03/16/2017 FFP Tour of Japan | Day Three

FFP Tour of Japan | Day Three
March 16, 2017
Nagoya, Japan

The show opened up with the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews walking down the isle with Dani Rawlings by his side. The Champion, with the title strapped around his waist, took a microphone and demanded that he be placed back in the Tokyo Cup Tournament. Daniel said that due to Morgan Landings’ injury that Daniel would be the only one that made sense to replace him, because he only defeated Daniel by Odell’s distraction. Matthews added that he also had his foot on the ropes when Morgan pinned him.

Daniel said he would not let the show continue until he was given what he wanted. But he was interrupted by Odell Porter. Odell told Daniel that clearly his foot wasn’t on the rope. He also said that Daniel didn’t deserve to be the replacement since he was the one that attacked Morgan. Odell said he had another idea. He said instead of Daniel worrying about what he wanted, he should give the fans what they want, a World Title match against Odell Porter at Aggravated Assault. Daniel laughed, saying he had already given out opportunity after opportunity to Odell and he didn’t deserve another one.

Odell accused Daniel of being scared, saying he was declining because deep down he knew that he would lose his title to Odell here in Japan. Matthews scoffed at the idea of being scared. The two continued trading insults until Daniel finally agreed to defend his title against Odell at Aggravated Assault.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Quarterfinal
Matt Kraven vs Anarchy

Talk about starting out with a big time match. This match had a big fight feel to it and they tore into each other. Apparently both men were hell bent on making it to the semifinals of the Tokyo Cup. Fists flew. Chops echoed. Elbows connected. Anarchy slammed Kraven with a belly-to-belly suplex. Matt fought back and hit an impressive German suplex. Anarchy shoved Matt into the corner and hit him with an avalanche, followed with a back elbow. But Kraven fought back, hitting a t-bone suplex.

Kraven waited for Anarchy to get back up, and went for a hard clothesline, but Anarchy ducked and locked Matt in the Rear Naked Choke. Anarchy took Matt down and wrapped his legs around him. Kraven was in the very middle of the ring. Kraven reached out. He stretched. Trying to reach the ropes. He grabbed Anarchy’s arms, trying to break his grip. Kraven began to fade. Any energy he was exerting to reach the ropes or move the weight of both men, was energy he wasn’t getting back.

But somehow, Kraven got his body free, and kicked up, turning his body over Anarchy’s head and pinning his shoulders to the mat. 1…2… and Anarchy had to release the choke to kick out. Kraven tried to get up quickly, but Anarchy beat him upright, and destroyed him with a lariat. Matt Kraven was laid out on the mat. Anarchy dropped like he was going to go for a pin, but instead pulled Kraven’s head up and delivered a couple punches. He pulled the former HONOR World Champion up, sent him into the ropes and dropped him with a Samoan drop. Anarchy went for a pin again. 1…2… and again Kraven kicked out at two.

Anarchy pulled Matt up and forced him back into the corner. He charged at Matt, jumping in the air and attempting to crush him against the turnbuckles, but Matt moved and Anarchy’s head connected with the top of the steel ring post. Anarchy turned around, with blood now pouring out of his forehead. Kraven wasted no time, cracking the big Samoan with a Superkick. Anarchy dropped to his knees, and Kraven hit another Superkick. Anarchy was stunned. And blood had now covered his face.

Matt looked to be setting him up for yet another Superkick, but instead he pulled Anarchy back up and drove him into the mat with a devastating piledriver. Kraven draped his arm over Anarchy’s chest. 1…2…3! Matt Kraven defeated Anarchy in one hell of a match, and would go on to the Tokyo Cup Semifinals!

On March 26, 2017 Full Force Pro will present FFP Aggravated Assault live from Tokyo, Japan. Aggravated Assault is just a small part of FFP’s annual Japan Tour. The card is hardly set for Aggravated Assault, however we do know that at that event we will see the finals of the Men’s and Women’s Tokyo Cup Tournament! You won’t want to miss this show!

The scene cut backstage where Cindy Labre was being interviewed by Raquel St Claire. Cindy said that later tonight she would have another chance to defeat Nina Fox. Labre said that she indeed would beat Nina, and if Nina were the fighting champion that she claims to be, she would put the FFP Women’s Championship on the line.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Quarterfinal
Fiona Burke vs Aubrey Moresi

A respectful match. The two ladies high fived before going at it. Aubrey gained the upperhand first, with a side headlock and eventual takedown. Fiona escaped out using her legs to trap Aubrey’s head. Eventually the two wound back up at their feet. The match was very technical, with both women trying to avoid the finisher of their opponent. Aubrey went up top for the Cake Faced, but Fiona scouted it, and knew not to even come close to the corner.

