Matches Set for FFP Aggravated Assault

Today has been a very busy day. After the third televised show of the FFP Tour of Japan in Naguya, Japan, Mary Faith Brooks and Hope Brooks got together to set up plenty of great matches for FFP Aggravated Assault.

However, some matches came easily for the mother-daughter duo.

Today’s show in Japan saw the American Bulldogs attack the FFP Tag Team Champions Assault & Battery. After that attack, it was a no-brainer that the two teams would clash at Aggravated Assault.

Speaking of title matches. The OWF Commissioner Duncan Wright decided to showcase two of the OWF’s best talents at Aggravated Assault. Deshaun Reed will put the OWF Title on the line against former OWF Network Champion Malakai.

While we talk about the Ohio Wrestling Federation, it’s worth mentioning that Jaqueline Aulstrike and Zoey Kiehl will meet in the center of the ring yet again, this time on the big stage at Aggravated Assault.

Other feuds will get showcased at FFP Aggravated Assault as well! Blaine Edwards and Hayden Flowers will continue their feud, going one-on-one, as will Masina and Ariana Chaos!

And of course, the FFP Aggravated Assault main event will be another matchup between the World Champion Daniel Matthews, and the challenger Odell Porter. These two have clashed many times, but Daniel would always find a way to squirm out of the match with the World Title intact. This time however, the two will meet in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match! This match very well could be the FFP’s best match of 2017, if not in company history.

Aggravated Assault has shaped up to be quite a show next Sunday night. And this isn’t even including the two Tokyo Cup Tournament Finals! If you have plans next Sunday, be sure to cancel them, and tune in to FFP’s annual Tokyo pay-per-view, Aggravated Assault!


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