03/20/2017 FFP Monday Night

FFP Monday Night
March 20, 2017
Tokyo, Japan

The show opened up with Mary Faith Brooks welcoming everyone to the first FFP Monday Night in nearly a year. She promised a lot of great wrestling.

Mary was then interrupted by Bianca Hunt and the rest of her stable. Bianca demanded to know why her clients were left off of the Tour of Japan. She also demanded that both of them have matches at Aggravated Assault.

Mary said that she didn’t purposefully leave them off of the tour. She said that if they wanted matches at Aggravated Assault, that she would gladly give it to them. She said that EJ “Money” Carter could defend his Cruiserweight Title against former champion Shikamaru, to which the Tokyo crowd applauded. Then she also announced Mikhail Vakhrov would be facing off against a mystery opponent. Bianca wasn’t pleased with the announcement of a mystery opponent. She demanded to know who it would be, but Mary said she’d find out on Sunday.

Giovanni Gotch vs Yuriko Fuji
A very good opening match with both wrestlers attempting to out wrestle the other. Yuriko Fuji had a great HONOR Women’s Title reign. Giovanni Gotch hadn’t hit the big time in FFP when it comes to the FFP Women’s Championship just yet, but was the OWF Women’s Champion for a record 94 days. Gotch keyed in on Yuriko’s leg, mostly the knee. Chop blocks, knees to the leg, and ramming the leg into the steel ring post. Fuji fought back. Hitting Gotch with a couple brutal elbows to the head that rocked the tall blonde. A DDT and German suplex knocked Giovanni loopy. Fuji then planted her with a Tiger Driver for a two count. Fuji went up top, attempting a missile dropkick, but Giovanni caught her legs, and wound up slapping on the figure four leg lock. Giovanni had done a great job of working Yuriko’s legs down, as she was obviously in a lot of pain.

Eventually Yuriko was able to push and scoot and force her and Giovanni to the edge of the ring where the Japanese superstar could grab the ropes, forcing a break. Giovanni did break the hold, but pulled her opponent up and hit a stalling suplex, holding Yuriko straight up in the air for a good 15 seconds. Giovanni climbed to the middle rope and went for a dive, but Fuji got her knees up. Gotch had the wind knocked out of her. Fuji pulled Giovanni up and hit her with a hard rib buster. Yuriko went to the middle rope and hit a knee drop across Gotch’s head. Fuji then locked Giovanni in a dragon clutch. Giovanni was in tremendous pain. Reaching and clawing for the ropes. She used her upper body strength, as well as her leg strength to muscle her way into a standing position, with Fuji still on her back. Giovanni walked to the ropes, and dumped Yuriko over the top. The weight of Yuriko, still being hooked onto Gotch, sent them both spilling to the outside. The hold had finally been released. Both women were down.

They got to their feet around the same time, but Gotch gained the upperhand with a cheap shot to the throat. Giovanni then rammed Yuriko’s head into the steel guardrail. Next, Gotch pulled Yuriko up and set her up for her Hellacious Powerbomb. But instead of slamming Yuriko to the arena floor, she slammed her upper back across the steel guardrail. The crowd gasped. Fuji collapsed to the floor. Giovanni slowly rolled back into the ring. The referee continued his 20-count and Giovanni won by count out.

The scene cut backstage where brand new backstage correspondent Gia Kasparian was standing by with the American Bulldogs. Gia asked them about Michael Graham becoming their new manager. Nathan Caine quickly cut Gia off, saying that in fact there was never any official announcement about Michael being the manager of the Bulldogs. Caine said that he may have given them advice, but as far as management, a deal had not been made.

Gia then asked them about their FFP Tag Team Title opportunity at Aggravated Assault on Sunday. Matt Evanston said that the Bulldogs were going to make the best of this opportunity, and prove that they are the best thing team in the world, by taking the belts from Assault & Battery.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Semifinal
Fiona Burke vs Nina Fox

The match started out with both women trying to gain a quick advantage and a quick pinfall over the other. School girl roll ups. Small packages. A backslide. A bunch of one counts. A couple of counts that barely made it to two. Then Fiona Burke caught Nina in a headlock takedown. Nina fought back to her feet. Fiona went for another takedown, but Nina blocked it, and hit Fiona with a German suplex. She had Fiona stunned early. But she didn’t let her guard down. In fact, she stayed with her gameplan. She went for a pin, but Fiona kicked out right after the two count. Nina kept Fiona down. This time wrenching on her arm. Fiona reached out to grab the ropes. Even stepping up onto one foot and leaning toward the ropes.