However, later on in the match, Aubrey did the same, and Fiona charged, possibly looking to climb up the turnbuckle and toss Aubrey off. But Aubrey leapt off the top and hit her opponent with the Cake Faced. Moresi made the pin, but somehow Fiona kicked out at two. Aubrey couldn’t believe it. She pulled Fiona up and planted her with a scoop slam. She climbed to the middle rope and hit a leg drop. Then, she ascended back up top. She was going to hit Fiona with another Cake Faced.

As Fiona got to her feet, Aubrey jumped from the top again, but Fiona knew what she was going for, and dodged. Aubrey crashed to the mat below. Fiona quickly pulled Aubrey back up, and planted her with the FAB Drop. She hooked Aubrey’s leg. 1…2…3! Fiona Burke had won the match, and would advance to the semifinals.

After the match Fiona helped Aubrey up. She shook Aubrey’s hand and encouraged the crowd to cheer for her.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was joined by Masina. Tyrece asked Masina about Ariana Chaos’ challenge to her. Masina laughed, saying that it would be Ariana’s funeral. Masina then noted that she had just spoken with Mary Faith Brooks and her daughter Hope, and they signed a match between Masina and Ariana at Aggravated Assault. Masina then added that if her and Ariana crossed paths before Aggravated Assault, that Ariana may not make it there.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Quarterfinal
Joey DeMarco vs Alexander Modest

A hard hitting match, featuring a veteran who won last year’s Tokyo Cup, and a rookie looking to continue his winning streak, impress his girlfriend – who happened to be the Commissioner of FFP, and climb up the ladder here in FFP. Alexander pulled off some innovative and impressive moves. But Joey DeMarco was just too much for the rookie. After a brainbuster off the middle rope, DeMarco planted Modest with a jumping piledriver for the three count.

After the match the scene cut to the office of President Mary Faith Brooks. She was joined by her daughter Hope, who was dating Alexander. Both women looked disappointed for Alexander, although he did well in the tournament and put up a great fight against Joey.

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Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Quarterfinal
Brandi Moore vs Kenzie Anderson

Another very good match that was back and forth. Kenzie scored the first close fall with a small package. Brandi battled back, and school girled Kenzie for a close two count. Eventually the two continued fighting back and forth and floored each other with simultaneous clotheslines. Brandi was the first to get up, planting Kenzie with the fameasser. Moore went for the cover, but Kenzie got her foot on the rope. So Brandi pulled her away from the ropes, hit the ropes, dropped a leg on the FFP Women’s Television Champion, and went for another pin. But Kenzie kicked out at two.

Brandi had enough. She pulled Kenzie up and hit a gourdbuster. She followed that up with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then a clothesline off the top rope. She set Kenzie up for the Fisherman Brainbuster, but Kenzie escaped out and hit a superkick. The move stunned Brandi. Kenzie grabbed the FFP Hall of Famer, and hit a Northern lights suplex, bridging it for the pin. 1…2.. and Brandi kicked out. Kenzie screamed in frustration. She pulled Brandi up and hit her with her own finisher, the Fisherman Brainbuster! What an insult to beat someone with their finisher. Kenzie pinned Moore. 1…2… and Brandi kicked out again. Kenzie couldn’t believe it.

Brandi fought back to her feet, and after realizing what Kenzie had tried, Brandi was going full bore. Kenzie attempted a big clothesline, but Brandi ducked it. And off the rebound Moore nearly split Kenzie in half with a spear from hell. Kenzie was hurt. She was holding her ribs as she pushed herself back up to her feet. Brandi helped her up, by pulling her hair. She proceeded to plant the Women’s TV Champ with the Fisherman Brainbuster, and hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Brandi Moore won the match, but Kenzie put up an impressive fight.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was preparing to interview the FFP Tag Team Champions, Assault & Battery. Beckman asked a couple questions, but before the interview could really get started, the American Bulldogs charged the room, knocking the champions out of their chairs and pummeling them on the floor. Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan never had a chance, being completely blindsided and knocked to the hard floor before they even knew what had happened. The Bulldogs continued stomping and kicked Hart and Lewan as Tyrece rushed to get security. Then Michael Graham appeared. Graham simply smiled, and told the Bulldogs to come, leaving the Champions down on the ground.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Quarterfinal
Ella Brant vs Dani Rawlings

A very hard hitting match. These two had traded words and insults on Twitter, and it showed how much they disliked each other with the stiff hard shots they hit each other with. Ella got the early advantage, hitting a brainbuster and a facebuster. Dani gained the upperhand and took Ella to the top turnbuckle, but Ella reversed into a sunset flip powerbomb for a close two count. She followed it up with a spinning elbow which rocked the HONOR Women’s Champion. But Ella went for a running boot to the head, and Dani ducked. Rawlings then hooked Ella and rolled her up, pulling on her tights and getting the three count.

