FFP Tokyo Cup Tournament Final Four!

Both Tokyo Cup Tournaments are now to the Final Four! That’s right! After Thursday’s FFP Tour of Japan event, the men and women tournaments have been narrowed down, from 16 to four.

In the men’s tournament, we will see former HONOR World Champion Joey DeMarco take on current HONOR World Champion Kashimanaki. These two men aren’t strangers. It should make for a very interesting match.

Also in the men’s tournament, former FFP and HONOR World Champion Matt Kraven will take on former HONOR World Champion Hiroki Ito. Interesting that every member of this final four has held the HONOR World Championship. Kraven and Ito aren’t strangers either, as Kraven defeated Ito to win his first ever HONOR World Championship.

In the women’s Tournament, we will see HONOR Women’s Champion Dani Rawlings take on Full Force Pro Hall of Famer Brandi Moore. Both of these women claim to be the best, and will do everything they can in the ring to prove it.

Also in the women’s tournament, former OWF Women’s Champion Fiona Burke will take on FFP Women’s Champion Nina Fox. Although Nina has the experience edge on Fiona, this match looks like it could be quite a competitive match.

Be sure to catch these Semifinal Tournament matches Monday night on a special FFP Monday Night!

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