But Nina forced Fiona up, and took her down with an arm drag. Then another. She hooked Fiona’s arm around her in a hammerlock, but Fiona reversed into a Drop toe hold. Fiona then hit a dropkick. Nina hit the ground and rolled out of the ring. The Women’s Champion got rocked. If only for a second. She slid back into the ring and the two locked up again. Fiona grabbed a headlock again. Nina sent her into the ropes. Nina went for a back body drop, but Fiona instead rolled Nina up into a sunset flip. Nina got a shoulder up right after the one count. Fiona popped back up, and hit Nina with a hard soccer style kick across the chest. The champion went from sitting to laying. Fiona went for another pin. She got a two count.

Fiona pulled Nina up, but Fox quickly turned it into an overhead belly to belly. They got back up about the same time, Nina hit a regular belly to belly. They popped up again, and Nina hit a Northern lights. Fiona was slow to get up, and Nina went for the Superkick. But Burke dropped down and rolled out of the ring. That didn’t stop Nina. She hit the ropes and floored Fiona with a suicide dive. Nina climbed up onto the apron, and proceeded to hit a senton off the apron, on the arena floor.

Nina pulled Fiona up. She rolled her back into the ring. Fox climbed up onto the apron and began to climbed through the ropes. But Fiona popped back up and rocked the Women’s Champion with a European uppercut. She hooked her in a front face lock, and spiked her with a hangman’s DDT with Nina’s legs on the middle rope. Fiona made the pin. But Nina kicked out. It was close. The Tokyo crowd gasped. Fiona pulled Nina back up, and this time set her up for the FAB Drop. But Nina fought out, and floored Fiona with a STO. Nina was still stunned and couldn’t capitalize. Both women pushed themselves up. Nina grabbed Fiona muscled her up. Next she delivered her old finisher, Emerald Fusion. Nina hooked Burke’s leg. 1…2… and Fiona kicked out. She barely got her shoulder up. Nina stepped back. She was going for the Superkick. She had won several matches with the move. And when Fiona got up, Fox cracked her with it. Nina dropped to her knees, and laid over Fiona’s body. The referee slid into position.

1…2… and Fiona got her foot on the bottom rope! Morgan Alexander went crazy on commentary. He couldn’t believe it. Neither could Nina. She looked at the ref. She looked at Fiona’s foot. Then she grabbed Fiona’s foot and pulled it away from the rope, making another cover. The ref counted again. 1…2… and this time Fiona kicked out. She had too much time to regain her senses.

Nina got up, frustrated. She called for the Superkick again, shaking her head, telling the crowd that this was it. Fiona was slow to get up. Grabbed the ropes to pull herself up. Nina went for the second Superkick of the match, but Fiona ducked it. She grabbed around Nina’s waist and slammed her with a German suplex. Nina got back to her feet, a little groggy, stumbling. Fiona then hooked the FFP Women’s Champion and planted her with the FAB Drop. But Fiona couldn’t take advantage and make the pin. She was tired and groggy too. She finally rolled over to Nina, but Nina had rolled to her side as well. The two began to fight to get to their feet.

Nina and Fiona got to their feet at the same time. Fiona went for a clothesline, but Nina ducked. Fox then went for the Superkick, but Fiona caught her foot. Burke then spun Nina around, hooked her and hit another FAB Drop! Fiona quickly rolled over and laid across Nina, hooking her leg. 1…2…3! Fiona Burke had defeated the FFP Women’s Champion, and would advance to the finals of the Tokyo Cup at Aggravated Assault!

Fiona rolled out of the ring. Exhausted. Still groggy even. Nina stayed in the ring, laying, burying her face in her hands. She wanted to win the Tokyo Cup. But as Nina did so, Giovanni Gotch rushed down the isle. She slid into the ring and hit Nina with a stomp to the back. She pulled Nina up by her dark hair, and was setting her up for the Hellacious Powerbomb. But Fiona noticed the attack and slid into the ring. Giovanni and Fiona were a tag team known as Team FAB. But those days were gone. Fiona attempted to stop Giovanni’s attack, but Gotch grabbed her and threw her through the ropes. Burke crashed to the arena floor. Gotch turned around, looking to continue her attack on the Women’s Champion. But Nina had regained her senses enough to flood the tall blonde with a Superkick. Nina then climbed out of the ring and walked up the entrance ramp.

Fox may not have won her match against Fiona, but she did finally one-up Giovanni.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire was standing by with Seduction Inc. Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson talked about his tonight Brandi would defeat Dani Rawlings and go on to win the Tokyo Cup. The duo also talked about how they would beat the Ellison Twins
And once again become the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions because they were the best tag team in FFP history.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Semifinal
Matt Kraven vs Hiroki Ito

These two had had some very memorable matches in the past. Quite possibly, classic matches. Hiroki Ito was the man who Matt defeated to win his first HONOR World Championship. But Kraven had faced him before that, and came up on the losing end of things. On this night, Kraven hoped that that would not be the case.

