03/26/2017 FFP Aggravated Assault (PPV)

FFP Aggravated Assault
March 26, 2017
Tokyo, Japan

The show opened up with clips from all of the action we had seen thus far in the FFP Tour of Japan. Kashimanaki beating Matt Kraven for the HONOR Title, Lizzy Kraven lariating Dani and Brandi Moore and Fiona Burke advancing were keyed in on in the clips.

Then, the FFP President Mary Faith Brooks came down and welcomed everyone to the show. With her Southern accent she hyped this as being Full Force Pro’s biggest event in history. Mary also said that she had promised a major announcement.

Mary announced that she had decided to create the FFP Brass Knuckles Championship. She said that this belt would be competed for in anything goes matches. She also noted that she went with the name Brass Knuckles Championship as an ode to the past and the Brass Knuckles Titles that were created years ago.

Mary said that a tournament would be set for the title, with the finals taking place at FFP All Torn Up in Orlando.

OWF Title
(c) Deshaun Reed w/ Michael Graham vs Malakai
Usually in an opening match you want excitement, you want a good wrestling match and you want to really draw the fans in. This match did just that. These two men are outstanding athletes and they showed it to the Tokyo audience as well as the viewers on the FFP Network. The match was back and forth. Deshaun Reed, who finally won his big singles titles, hit a big Samoan drop, a blockbuster from the middle rope and a tornado powerbomb for a two count. But Malakai fought back, showing his athleticism, hitting a springboard stunner, a springboard spinning DDT and a superplex. Malakai went up top and attempted a 450 Splash, but Reed got his knees up. Malakai’s ribs crashed into the champion’s knees.

Deshaun pulled Malakai up and hit a rib buster, followed by a backbreaker, and then a knee drop from the middle rope to the head. The OWF Champion went for the pin, but only got a two count. A pulled Malakai back up and planted him with a back suplex. Then, he muscled Malakai up to the top rope and attempted a hurricanrana. But Malakai held tight to the top rope, and Deshaun fell to the mat below. When he got up, Malakai hit a missile dropkick, sending Deshaun to the mat. Malakai ascended to the top one more time and successfully hit a 450 Splash this time. The referee got into position. 1…2… and Michael Graham draped Deshaun’s leg on the bottom rope. The count was broken, and the referee didn’t what Graham had done. But Malakai did.

Malakai turned his attention to Graham. Yelling at him to keep his nose out of his business. But while Malakai was distracted, Deshaun leveled him with a running knee to the lower back. Reed then hooked Malakai’s arms and spiked him to the ground with the Deshaun Driller. The OWF Champion hooked the challenger’s legs and the referee made the count. 1…2…3! Deshaun Reed had successfully defended the OWF Title in Tokyo, Japan.

Blaine Edwards vs Hayden Flowers
Blaine Edwards was the first one out. Hayden Flowers followed, but took a microphone from the time keeper area. Hayden climbed into the ring and told Blaine that he was sorry for what had happened. Hayden said that Blaine seemed to always find success before Hayden, or end up somehow topping him. Hayden said that jealousy and his temper got the best of him, and he was sorry. Hayden then extended his hand to Blaine for a handshake.

On commentary Morgan Alexander wondered if this was a sincere apology, or if Hayden was trying to catch Blaine off guard, and maybe attack him during or after the handshake. Blaine looked out into the crowd. The crowd was split. Some said “no!”, while others hoped to see the two men become friends again.

Blaine first took the microphone. He said that he would not forget what Hayden did to him, and promised that if this was a ploy that he would get him back for it. Blaine then accepted the handshake.

But as the two made peace, music hit the speakers. And Gary Kearns led his tag team, the OWF Tag Team Champions, Population Control down the isle. Gary said that it was sweet that the two boys wanted to make up, but that Zeke and Able wanted to fight.

Population Control climbed into the ring. The two men towered over Blaine and Hayden. Blaine and Hayden didn’t hesitate, going right after the undefeated tag team. But they were doomed from the start. Both men were laid out with monstrous clotheslines, then simultaneous leg drops. Zeus pulled Blaine up and planted him with a hellacious powerslam while Able pulled Hayden up and destroyed him with a powerbomb. The OWF Tag Team Champions stood over the two former OWF Champions as Gary Kearns proclaimed Population Control the most dangerous tag team in all of professional wrestling.

