03/04/2017 FFP SSN


March 4, 2017
Knoxville, Tennessee

The show opened up with Mary Faith Brooks and her daughter Hope in the ring. Mary asked the crowd if Hope had done a good job coming up with tonight’s matches. The crowd cheered. Mary however, said that although Hope did excellent, there were just a couple changes Mary would make. Hope seemed disappointed at this announcement.

Blaine Edwards vs Hayden Flowers
Blaine was the first out to the ring. As soon as Hayden got in, the two went at it. The former friends tore into each other. And as good of technical wrestlers they were, on this night, they didn’t care about wrestling moves. They cared about beating each other up. They traded punches and got tied up in the ropes. Hayden gained the upperhand with a couple European uppercuts. Then he hit the ropes and speared Blaine through the ring ropes and to the outside.

Hayden rammed Blaine into the ring apron, then into the guardrail at ringside. He went after Blaine, but Edwards flipped Hayden over the guardrail. They began breaking through the crowd. All the meanwhile, the referee made his 20 count. Both men had been counted out. But the brawl continued. Eventually finding their way over another guardrail and toward the entrance area. FFP security quickly rushed to the brawl to separate the former friends. A couple members of the security team got roughed up by Hayden and Blaine, but eventually they separated them. Obviously this feud was just getting started.

The scene cut backstage where Hope Brooks was talking to her mom. Hope said that she thought she had set up matches that people wanted to see. Mary said they Hope may have done too good of a job, because some good matches need to be saved for pay-per-view. Mary assured Hope that she didn’t want to change any of Hope’s matches because she did a bad job.

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In the Ring
Bianca Hunt made her way out to the ring with Mikhail Vakhrov and the FFP Cruiserweights Champion EJ “Money” Carter behind her. She took the microphone and spoke about Mikhail’s attack on Austin Briggs at Desperate Measures. She said that Hunt Enterprises were going to make 2017 their year, and what better way to prove it then taking out one of the biggest stars in FFP history, on the night he was supposed to make his big return and put him on the shelf for another nine months to a year.

Bianca warned the FFP roster that Hunt Enterprises was on the rise, and no one was safe.

Pins Count Anywhere
Mona Skye vs Marcy Tillman

From one violent match to another. These two former partners started their match just like the opening match, with fists flying. Eventually the two wound up taking turns slamming each other into the announce table. Marcy gained the upperhand with a knee to the gut, then rammed Mona into the ring post. Mona fought back, slamming Marcy to the arena floor and hitting a dropkick to the back of the head.

Next Mona grabbed a nearby folding chair, and destroyed it by slamming it across Tillman’s back repeatedly. The turning point of the match however was when Marcy raked Mona’s eyes. Then, she grabbed Skye’s blonde hair and violently whipped her backward, slamming the back of her head against the steel ring post. Mona fell to the arena floor, unconscious. Marcy made the pin and got the three count. FFP medics immediately came to ringside to tend to Mona. She was stretchered out.

In the Ring
Mary Faith Brooks came out and announced that the first change of the night was to the Hiroki Ito vs Anarchy, Television Title match. She said instead it would be Anarchy taking on his rival Kashimanaki.

Anarchy vs Kashimanaki
This was the third match of the night that involved former friends or tag partners feuding. And it was another stiff contest. Whenever these two would face off, the chops, kicks and punches echoed through the arena. This match was no different. Anarchy hit a hard German suplex for a two count. Kashimanaki fought back, and hit a German suplex himself. He also muscled Anarchy up onto the top turnbuckle where he hit an impressive superplex. He went back up top and hit a double stomp for a close two count.

Anarchy fought back, hitting a monstrous clothesline. He then slammed Kashimanaki down with a huge powerbomb, but the former Cruiserweight Champion kicked out at two. Anarchy then did something he rarely did. He went up to the middle rope and attempted a splash. Surely if he landed on Kashimanaki that would be it. But Kashimanaki moved out of the way. Then he proceeded to hit Anarchy with two solid kicks to the skull. He followed it up with a shining wizard for the three count.

In the Ring
Mary’s second change of the night came. Mary said that Amy was not cleared to wrestle, so tonight Seduction Inc would have the night off.

Instead, Seduction Inc came out and bashed everyone living in Knoxville, Tennessee. They talked about how they couldn’t wait to leave. They also spoke about being the best women’s tag team in the world, claiming no one could beat them. Brandi then reminded the world that she and Amy had a rematch clause, but since Amy was injured that Brandi would choose Taylor as Amy’s replacement for the rematch.

The scene cut backstage where the FFP Adrenaline Champion ATM his girlfriend Beatrice Keenan were standing by. Beatrice talked about how ATM was not only the sexiest champion in FFP, but he was also the best. ATM then said that next week in Japan that he would issue an open challenge for his Adrenaline Title, to prove that he is without a doubt the best champion in FFP.

The scene cut backstage where Mary Faith Brooks was in her office with Hope. Mary announced one final change for tonight’s show. Instead of Daniel Matthews facing Levi Fuller, she was changing the match to Daniel’s friend Patrick McCoy taking on Levi, with Daniel Matthews and Dani Rawlings on commentary.