The two were very capable of technical wrestling. They knew how to pick an opponent’s body over and eventually wear them down and earn a victory. But after the opening bell, the two men tore into each other. Hiroki with punches, and knee strikes to the chest. Kraven with elbows, a Roaring Elbow and a clothesline that sent Hiroki over the top. Kraven didn’t hesitate. He hit the ropes and delivered a suicide dive to Hiroki. Anytime Kraven performed a suicide dive, crowd members and roster members alike seemed to collectively hold their breath, due to Matt breaking his neck during an attempt at the move several months ago.

Matt sent Hiroki back into the ring and continued on the offensive. A European uppercut, spinning back kick and a tornado DDT was a string of moves he used against his opponent. But Hiroki wasn’t staying down that easy. Kraven attempted a pin, only getting a one count. He took Ito down again and got a two count from the official. Kraven then set Ito up for his Superkick, but Ito ducked it and planted Kraven’s face into the mat with a full nelson facebuster. He rolled Kraven over and went for a pin. Matt kicked out at two.

Matt fought back up to his feet. But Hiroki hit the ropes and delivered a devastating knee to the head. Kraven stumbled back and fell to the mat. Ito backed away, and hit a dropkick to the side of Matt’s head. Matt rolled out of the ring, stepping down to the arena floor to try to regain some sense. Ito hit the ropes, and delivered a suicide dive to Matt. Who did it better? The Japan crowd seemed to side with the Japan native.

Hiroki enjoyed the cheers of the crowd. He pulled Matt up, and hoisted him onto his shoulders. In a little bit of a shock, Hiroki hit Matt with his finisher, the Go to Sleep on the arena floor. Ito put his arms out, and the crowd cheered. The referee’s count was getting dangerously close to the 20-count, so Ito rolled in and back out to break the count.

Kraven began to crawl on his back, backing away from Hiroki. He wound up against the steel ring steps. Hiroki charged, going for a kick to Kraven’s skull, but Matt rolled out of the way and Hiroki slammed into the steps. He was in pain. Possibly suffering an injury to his leg. Kraven noticed. And like a true pro, he keyed in on it. He pulled Hiroki up and whipped him into the ring. He followed Ito in and delivered a drag leg screw. Matt then quickly took hold of Ito’s leg and slapped on an ankle lock. Ito immediately began reaching for the ropes.

Hiroki used his hands to scoot closer to the ropes, but Matt hooked his legs around Ito’s leg and dropped to the mat. Now the weight was double. Ito was going to have trouble getting anywhere. He fought, reaching, screaming, yelling in Japanese. He then turned and began using his free leg to kick Kraven. He kicked anywhere he could. Face, chest, hands and elbows. Eventually, Matt broke the hold. Hiroki was slow to get up, limping on his ankle. But before he could get too far, Kraven cracked him with a devastating Superkick. Ito went down hard. Matt then hooked his leg. The referee slid into position. 1…2…3! Matt Kraven would advance to the final of the Tokyo Cup Tournament.

After the match Kraven helped Ito up. He said something to him, and the two embraced. The two were a part of the short lived stable the Assassination Squad. Obviously the two had mutual respect for the other. So much so that they left the ring and walked up the entrance together.

FFP Women’s Television Title
Kenzie Anderson vs Kemina

Both women were highly athletic. And not afraid to hit big moves to try to come out victorious in this one. Kemina had held the FFP Diamond Title, as well as the Women’s and the Diamond Tag Team Titles. But Kemina hadn’t held any other singles titles. She was looking forward to the chance to challenge the cocky Kenzie Anderson for her Women’s Television Title.

Speaking of the title, when Kemina hit a couple of moves that seemed to really give her the upperhand, such as a gourdbuster, a leg drop off the middle rope and a beautiful moonsault from the top, Kenzie got the advantage with a thumb to the eye. Then, she went to he outside and grabbed her Women’s TV Title. The referee warned her, obviously ready to disqualify her if she used the belt. She swung it at Kemina, but the former Diamond Champion ducked it, and hit Kenzie with a swinging DDT, on the belt! Kemina hooked Kenzie’s leg. 1…2… and Kenzie kicked out. Barely. It was so close.

Kemina tried to stay on the offensive, but Kenzie threw Kemina down by her blonde hair, and began arguing with the referee about disqualifying Kemina. Kemina grabbed the Women’s TV Title and slid it out of the ring. But when she turned her attention back to Kenzie, Anderson leveled her with a Superkick. Then, she hit the ropes and blasted Kemina with a running boot to the face. Finally, Kenzie blasted Kemina with the Busaiku Knee. She pinned the challenger. 1…2…3! Kenzie took advantage of Kemina being distracted, and pulled out the victory. Morgan Alexander insisted that Kenzie got the job done, like a true champion.

