03/10/2017 FFP Tour of Japan | Day One

FFP Tour of Japan | Day One
March 10, 2017
Osaka, Japan

The show opens up with FFP President Mary Faith Brooks and FFP Commissioner Hope Brooks welcoming the Osaka, Japan crowd and the viewers on the FFP Network to Full Force Pro’s annual Tour of Japan. The mother-daughter duo promised for the next few days to showcase the best professional wrestling with two outstanding Tokyo Cup Tournaments as well as so much impressive professional wrestling such as tonight’s main event between Matt Kraven and Kashimanaki for Kraven’s HONOR World Title.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Opening Round

Joey DeMarco vs Anthony Farrow
The 2017 Tokyo Cup Tournament began with the defending Tournament Champion Joey DeMarco. Anthony Farrow brought the fight to DeMarco, coming into the biggest event he had ever wrestled at ready to pull the big upset and send last year’s winner home early. But Joey DeMarco was just too good. Farrow went for a sprinboard, but Joey caught him in the air and slammed him with a spinebuster. He spiked Farrow with the Jumping Piledriver for the three count. Joey DeMarco advanced in the Tokyo Cup Tournament.

Dani Rawlings was shown in her locker room. Dani talked about how she was attacked by Odell Porter last weekend (Odell was aiming for Daniel but he moved out of the way and Porter accidentally struck Dani). She talked about how his attack was unnecessary and could’ve left her paralyzed. Then she said that tonight she would defeat Marcy Tillman to advance in the Tokyo Cup Tournament to show that although Odell assaulted her that she would still go out and be the best wrestler on the Women’s Roster.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Opening Round

Brandi Moore vs Katsumi Akiyama
A back and forth match that saw both women hit a bunch of big moves that all seemed to be match enders. Katsumi was always a very capable woman wrestler, but with her alliance to Cindy Labre many felt like she fell down a few spots. She hit Brandi with many solid kicks, knees, forearms and punches. A spinning back elbow caught Brandi on the jaw and dropped her, but Katsumi only got the two count. Brandi fought back off of a knee to the gut and Brandi’s old finisher the Fameasser. Moore set Katsumi up for the Fisherman Brainbuster, but Katsumi escaped and hooked Brandi in an armbar. Brandi’s arm was bent backwards at the elbow, and she was obviously in a tremendous amount of pain.

Brandi reached and stretched for the ropes. Pushing herself and Katsumi toward the ropes. Inching. But still in pain. Moore finally swung her legs around and rolled over Katsumi, hooking her into a pin that Katsumi easily got out of. Katsumi popped up as Brandi got to her knees. Akiyama then leveled Brandi with a kick to the side of the head. She pinned the FFP Hall of Famer. 1…2… and Brandi kicked out. Barely. Katsumi now pulled Brandi up, and set her up for a Brainbuster. But Brandi reversed it. She fought and landed on her feet, still holding onto Katsumi, and vice versa. Brandi quickly hooked Katsumi’s leg and planted her with her finisher, the Fisherman Brainbuster. But Brandi didn’t stop there. She sat up, still a little groggy. She then backed into the corner and waited. Katsumi began to get up. Brandi charged, and delivered the End Game. Katsumi hit the mat, motionless. Brandi rolled her over and made the pin. 1…2…3. Brandi Moore won the match, and advanced in the Tokyo Cup Tournament.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Opening Round

Alexander Modest vs Levi Fuller
Both men were making their Tokyo Cup Tournament debut, and obviously both men wanted to impress with a victory sending them to the quarterfinals. Levi hit some really impressive moves. High impact, working Modest down with strikes as well as technical moves. Fuller missed a flying headbutt which led to Alexander hitting Levi with the stun gun across the top rope for a two count. Levi fought back however, hitting a rising clothesline, a beautiful dropkick and a gutwrench powerbomb. Levi then went for his Flex Slam, but Modest reversed out and hit an inverted DDT. As Fuller pushed himself back to his feet, Modest charged and hit his finisher, The End of Your Run. Levi went down hard. Modest made the pin and got the three count, advancing in the Tokyo Cup Tournament.

