.

First match was a wild one. Anything goes mixed tag. Hunter and Izzy vs the clowns. Hunter and Izzy got it done with the help of thumbtacks. Hunter making Lafter submit with the Chasing the Lion in the tacks was brutal. But after the match, the brutality got way way worse. Lafter and Lullaby zip tied their opponents (Hunter on the outside, Izzy upside down on the turnbuckles). Then they used a cheese grater to rip Izzy’s head open. She bled all over. It was ridiculous, and unnecessary.

Dakudoragon beat Hayden Flowers in a fine match. Fans chanted at Hayden. We all were pretty sure he was being called up. And he’d make his FFP main roster debut the next night at Desperate Measures.

Erika Storm’s team beat Lisa Ann Graves team by pinning Sierra St James. Lisa and Nikki left Sierra in the ring after the loss. Maybe their alliance is crumbling. I still feel the most talented woman from each team is Courtney Kennedy and Sierra St James.

Next Zoey Kiehl called out Jaqueline Aulstrike. Seemed as if Zoey was signing her own death certificate. But she got the best of Aulstrike. They’ll clash next Monday, and surely Zoey’s luck will run out.

The next match was Malakai defending the Network Title against JJ Perry. Fantastic match. JJ won with a couple of Bloody Sundays.

Notice I haven’t handed out any eye roll emojis yet? What the hell?!

Fiona Burke was up next, putting the OWF Women’s Title on the line against Juno Frost. Ohhhh. Eye roll emoji. Match seemed to end on a double count out, but Austin Briggs wasn’t having that. His last night as interim-Commissioner wasn’t going to have a title change end like that. So he made it no count outs, and no DQs. Long story short, lights went out as Fiona was going to secure the win. Then two new women debuted, Dahlia Ashford and Rosie Erickson. They slammed Fiona through a table and Juno got the pin. The girls strapped the belt around Juno and dropped to their knees. Not sure what kind of worship thing they got going on, but it’s whatever. Juno apparently had a plan and it worked. The Champion isn’t pink haired anymore. Did I say eyeroll emoji yet?

OWF Hall of Fame inductees were announced. And they talked. Eyeroll to them all except Duncan.

Finally, the main event. Blaine Edwards defending the OWF Title against Deshaun Reed. Another really good match. Reed debuted his new finisher, the Deshaun Driller. 1, 2, 3. Deshaun Reed had won his first singles title, the OWF Championship.

The night ended, with three new champions. People are saying the OWF was beginning a new era. Not sure about all that, but the show was awesome. If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to check it out.

Thanks for reading.

– Em


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