Breaking News: Three Matches Set for Sunday’s Aggravated Assault

This Sunday Full Force Pro will present one of it’s biggest pay-per-views, not just in size per say. Aggravated Assault has always been a big time event for Full Force Pro. It’s always been an action-packed event that featured the biggest names in FFP.

From Veronica Clyne winning the Tokyo Cup in her last match last year, to Lizzy Kraven successfully defending the FFP World Title against Patrick McCoy in 2014. From Daniel Matthews successfully defending the same World Title against Christopher Morgan in 2009, or also in 2009 when Matt Kraven turned on Veronica Clyne, helping Brandi Moore win the FFP Diamond Championship. FFP Aggravated Assault has always been a huge staple in Full Force Pro’s pay-per-view schedule. And this year, it won’t be any different.

Earlier today on Twitter, Matt Kraven, who will battle Kashimanaki in the finals of the Men’s Tokyo Cup Tournament, suggested that since he is due his championship rematch, make this match for not only the Tokyo Cup, but also the HONOR World Championship. Only minutes later, the President of Full Force Pro Mary Faith Brooks stepped in and agreed that the idea was a great one.

But that’s not all!

Lizzy Kraven has made it known that she would like to clash with Dani Rawlings for the HONOR Women’s Title. Going as far as to nearly decapitate Dani after a Tokyo Cup Tournament match. The two have traded jabs back and forth on Twitter. Hope Brooks, Mary’s daughter was the one to let us know about this match being set up for Aggravated Assault.

And if you thought that Dani Rawlings vs Lizzy Kraven was a rivalry, we have one more for you!

For the past few weeks Giovanni Gotch has made it fairly known that she has been gunning for Nina Fox. Gotch has attacked Nina numerous times, nearly always getting the one-up on the reigning FFP Women’s Champion. However, last night at FFP Monday Night, Gotch went after Nina, but Fox hit a Superkick, finally getting the upperhand on her foe. Tonight Mary Faith Brooks made the decision to set the match so these two can finally settle things. Nina Fox vs Giovanni Gotch for the FFP Women’s Championship!

Three blockbuster matches have been added to the already STACKED card of Aggravated Assault this Sunday! So be sure to do what you have to do to get through your work week so that you can enjoy this tremendous pay-per-view, live from Tokyo, Japan!


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