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Non-Title Match
Miles Lynch vs Logan Christopher
The crowd seemed to be more behind Logan Christopher, an FFP original. But Miles Lynch, the WWS Champion, had a good backing as well. The two jockeyed for the advantage, having several lock ups which ended in headlocks or armbars. Miles eventually took Logan down with a belly to back takedown, and seemed very proud of himself for doing so.

Miles worked on Logan’s legs, trying to take away the possibility of Logan going up top for the Shooting Star Press. But when Miles went for a dragon leg screw, Logan hit an enziguri. Then a swinging DDT. Logan then went up top and attempted his finisher. But Miles got his knees up. Logan crashed and burned, and Miles pulled him up and hit a gutwrench powerbomb for a two count.

Miles pulled Logan up and went for his Brainbuster, but Logan escaped by flipping over Lynch and landing behind him. Then blasting him with a jumping kick to the back of the head, and dumped him over with a German suplex. Logan held it for the pin. 1…2… and Miles got his shoulder up.

The two fought to get to their feet, winding up eye to eye. Then came the elbows. Elbow after elbow, then elbow after elbow again. The crowd loved it. Each man stumbled back after each strike, taking each other to the limit. But it was a simultaneous elbow strike that sent both of them down. Miles fell back onto the mat, but since Logan was closer to the ropes, he rolled out of the ring. It took a while for both men to return to their feet, but Miles managed to do so first. The WWS Champion rolled from the ring and stalked his opponent. Just as Logan seemed to have caught his breath and made it to his feet, Miles caught him from behind with a knee to the upper back, which sent Logan face first into the ring post, busting his nose open in the process. That’s when Miles saw an opportunity and took it. He lifted Logan up, and hit a Brainbuster on the outside! With a sadistic smile and Logan’s blood on his chest, Miles pulled Logan up by the hair and tossed his limp body in the ring. As if that display wasn’t enough, Miles once again pulled Logan to his feet and hit another Brainbuster. The WWS Champion went for the pin and scored the victory.

Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt vs Mystery Opponent
Mikhail and Bianca came down to the ring to a chorus of boos. Bianca took the microphone and said that they knew the mystery opponent for Mikhail was Austin Briggs. Bianca said that he would see the same fate he saw at Desperate Measures when Mikhail destroyed him.

Music hit, but it wasn’t Austin Briggs’ theme. It was Adam Hyatt’s! The fans couldn’t believe it. Adam and his fiancé Madison Castle stepped out from behind the curtain getting a huge cheer from the crowd. Hyatt walked down the isle and stepped into the ring. Mikhail however immediately charged, knocking him down and drilling him with stomps. Hyatt fought back up, but Mikhail floored him with a clothesline. Then another. He went for a third, but Hyatt desperately caught Vakhrov with a Superkick, which was one of Hyatt’s finishing moves. This stunned the big Russian. Adam then grabbed him, and dumped him to the mat with the Wrist Clutch Exploder, another of Hyatt’s finishers. Adam then pinned Mikhail. 1…2…3! Adam Hyatt made his FFP debut, and did it impressively.

Hyatt climbed out of the ring and wrapped Madison in a big hug. They walked up the entrance ramp all smiles.

Meanwhile Mikhail was just trying to push himself back up. But the crowd was shocked by another return, this time from the crowd. Austin Briggs hopped the steel guardrail, grabbed a nearby folding chair and slid into the ring. As Vakhrov got to his feet, with assistance from the ring ropes, Briggs leveled him with a chairshot to the back. The force sent Mikhail back into the ropes. He stumbled backward and turned toward his attacker. Austin then took a homerun swing at Mikhail, blasting him in the head with the chair. Mikhail hit the mat hard. And blood began to gush out of his forehead. But Briggs wasn’t done. He turned the chair over and began driving it into Mikhail’s ribs.

Austin finally dropped the chair and stood over top of Mikhail. Satisfied with the payback, Austin climbed out of the ring and walked up the entrance ramp. The crowd continued cheering as Bianca climbed into the ring to assist her client.