After the match Mary Faith Brooks and Alexander’s girlfriend Hope Brooks came to the ring to congratulate him. Obviously both ladies were proud of Modest’s victory.

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HONOR Tag Team Titles

(c) Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen vs American Bulldogs
A very back and forth match. The American Bulldogs are known as arguably one of the best tag teams in Full Force Pro history. But could they end the title reign of Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen that has lasted over a year? With a little bit of miscommunication, Chad Lyons was able to get the best of Matt Evanston. And after not only hitting him with a sunset flip powerbomb from the middle rope, but also his finisher the Cradle Shock Driver, Lyons and Kamen retained their HONOR Tag Team Titles.

After the match Nathan Caine checked on his partner. But there was obviously some tension as they began to argue. Michael Graham however came down the isle. Graham was spotted a while back speaking with the tag team. He stepped inbetween then and seemed to talk them down. He then led them to the back. Maybe they were buying whatever he was selling. He did help propel the career of Deshaun Reed.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was standing by with Ariana Chaos. Raquel asked Ariana about Masina’s attack on her following her elimination in the number one contender battle royal at the Desperate Measures Preshow. Ariana said she wasn’t sure why Masina did what she did, besides her simply being a sore loser. Chaos then challenged Masina to a match during the FFP Tour of Japan.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Opening Round

Aubrey Moresi vs Chloe Banks
Another back and forth match. Aubrey, the former FFP Women’s TV Champion taking on Chloe, the former OWF Women’s Champion. The two knew each other from their time in the OWF. Chloe used a lot of power, working on Aubrey’s leg and hitting a couple chop blocks, and a dropkick to the knee which seemed to really hurt Aubrey. But Banks made the mistake of placing Aubrey on the top rope for a superplex. Aubrey shoved her to the mat. When Banks got back up, Moresi hit her with her finisher, Cake Faced. Aubrey then hooked the leg, and got the three count. She would be moving on in the Tokyo Cup Tournament!

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was joined by the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews. Tyrece tried to interview Matthews, but the World Champion took over the interview, saying that he was the best wrestler in the World, that he was better than Odell Porter or Matt Kraven combined and that he would gladly prove it over and over again. He said that he had proved that he is the best time and time again, and will continue to do so, by never losing the World Title ever.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Opening Round

Anarchy vs Alexander T Morrison w/ Beatrice Keenan
ATM entered the match cocky, because that’s what ATM does. And Anarchy punched ATM in the face, because that’s what Anarchy does. Anarchy then dumped ATM on his head with suplexes. Because again, that’s what Anarchy does. Both wrestlers looked rather impressive. But the Adrenaline Champion fell short when Anarchy locked him in a rear naked choke forcing him to submit. Anarchy would advance in the Tokyo Cup Tournament.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Opening Round

Marcy Tillman vs Dani Rawlings
Dani played off her injury she received from Odell Porter at SSN. Eventually Marcy had enough and took charge, knocking Dani down with a clothesline and snap suplexing her across the ring. Dani backed herself into the corner and got her feet up as Marcy charged at her, knocking the wind out of her. The HONOR Women’s Champion climbed the turnbuckle for a crossbody, but was caught in mid air and slammed to the mat. Marcy called for the Angel’s Wings, but Dani tripped her up into the ropes. When Marcy got back to her feet, Dani dropped her with the Pedigree for the three count.

After the match Dani celebrated her victory in the ring. Meanwhile Marcy Tillman began her walk up the entrance ramp. But it was cut short when Mona Skye burst out from behind the curtain and floored her with a double leg takedown. Mona began pummeling Marcy with punches. Marcy shoved Mona up and tried to get back to her feet, but Mona hit her with a hard Superkick before she got up. Tillman fell to the metal ramp as security arrived and kept Mona away from her foe.