After the match Ella tried to tell the referee what happened, but Dani grabbed her HONOR Women’s Title and celebrated. However, she turned around and fell victim to a Kraven Lariat, courtesy of Lizzy Kraven. Lizzy and Dani also traded a few words on Twitter (apparently Dani isn’t popular on Twitter). Lizzy then took a microphone and asked Dani if she still needed to ask “what a Lizzy Kraven was”.

The scene cut backstage in the office of Mary Faith Brooks and her daughter Hope. Alexander Modest entered the room. Obviously disappointed after his quarterfinal loss to showy DeMarco. Hope turned to him and said she was sorry that he lost. But Mary was quick to wrap him in a hug. She apologized as well, and told him that she just knew he would get back on the winning track very soon.

On May 28, 2017 live from San Diego, Full Force Pro will present it’s yearly all-women pay-per-view. That’s right! FFP takes women’s wrestling very seriously. And Guilty Pleasures is the event that is completely dedicated to our incredible talented women. Don’t miss! Because many say the women do it better!

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Quarterfinal
Nevin Solomon vs Kashimanaki

A fast paced and entertaining match. Both former FFP Cruiserweight Champions, but only one, Kashimanaki, was the reigning HONOR World Champion. Kashimanaki landed a few unanswered kicks that rocked Nevin Solomon. The kid didn’t give up, hitting a brainbuster and a flying headbutt. But Kashimanaki was just too good, and really tearing it up in the squared circle as of late. Kashimanaki hit the Kashimanaki Driver for the three count, advancing to the semifinals of the Tokyo Cup Tournament.

The scene cut backstage where Hayden Flowers and Aubrey Moresi were talking in the hallway. Blaine Edwards and OWF wrestler Zoey Kiehl walked by. Hayden looked up, and asked if there was a problem. Hayden and Blaine began feuding at Desperate Measures when Hayden attacked Blaine, claiming that he took his opportunity. Blaine said that he didn’t say anything to Hayden, but Hayden got in his face anyway. The two traded words, with their girlfriends attempting to separate the men. But eventually, the women began to trade words as well. The altercation looked to be ready to turn physical when security arrived and the couples went their separate ways.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Quarterfinal
Nina Fox vs Cindy Labre

Although this feud hadn’t had much air time lately, the fact that Cindy broke Nina’s neck, beat her for her title, and stole her Hall of Fame ring was enough to have Nina wanting to rip Cindy’s head off. And Cindy still disliked Nina, and wanted to beat the FFP Women’s Champion to prove that she deserved a shot at the title. The match started out violent. Punches, kicks, hair pulling. Both women tumbled over the top rope and began taking turns slamming the other into the guardrail, the ring apron, and even the ring steps. Eventually things settled down and found it’s way back into the ring. Nina Fox was far better at technical wrestling than Cindy, so the former Women’s Champion had to rely on brawling.

As Nina looked to be heading toward a victory, Cindy’s stablemate Katsumi Akiyama came down the isle. But when she climbed onto the apron, she was met with a Nina Fox Superkick. Katsumi crashed to the arena floor. But Nina turned around to be leveled with a running knee to the jaw from Cindy. Labre then grabbed a hold of Nina, and planted her with her Stalling Fisherman Brainbuster. Was that it? Would Nina Fox be eliminated from the Tokyo Cup Tournament? Cindy hooked Nina’s leg. 1…2… and Nina kicked out. Barely. So Cindy pulled the Women’s Champion up, and set her up for another Stalling Fisherman. But this time, Nina used her momentum to go completely over Cindy, landing on her feet behind her opponent. Nina quickly rolled Cindy up for the pin. 1…2… and Cindy kicked out. She popped back up to her feet. But when she did, Nina cracked her with the Superkick. Fox then made the cover. 1…2…3! Nina Fox would advance in the Tokyo Cup Tournament!

After the match Nina took possession of her Women’s Title. She walked up the entrance ramp holding the title in the air. She was all smiles as she exited the ringside area.


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