The scene cut backstage where the FFP Adrenaline Champion Alexander T Morrison and his girlfriend Beatrice Keenan were in their own personal suite. ATM talked about how he had the night off and was sitting back relaxing with a hot girl by his side, and the Adrenaline Title on his shoulder. ATM hyped up his title reign and said that he would be defending it against all comers. He continued to hype himself up as the best champion that FFP had ever or will ever see.

Ariana Chaos vs Masina
Both women needed this win, plain and simple. Ariana had the quickness advantage, but Masina had the size and strength advantage. This was quickly put on display when Ariana ran at Masina instantly after the opening bell, but was knocked right down with a clothesline. Masina effortlessly tossed Ariana around the ring by her hair, not even breaking a sweat. The cockiness proved to be a mistake when Ariana nailed a dropkick to her back, then again to her chest, then again to her knee.

As Masina fell forward, Ariana hopped on her back, locking in a sleeper hold. Masina tried to shake Ariana off, but to no avail. The veteran hung on tight, tightening the hold in an attempt to bring Masina down. It looked as if Masina was fading, but in a sudden burst of energy, she quickly backed herself into a corner, or rather, backed Ariana into a corner. The hold was broken as Ariana maneuvered herself up on the top rope to avoid being squished any further. However, this proved to be a bad move when Masina clocked Ariana with a back elbow and knocked her from the top rope all the way down to the arena floor. The crowd was shocked, wondering if Ariana would be able to continue. Masina, on the other hand, seemed very proud of herself.

Masina caught her breath in the ring as the ref began his 20 count. He reached 10 before Ariana got to her feet and attempted to climb back in the ring. When she groggily got onto the apron, Masina hit her with a running knee, sending her right back to the floor. The count was restarted when Masina rolled to the outside as well. Masina taunted Ariana, saying how she should have never came back to FFP, and how this was her yard. A boot to the face knocked Ariana down, but an attempted leg drop failed as Ariana managed to roll away. Masina held her leg in pain while Ariana slid into the ring. It took some time for Masina to do the same, but as she did, Ariana climbed to the top rope, waiting for the perfect moment. When Masina was in position, Ariana dove, aiming for a crossbody. But Masina caught her in mid air and promptly slammed her down, all of her body weight crashing on top of her opponent.

It most likely could have ended there, but Masina had more in store. The audience couldn’t believe it when they saw Masina climbing the turnbuckle, some getting on their feet in awe. Masina scanned the building from the top rope, then locked in on Ariana, who was already motionless on the mat. A loud shriek escaped Masina’s lips as she dove from the top and landed smack on Ariana with a splash. Everyone knew it was over right then and there, and the ref made the three count to confirm it.

The scene cut backstage where the OWF Commissioner Duncan Wright was in his office. Blaine Edwards and Hayden Flowers entered his room, still looking sore from their beatdown courtesy of Population Control. The two said that they wanted payback on the OWF Tag Team Champions. They said they wanted a shot at their titles, and feed them their first loss. Duncan noted that they only made up today, but they were adamant. Duncan said that since they both accomplished so much in the OWF, he would grant their request, and announce the time and place soon.

FFP Television Title
(c) Hiroki Ito vs Alexander Modest
Alexander Modest is an up and comer in Full Force Pro. He is a favorite of FFP President Mary Faith Brooks, and that could be because Modest is dating Mary’s daughter, Hope Brooks. Modest has a promising future for sure. But Hiroki Ito is an extremely competitive and capable wrestler when he steps into the squared circle.  Modest used his technical wrestling. He used some brawling as well. But Hiroki’s stiff, painful and loud kicks were just one of the many things he used to take care of business at Aggravated Assault. After nearly knocking Alexander out cold with a hard kick to the skull, Ito hoisted the challenger up onto his shoulders and drilled him with the Go to Sleep. Ito then made the cover and got the three count, retaining his FFP Television Title.

HONOR Women’s Title
(c) Dani Rawlings vs Lizzy Kraven
Although these two had only traded a few hateful tweets back and forth, they tore into each other like this was a year long feud. Lizzy Kraven had never held a singles Women’s Title until recently when she won a title in Australia. But she had her eye on the HONOR Women’s Title. Dani’s title. Dani wanted to show the world that she was a legitimate champion. If she beat Lizzy, she felt that would bring her legitimacy.