Patrick McCoy vs Levi Fuller
The match was rather respectful. Patrick McCoy had the advantage for most of the match. McCoy, a former FFP World Champion, had the experience advantage over Levi. But they didn’t stop Levi from hitting some impressive moves on Patrick. Including an overhead belly-to-belly suplex off the top. Levi went back up top and hit a flying headbutt for a two count.

Daniel Matthews and Dani Rawlings had nothing good to say about Levi on commentary. Matthews also continued reminding everyone that Patrick McCoy was trained by him, and would have never won the World Title without Daniel’s training. McCoy wrapped up the match with the Kryptonite Krunch and got the three count.

After the match Patrick helped Levi up and shook his hand. Daniel had other plans. He got in the ring and got in Levi’s face. Patrick tried to stop him. Daniel’s attitude had taken a huge change, for the worst. Daniel then struck Levi with the World Title. Patrick pulled him back, seeming agitated at Daniel’s actions. When McCoy turned to check on Levi, he was blasted with a clothesline by the World Champion. Matthews began putting the boots to his protege.

Odell Porter then rushed to ringside, sliding in and taking Daniel on. Daniel and Odell traded punches. Porter got the best of the exchange. He hit the ropes and attempted a leg lariat to the FFP World Champion. But Daniel ducked and Odell accidentally blasted Dani Rawlings, sending her crashing to the mat. Odell popped up and turned to Dani. He obviously didn’t mean to hit her. He knelt down to check on her. But the distraction was enough for Matthews to use his World Title once more, blasting Odell on the side of the head.

Daniel then turned his attention to his girlfriend, calling for medics to come down and assist her. Dani was stretchered to the back.

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FFP Women’s Title
(c) Nina Fox vs Cindy Labre w/ Katsumi Akiyama

Main event time! Obviously there was a lot of unfinished business here. Cindy had put Nina on the shelf for quite sometime, and although Nina beat Cindy for the Women’s Title, she felt Cindy could use another beating. And that’s what Nina started out giving her.

Nina was quite the wrestler inside the squared circle, but she could brawl as well. She rocked Cindy with unanswered punches and a hard clothesline. But Labre was tough. She fought back, hitting Nina with a back elbow, a splash in the corner and a leg drop from the middle rope. Nina fought back. A Northern lights suplex and a missile dropkick put Nina back on the offensive. Katsumi Akiyama got up on the apron to distract Nina, which led to Cindy taking Nina down with a chop block. Cindy continued working on Nina’s leg, stomping on hit, dropping knees on it and then hooking her in the figure four.

Labre set Nina up for her finisher, the Stalling Fisherman Brainbuster, but Nina fought out, slipping behind Cindy and rolling her up for a two count. Both women popped back up. Katsumi had climbed back up onto the apron. Nina ducked an attempted clothesline and cracked Katsumi with a Superkick, sending her falling to the ring apron. Cindy took advantage of the distraction and rolled Nina up, pulling her tights so hard and so far up that she nearly exposed her butt. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Nina barely kicked out. She got her shoulder up just far enough to stop the count. But it was close.

Cindy pulled Nina up by her hair and violently whipped her down with a snapmare. She hit the ropes and attempted to kick Nina across the face, but Nina dodged rolled Cindy up with a roll up of her own. 1…2… and Cindy kicked out. Labre looked surprised. She popped to her feet as Nina did as well. Cindy went for another wild clothesline, but Nina ducked and hooked Cindy in a Dragon Clutch, wrapping her legs around the challenger and locking the move in in the center of the ring.

Cindy screamed out. For Katsumi. For Nina to release the hold. She even audibly told the referee that Nina had her hair – which she did not. Cindy reached for the ropes. Pushing with her feet to try to get closer to the edge of the ring. But she couldn’t get to the ropes. She had no choice but to submit. Nina Fox retained her title.

After the match Nina was awarded her title. She held it in the air as the crowd cheered. But her celebration was cut short when out of nowhere, Giovanni Gotch took Nina down with a chop block from behind. Fox crashed to the mat, dropping the belt and holding her knee. Gotch then pulled Nina into the corner, and proceeded to wrap her leg around the ring post and apply a figure four. Nina screamed in pain. She had nowhere to go. Gotch had her legs wrapped around the post, and doing major damage to Nina’s already weak knee.

But Kemina rushed to ringside. She put an end to the gruesome move, kicking Gotch repeatedly across the midsection until she broke the hold. Gotch got up and began trading blows with Kemina. The two brawled at ringside as Nina crawled away from the ring post, still holding her knee. She noticed the two fighting and slowly got to her feet. Gotch seemed to be getting the better of Kemina, so Nina slid out behind Gotch. As she went to grab Giovanni, Kemina went for a wild right hand. Gotch ducked the attack and Nina became the victim of Kemina’s right hand. Eventually, Nina and a Kemina began brawling.

Giovanni also began trading punches with whoever she could get ahold of. The three women attempted to beat each other down as FFP security rushed to ringside. Eventually they separated the women. That is until Nina and Giovanni grabbed each other by the hair and began trading punches again. Kemina got into the ring and hit an impressive suicide dive through the ring ropes, hitting Nina, Giovanni and a whole mess of security. Kemina slid back into the ring and put her arms in the air. The show finally went off the air, with Kemina standing tell in the center of the ring.

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