The scene cut backstage to the office of Mary Faith and Hope Brooks. Mary said that she was setting up a a Television Title match at Aggravated Assault. Hiroki Ito defending against Alexander Modest. Hope didn’t seem as excited as her mom thought. So Mary said she thought Hope would be pleased. Hope said that she felt like her mom was giving him preferential treatment. She said that she knew Alexander was a great wrestler, but knew he’d be able to earn the opportunity himself. Mary however continued with the booking of the match.

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Women’s Semifinal
Dani Rawlings vs Brandi Moore

Dani came to the ring holding her stomach. She had been claiming to be sick for days. Brandi didn’t care though, and repeatedly tried to go after her, but Dani kept backing up and complaining to the ref. However, just as Brandi rolled her eyes, taking them off of Dani for a split second, Dani charged and hit Brandi with a hard knee to the stomach. The HONOR Women’s Champion pummeled the FFP Hall of Famer and tried for multiple pin attempts, but only got one counts for each. Eventually Brandi got the upper hand, returning the favor by superkicking Dani in the stomach. Brandi continued her offensive onslaught with a back body drop and a leg drop. The veteran went up to the top rope for a crossbody, but Dani moved out of the way just in time. Dani set Brandi up for the pedigree, but Brandi maneuvered out of it, then dropped Dani with the Fisherman Brainbuster for the three count.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) ATM w/ Beatrice Keenan vs Odell Porter

Odell came out to a tremendous reaction from the Tokyo crowd. The match started out fairly normal, with ATM gaining the early advantage but Odell quickly taking the upperhand and momentum. ATM hit a European uppercut and followed it up with an ace cutter, but Odell kicked out at two. ATM continued on the attack, clotheslining Odell over the top, and joining the challenger on the arena floor. They brawled near the steel guardrail, with ATM missing a spear and slamming into the guardrail. The match found its way back into the ring where Porter hit a springboard dropkick. He followed it up with a snap suplex and a flying elbow drop. Porter then set ATM up for the Regal Plex. However, as Odell took the Champion down with his finisher, Daniel Matthews appeared, jumping over the guardrail and entering the ring. Matthews leveled Odell with a running knee to the skull as Odell noticed Daniel.

The referee called for the bell, disqualifying ATM due to the interference. ATM took his Title and left with Beatrice by his side. Meanwhile inside the squared circle, Daniel took his World Championship and sized Porter up. As Odell pushed himself up to his knees, he looked up at Daniel. Odell knew his fate, and dared Matthews to hit him. Daniel took Odell up on the dare, slamming the championship into his face. Odell collapsed to the mat. But Daniel wasn’t done. He pulled his Aggravated Assault opponent up, scooped him onto his shoulders and dumped him on the mat with the Death Valley Driver. Daniel took hold of his World Championship and stood over Odell. Was this a glimpse into the future?

Tokyo Cup Tournament | Men’s Semifinal
Joey DeMarco vs Kashimanaki

This match had a lot of attention from the Tokyo crowd. Not only because it was the night’s main event, but it was a former HONOR World Champion taking on the current HONOR World Champion, who was also from Tokyo. The match was hard hitting. Kashimanaki was known for his stiff kicks. They hurt. They echoed through the arena. But Joey DeMarco was no slouch in brawling as well. During his time in HONOR Wrestling he used a mixture of technical wrestling and brawling in all of his matches.

DeMarco got the upperhand on Kashimanaki, using elbows, firearms and back elbows to rock the reigning HONOR World Champion. A fireman carry takedown and a dropkick to the back of the head was enough for Joey to attempt a pin. He got a two count. Joey pulled Kashimanaki back up, and quickly planted him with a brainbuster. He was trying to wrap the match up early. He went for the pin. Kashimanaki kicked out at two again.

The match continued with this back and forth. Kashimanaki battling back with strikes, DeMarco gritting his teeth and fighting back as well, eventually slamming Kashimanaki with a German suplex, then hitting a shining wizard. Another pin attempt got DeMarco a two count. But the Tokyo native fought back again, backing Joey into the corner and placing him on the top rope. He climbed up with him and hit a superplex. Kashimanaki next went for a splash off the top, but DeMarco moved out of the way. He pulled Kashimanaki up and planted him with a powerbomb. He then climbed up top and hit a senton splash. After he connected however, Kashimanaki quickly grabbed Joey’s arms, locking them behind him. He flipped DeMarco onto his chest, and flipped over. It was Cattle Mutilation! Kashimanaki had the move locked in in the center of the ring. DeMarco had nowhere to go. He screamed in pain. He tried to kick his feet, push his feet against the mat, he even tried to turn to his side to force Kashimanaki to break the hold, but it was no use. The move was locked in, and DeMarco couldn’t escape. He held on as long as he could, but finally submitted.

After the submission Tokyo crowd erupted, cheering for their hometown hero advancing to the final match of the men’s Tokyo Cup Tournament!


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