Dani got the early advantage and double underhooked Lizzy, setting her up for the Pedigree, but Lizzy broke free, and went for the Kraven Lariat. Dani dropped down, causing Lizzy to miss the finisher attempt. And out of desperation, Dani rolled out of the ring. But Lizzy quickly slid out as well, going right after the Champion. Dani turned and slid right back into the ring. When Lizzy made her way back into the ring, Dani pummeled her. Punches, slaps, stomps, and finally Dani pushed Lizzy back out of the ring with her foot.

Dani turned her back to Lizzy, looking into the crowd and putting her arms out to the side. She got boo’ed for her cockiness. And when she turned back around, there was Lizzy. Spinebuster. Dani had the wind knocked out of her. Lizzy hooked her leg. 1…2… but Dani kicked out. Lizzy wasn’t surprised. Just hoped to maybe catch her off guard. Kraven now pulled Dani up and set her on the top turnbuckle. She climbed up with her, but Rawlings caught Lizzy with a thumb to the eye and a right hand. Lizzy crashed to the mat below. Dani then hit a double knee drop to the midsection, off the middle rope. Such a simple, but effective move. Dani then hooked Lizzy in a modified sitting abdominal stretch.

The move was painful. You could tell by the look on Lizzy’s face. She tried muscling out of the hold, but was able to roll toward the ropes and hook the bottom one with her feet. Dani had to release the hold. She did, but pulled Lizzy up by her hair and spiked her to the mat with a DDT. She went for the pin. 1…2… and Lizzy got her foot on the bottom rope. Dani was frustrated. Two consecutive moves too close to the ropes. Dani pulled Lizzy out from the ropes now. She climbed up onto the middle rope, possibly to attempt a moonsault, but Lizzy for up and hit a couple clubbing blows to Dani’s back. Lizzy the positioned herself to pick Dani up on her shoulders, for a powerbomb. Lizzy charged toward the opposite corner, attempting a turnbuckle powerbomb, but Dani pushed off of Lizzy, landing on her feet behind her. Lizzy turned around but caught a kick to the gut from the champion. Rawlings then hooked Lizzy’s arms and drove her to the mat with the Pedigree.

Desperately Dani shoved Lizzy over to her back and fell across her body. 1…2… and Lizzy kicked out! Somehow, Lizzy Kraven for a shoulder up. Dani screamed out of frustration, telling the referee that he was stupid, that three comes after two and to speed it up.

Dani waited as Lizzy began to get up. Rawlings charged and went for a cross body block, but Lizzy caught her and hit a fallaway slam. Dani pulled herself up on the ropes and Lizzy charged. Dani ducked and back body dropped Lizzy over the top, but the challenger landed on her feet on the apron. Lizzy followed up with a huge Kraven Lariat. Dani flipped backwards in the air, falling to her chest and stomach. The force of the blow sent Lizzy falling onto the apron and rolling to her feet on the floor. The referee checked on Dani who flipped around like a rag doll. But as the ref was distracted, Tabitha Mullins climbed over the guardrail and leveled Lizzy Kraven from behind with a clothesline. Tabitha Mullins competed in the 16-to-1 All Women Tournament. Tabitha was an extremely tall woman. Tall, and intimidating.

Lizzy crashed into the steel ring steps off the clothesline, but Tabitha wasn’t done. Dani now physically grabbed the referee, continuing to keep his attention. Tabitha grabbed Lizzy and hit her with a powerbomb that send her upper body slamming to the ring apron. Next, Mullins rolled Lizzy into the ring.

Dani let go of the referee and quickly scurried to Lizzy’s body. She pulled Lizzy up, drug her to the middle of the ring by her hair and planted her with another Pedigree. Rawlings then hooked Lizzy’s leg. 1…2…3! Dani Rawlings successfully retained her title, but without the help of Tabitha Mullins, things looked grim for Dani’s title reign.

