03/12/2017 FFP Tour of Japan | Day Two

FFP Tour of Japan | Day Two
March 12, 2017
Osaka, Japan

The show began with Bianca Hunt coming out with the rest of Hunt Enterprises, Mikhail Vakhrov and the FFP Cruiserweight Champion EJ “Money” Carter. Bianca said that it was a travesty that neither of her men were put in the Tokyo Cup Tournament, but that either way Hunt Enterprises would continue to rise. She said that on the Tour of Japan that Mikhail and EJ would show that Hunt Enterprises will always be the most dominant group in Full Force Pro.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Opening Round
Nina Fox vs Mona Skye

Nina Fox had a huge experience edge in this match, although Mona Skye had been wrestling longer, having debuted and even winning the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles well before Nina Fox was training to be a wrestler. Mona had a good gameplan in the match as well. Her goal was to work on Nina’s leg, and take away her Superkick. But as the match raged on, Nina proved that she didn’t need the Superkick to beat Mona. Instead, she locked her in the Dragon Clutch, and made her tap out.

After the match Nina checked on her opponent, then began to leave the ring. That is until Mona’s rival Marcy Tillman rushed the ring and began to pummel her former tag partner. When Nina realized what was going on, she turned around and rushed to Mona’s aid. However, Giovanni Gotch, who had seemed to have a problem with Nina Fox lately, also came out to the ring and took Nina down from behind. A big brawl broke out until FFP security finally arrived.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Opening Round
Daniel Matthews w/ Dani Rawlings vs Morgan Landings w/ Alexandra Knight

Another matchup where one person had a huge experience edge over the other. Morgan was much faster than Daniel. He was also very innovative with his move sets, rolling Daniel up many different ways to get close two counts. After one of them, both men popped up and Daniel hit Morgan with a huge clothesline. Morgan’s girlfriend Alexandra Knight even seemed worried about how Morgan went down.

Matthews then called for his Death Valley Driver. But he stopped in his tracks when Odell Porter’s theme hit the PA system. Odell walked out onto the stage and simply stood and watched. Dani screamed, demanding him to go backstage. Daniel joined her in the demands. Morgan Landings then grabbed Daniel from behind and rolled him up in an O’Connor Roll. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! The crowd erupted! Morgan Landings just pulled a huge upset, eliminating the FFP World Champion in the Tokyo Cup Tournament!

Matthews popped up and couldn’t believe it. Morgan hopped up and down with excitement. Alexandra joined him in the ring. Odell smiled and headed backstage. But the action wasn’t over.

Daniel turned to Morgan and extended his hand for a handshake. Morgan looked very uncertain about accepting. But he didn’t have any time to think about it. Matthews hit Morgan with one of the hardest kicks to the groin anyone had ever seen. Landings let out a scream of pain and fell to the mat. Dani then grabbed Matthews’ World Title and climbed into the ring. Alexandra tried to stand in front of her boyfriend, but she was violently knocked down by Dani.

Matthews pulled Morgan up to his knees by his hair. He yelled in his face. Then he brought the World Title back and blasted Morgan in the face. Alexandra got back up but Dani kicked her in the gut and violently whipped her through the ring ropes to the arena floor. Daniel pulled Morgan up and planted him with a Death Valley Driver. Matthews then went out to the time keeper’s area and grabbed two steel chairs. He placed on on the mat and set Morgan’s head on it. Daniel drew back the other chair and slammed it on Morgan’s head, sandwiching it inbetween both chairs. But he didn’t stop there. He did it again. And then again!

FFP security finally arrived and stood in the way of Daniel. Matthews grabbed his World Title and held it in the air, screaming that he was still the Champion and the best wrestler in the history of FFP. He left with Dani as the Osaka crowd booed.

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Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Opening Round
Kenzie Anderson vs Amy Kraven

Kenzie was the first down to the ring. Then, FFP President Mary Faith Brooks came out and announced that Amy Kraven was not cleared to wrestle. Mary said that someone did however approach her for filling in for an injury, and announced Kenzie’s new opponent, Ariana Chaos!