On March 26, 2017 Full Force Pro will present FFP Aggravated Assault live from Tokyo, Japan. Aggravated Assault is just a small part of FFP’s annual Japan Tour which takes place this year from March 10 – March 29. The card is hardly set for Aggravated Assault, however we do know that at that event we will see the finals of the Men’s and Women’s Tokyo Cup Tournament! You won’t want to miss this show!

HONOR World Title

(c) Matt Kraven vs Kashimanaki
The match began with a handshake and a fist bump. Both men came to this event to leave with the HONOR World Title. Kashimanaki had never held a singles title outside of the FFP Cruiserweight Title. And in his home country, he would have loved to finally take home a World Championship. The men quickly began to feel each other out to find an opening. Kraven began working over Kashimanaki’s arm. However the challenger had the exact same gameplan. So much so, that he eventually got Kraven to the mat, hooking him in an armbar with his legs.

The HONOR World Champion attempted an escape. Using strength, rolling and even trying to pull his arm free. He eventually rolled himself up onto his feet, muscled Kashimanaki up and slammed him to the mat with a modified Crash Landing. Kraven didn’t even attempt the pin. Instead he waited for Kashimanaki to get up onto his knees. Matt then hit the ropes and delivered a dropkick to the head. He covered Kashimanaki, but only got a two count.

Kashimanaki fought his way back on the offensive, and began to wear Kraven out with some hard stiff kicks. He added in chops as well as forearms and really rocked the Champion. He hoisted him up and hit a rib breaker. Then Kashimanaki went up top. He dove off the top turnbuckle, looking to possibly go for a flying cross body block, but Matt reversed into a Code Breaker. He completely knocked the wind out of the challenger. Kraven made the cover. 1…2… kickout.

Kraven pulled Kashimanaki back up. He set him up for a brainbuster, but Kashimanaki escaped after hitting repeated knees to Kraven’s head, eventually busting the Champion open and slamming him with a Northern lights suplex. Matt fought to his feet, but became the victim of repeated knee strikes. Then a snapmare, and a running dropkick to the back of the head. Kraven was stunned, bad. Kashimanaki made the cover. 1…2… and Kraven kicked out. His HONOR World Title was still intact. But Kashimanaki pulled him up, and drilled him with the Kashimanaki Driver. He pinned the champion again. 1…2… and Kraven kicked out again.

Matt’s face was covered in blood. Both men were sweaty, and tired. Kashimanaki pulled Kraven up again. He hit the ropes, possibly going for some kind of running knee or kick. But Kraven charged forward and sent Kashimanaki flipping through the air and slamming to the mat with an incredible lariat. Kraven was still groggy. He couldn’t capitalize. But he pulled Kashimanaki up. He scooped him up onto his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver. Could this move retain the title for Matt Kraven?

Kashimanaki freed himself from Kraven’s grasp, landing on his feet behind the champion. He hit Kraven with a hard kick to the back of the knee, sending Matt to his knees. Kashimanaki then hit the ropes and cracked Matt with a knee to the back of the head. Matt fell face first to the canvas. Kashimanaki then hooked Kraven’a arms and flipped over him, locking him in Cattle Mutilation. Kraven was in a tremendous amount of pain. He could only kick his legs, or try to break his arms free, which was nearly impossible with Kashimanaki’s grip. Matt tried flipping himself over, which would break the hold, but he couldn’t. Kashimanaki had Kraven locked up in the center of the ring. Matt fought and fought, hanging on, but he had no choice. Matt Kraven has to verbally submit. Kashimanaki was the new HONOR World Champion! On the 320th day of Matt Kraven’s HONOR World Title reign, it came to an end.

After the match the referee awarded the title to Kashimanaki. The Osaka crowd threw streamers into the ring. Kashimanaki stayed on his knees, staring at the championship title as the crowd applauded. The first night of the FFP Tour of Japan ended with Kashimanaki proudly holding the HONOR World Title in the center of the ring for the crowd to see. What a night!


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