Tabitha grabbed the title and slid into the ring, presenting it to Dani. Mullins not only held Dani’s arm in the air as the victor, but also hoisted her up on her shoulders. Dani held the title in the air as the crowd booed.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Assault & Battery vs American Bulldogs
The interesting thing about this match to start out was that the American Bulldogs came out without Michael Graham. For weeks now it seemed as if Michael Graham was going to become the manager of the Bulldogs. And after they attacked the Tag Team Champions and challenged them to a match at Aggravated Assault. But would he show up tonight?

The Bulldogs started out with the control of the match. The Bulldogs had the experience advantage over Assault & Battery, but they didn’t have the gold. That was the mission at the moment, and it showed. Snap suplexes, a Nathan Caine flying headbutt, a couple German suplexes and a Death Valley Driver from Matt Evanston were just a few of the offensive moves used by the American Bulldogs. But Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan weren’t going to go down that easy. Hart and Lewan used their striking and technical abilities to fight back, regaining the momentum and scoring a close two count after hitting a flapjack into a codebreaker.

They set Nathan Caine up for another flapjack/codebreaker combo but Matt Evanston got into the ring and broke it up. A huge brawl broke out with Nathan Caine and Kevin Lewan spilling to the outside while Gregory Hart and Matt Evanston went at it inside the squared circle. The referee struggled to gain control, and eventually fell victim to a wild clothesline attempt from Gregory Hart when Evanston ducked it.

Gregory Hart scooped Evanston up and slammed him to the mat with a Michinoku Driver. Then, Michael Graham rushed down to the ring. As Hart turned around he was leveled with a kick to the groin from Michael Graham. Hart fell to his knees. By now Kevin Lewan had gained the upperhand and slid back into the ring to go after Michael, but Matt Evanston leveled him with a Superkick. The referee finally began to come to as Graham left the ring. Matt Evanston pulled Gregory Hart up and drove him to the mat with a piledriver. He hooked Hart’s leg and the groggy ref made the count. 1…..2…..3! The American Bulldogs had won the FFP Tag Team Titles with an assist from Michael Graham.

Graham joined the Bulldogs in the ring after grabbing the Tag Team Titles. He raises their arms up in the air as the crowd booed. Finally the Bulldogs were back on top of the mountain.

The scene cut backstage where Anarchy was in the interview area, although no interviewer was there. Anarchy, looking into the camera lens, said that he would gladly face off against ATM and take the Adrenaline Title from him. Anarchy said that he had beaten ATM once before and will make it look even easier this time around.

Women’s Tokyo Cup Final
Brandi Moore vs Fiona Burke

These two women went at it from the sound of the bell. Fiona mentioned on twitter how she respected Brandi, and knew that she would have to be on the top of her game to beat the FFP Hall of Famer. And that’s what she came to the Tokyo Dome to do. Early on hitting a running knee that seemed to rock the former Diamond Champion. Fiona then hooked Brandi’s head and leg, going for the FAB Drop, but Brandi got out by turned it into a modified STO. Moore stepped up and backed away, looking to set up the End Game. As Fiona got up Brandi charged, but Fiona dodged it and hit Brandi with a Superkick. Brandi was rocked again. So Fiona once again set her up for the FAB Drop, but this time Brandi escaped Fiona’s grip and rolled out of the ring.

Taylor Clawson hadn’t accompanied Brandi down to the ring, but came down at this moment to talk to her partner. As they huddled up Fiona hit the ropes, and dove over the top, taking both members of Seduction Inc down. Fiona pulled Brandi up and slung her into the ring. Brandi quickly grabbed the referee, giving Taylor the opportunity to attack. And that’s what she did. Taylor grabbed Fiona by her hair and rammed her head into the ring apron. Then she planted Fiona on the outside of the ring with her finisher, the Flatliner.

The referee finally turned to see Fiona down. By this time Taylor backed away. The ref began his count. If he got to 20, Fiona would lose the match by count out. And the closer he got to 20, Brandi and Taylor looked that much more happy. At 17, Fiona was barely to her knees. By 19, she had popped to her feet and rolled into the ring. As she pushed herself up, Brandi charged and hit the Fameasser. Brandi hooked Fiona’s leg. The referee made the count. 1…2… and Fiona kicked out. Barely. Brandi looked down at Fiona, then at Taylor. Taylor seemed to give Brandi some advice that wasn’t audible. Brandi then pulled Fiona up, bent her over and set her up for the piledriver. But Burke reversed with a back body drop. As Brandi pushed herself up to her feet, Taylor climbed onto the apron. Fiona went for another Superkick, but Brandi moved. Fiona hit Taylor, who fell to the arena floor. Fiona turned back toward Brandi but was hit with a running knee to the gut. Moore then hooked Fiona’s head and hit her with the Fisherman Brainbuster, a move Brandi had learned from her time with Caleb Newstead.