Ariana was about halfway down the isle when she was obliterated from behind by Masina. The two had been at odds since the FFP Desperate Measures Preshow. Masina pulled Chaos up and slammed her into the guardrail. Ariana tried to fight back, repeatedly punching Masina in the skull, but Masina hoisted Ariana up and slammed her to the entrance ramp with a powerbomb. FFP security and medics came down to restore order.

Kenzie Anderson was pronounced the winner, and advancing in the Tokyo Cup Tournament.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Opening Round
Cindy Labre w/ Katsumi Akiyama vs Jaqueline Aulstrike

This match started out as a brawl. And Jaqueline has the immediate advantage due to her strength and size. Cindy Labre exposed Jaqueline’s inexperience, and nearly got a three count after a tornado DDT. Aulstrike fought back and gained the advantage until Katsumi Akiyama got up on the apron. She fell victim to a big boot from Jaqueline, but it opened up the door for Cindy Labre to roll her opponent up, and pull the tights. The referee missed the illegal pin and made the three count. Cindy Labre would advance in the Tokyo Cup Tournament.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Opening Round
Nevin Solomon vs Blaine Edwards

A pretty entertaining match for the fans of Osaka, Japan. Both men used speed, technical skills and high flying in the match, making the fans jump to their feet for near falls and high impact moves. Blaine hit Nevin with a Blue Thunder Bomb – shades of his girlfriend Zoey Kiehl, but only got a two count. Nevin Solomon fought back, and hit a Superkick that echoed throughout the arena. Solomon then capitalized by spiking Blaine with the Fisherman Brainbuster, and hooked his leg for the pin. The former FFP Cruiserweight Champion would advance on in the Tokyo Cup Tournament.

After the match, Hayden Flowers stepped out onto the entrance stage, looking pitiful at Blaine, mockingly clapping his hands in applause, as if to say, “atta boy Blaine…”

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Opening Round
Quinn Delaney vs Ella Brant

This match was hard hitting. Possibly the most hard hitting of the tournament thus far. A match that didn’t have any bad blood, yet had the Osaka crowd grimacing because of the sounds of the stiff and solid chops, elbows, kicks and clothesline. Quinn went for a Quinn Cutter after rocking Ella with two consecutive clotheslines, but Ella reversed by simply throwing Quinn forward and causing her to slam to the mat.

As Quinn got back up, Ella charged and slammed her with a running STO for a two count. Brant went to the middle rope next and delivered an effective knee drop. Again, she got a two count. Ella stepped back to let Quinn get back to her feet. Ella set her up for a piledriver, but Quinn reversed into an Alabama slam. Quinn made the cover but Brant kicked out at two. Quinn then set Ella up for the Quinn Cutter again. When Quinn went for it this time, Ella hooked her arms into a backslide. As she made the pin, Brant bridged her body over top of Quinn’s, making a kick out extremely difficult. The referee slid into position. 1…2…3! Ella Brant would advance in the Tokyo Cup Tournament.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Opening Round
Hiroki Ito vs Hayden Flowers

A very technical match with Hiroki using solid and stiff kicks to wear down the former OWF Champion. Hayden used speed and high flying maneuvers to try to earn a victory over Hiroki, who was a former HONOR World Champion. Ito however caught Hayden by surprise with the Go to Sleep. However Hayden landed close to the ropes and was able to put his foot on the bottom rope during the pin attempt.

Ito had thought he won. He got up and put his arms in the air. And the referee seemed to have a little difficulty explaining to Hiroki that Hayden had the rope. This gave Flowers enough time to sneak up and roll Hiroki up. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Hiroki kicked out. Both men got back to their feet, but Ito quickly destroyed Hayden with a shining wizard. Hiroki then made the cover, and got the three count.

After the match, Blaine Edwards came out and stood on the entrance ramp, doing exactly what Hayden did to him earlier in the night. Obviously a match between these two would need to happen as soon as possible.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Opening Round
Fiona Burke vs Alexandra Knight

This match had quite a few high spots. The WWS Ladies Champion came out on fire, hitting some big clotheslines, a hurricanrana and a German suplex. As Fiona got back up, Alexandra hit a shining wizard for a two count. But Fiona Burke fought back, hitting a couple knees, a belly to belly suplex and a codebreaker. Knight once again took control of the match, and went for a Frog Splash, but Fiona got her knees up. Burke then planted Alexandra with the FAB Drop for the three count.

On March 26, 2017 Full Force Pro will present FFP Aggravated Assault live from Tokyo, Japan. Aggravated Assault is just a small part of FFP’s annual Japan Tour. The card is hardly set for Aggravated Assault, however we do know that at that event we will see the finals of the Men’s and Women’s Tokyo Cup Tournament! You won’t want to miss this show!

The scene cut backstage where Lizzy Kraven was being interviewed by Tyrece Beckman. Lizzy had taken some time off of FFP to wrestle in Australia where she won a women’s title. Lizzy spoke about how it was great to be back in Full Force Pro. Lizzy also mentioned her back and forth with Dani Rawlings on Twitter, and said that she would love to step into the ring with Dani.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Opening Round
Matt Kraven vs JJ Perry

Matt Kraven came out on fire. After losing the HONOR World Title just two days before, he would have either came out using it as motivation, or being off of his game. Matt and JJ were friends, but both made it clear that on this night it was about getting the three count and advancing in the Tokyo Cup Tournament. It was a back and forth match from the start. Kraven got a close two count after a half and half suplex. He followed up with a hard kick to the chest, and a tiger suplex. Kraven went up top, but Perry put the brakes on Kraven’s offense with a jumping kick to the side of Matt’s skull, followed by a hurricanrana from the top. Perry made the cover but only got a two count.

JJ pulled Matt up and hit a couple knife edge chops and a spinning forearm. Then he set Kraven up for the Bloody Sunday. As he went for the move, Matt blocked it and reversed into a Northern lights suplex. When Perry got back to his feet, Matt hit the Superkick for the three count.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Opening Round
Kashimanaki vs Odell Porter

The new HONOR World Champion Kashimanaki taking on Odell Porter. The Osaka crowd was very excited for this one. They shook hands, and went to work. Both wrestlers very cautious, not wanting to make a mistake and be eliminated from the Tokyo Cup. Odell hit a Northern lights suplex. Kashimanaki fought back hitting a couple nice kicks. Odell caught one and hit a dragon screw. But Kashimanaki fought back, still using his kicks and a couple hard elbows. Porter blocked one, went behind Kashimanaki and hit a German suplex. Both wrestlers popped back up, and Odell hit another German suplex, this time bridging it but only getting a one count.

The crowd loved it. Strikes. Technical maneuvers. Moves off the ropes. Odell hit a big clothesline and followed it up with a springboard moonsault off the middle rope. He hooked Kashimanaki’s leg but got a two count. As Odell sat for a second to catch his breath, Kashimanaki hooked his arm with both of his legs and hooked Porter in a crossface. It was obviously painful. Odell reached out, stretching for the ropes. He barely got his fingers on them. The move had to be released.

As Odell fought back, the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews came down the isle. Matthews lost earlier in the night, most likely due to Odell’s distraction. Maybe Daniel was coming for payback.

The distraction did what Daniel planned. Odell seemed to be on his way to gaining the upperhand against Kashimanaki, but turned his attention to Daniel Matthews, welcoming him into the ring. Matthews acted as if he was going to slide in, but put the breaks on. Odell then turned to his opponent, and was stunned with a kick to the skull. Kashimanaki then hoisted Odell up and slammed him to the mat with the Kashimanaki Driver. The new HONOR World Champion hooked Odell’s leg and got the three count. He would advance in the Tokyo Cup Tournament.

Daniel now slid into the ring. He pulled Odell up, hoisted him up and drove him to the mat with the Death Valley Driver. He then stood over Porter with the FFP World Title held proudly in the air.


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