Brandi hooked Fiona’s leg. Was this finally it? Would Brandi take home the Tokyo Cup? 1…2… and Fiona kicked out again! The crowd cheered. Brandi looked down at Fiona, with a menacing look on her face. She pulled Fiona up by her hair and set her up for another Fisherman Brainbuster. She pulled Burke up, but Fiona reversed the attempt into a small package. The ref counted. 1…2… and Brandi kicked out. She looked at the referee, making sure it wasn’t a three count. Then she turned back to Fiona, who had gotten back up to her feet, and leveled Brandi with a hard kick to the skull. Fiona pulled Brandi up and this time successfully hit the FAB Drop. Fiona tightly hooked Brandi’s leg. 1…2…3! Fiona Burke had won the Tokyo Cup!

After the match the referee retrieved the cup and began to present it to Fiona, but Taylor slid into the ring. She charged at Fiona who bent over and back body dropped Taylor over the top, back down to the arena floor. Fiona then grabbed the Tokyo Cup and held it proudly in the air. The Tokyo crowd gave her a standing ovation.

The scene cut backstage to Daniel Matthews’ locker room. He was dressed and ready to go for his match. Dani was sitting down with her HONOR Women’s Title on her lap. She had an ice bag on her neck. And Tabitha Mullins was standing beside her, with her arms crossed. Beside Daniel was his protege Kyle Donovan. Daniel had announced that he was training Kyle on Twitter, but apparently was having him travel with him. Matthews seemed to have quite a little faction going on for him.

Kyle asked him if he was ready for tonight, and was helping him tape his fists. Matthews said he was, and asked Kyle if he was ready as well. Kyle simply nodded.

Men’s Tokyo Cup Final | HONOR World Title
(c) Kashimanaki vs Matt Kraven

The last time these two faced off on the first show of our Tour of Japan, they had a magnificent match that saw Kashimanaki make Kraven submit to win the HONOR World Title. This match was not only the finals of the Tokyo Cup Tournament, but was also the rematch for the title.

This match, was arguably better than their first match. Started off with the two wrestlers trading strikes, and quickly moving into technical wrestling. Both guys trying to gain the advantage, to catch that opening they needed to gain the early momentum. Kraven pinned Kashimanaki’s shoulders to the mat with a backslide, but the HONOR World Champion escaped at one, and clocked Matt with a kick to the head that seemed to knock him completely out. Kraven’s body collapsed to the mat. Kashimanaki scrambled for a cover, but Kraven kicked out at two and rolled out of the ring.

Kraven paced back and forth on the outside of the ring, trying to clear the cobwebs. But Kashimanaki wasted no time hitting a suicide dive on Kraven. Matt crashed into the steel guardrail. Kashimanaki pulled him back up and rolled him into the ring. As Kraven got up to his knees, Kashimanaki leveled him with kicks to the chest. Several. Morgan Alexander talked about how painful and loud the kicks were. Big red welts began appearing across Matt’s chest.

Matt dodged a kick. Kashimanaki’s momentum caused him to turn around. Kraven quickly hopped up, grabbed the HONOR World Champion and dumped him on the back of his head with a German suplex. Kashimanaki got up, but Matt hit him with a move that we have never see Kraven deliver. A hurricanrana. When Kashimanaki got up again, Matt hooked his arms and hit a Tiger Driver. Kraven hooked the leg. 1…2… and Kashimanaki kicked out. Matt was so close to winning back the HONOR Title, and winning the Tokyo Cup!

But he didn’t stop there. He didn’t look at the referee or put his hands on his head. He pulled Kashimanaki back up, and delivered another Tiger Driver. Kraven hooked the leg again. 1…2… and another kickout! Kraven slapped the mat. He stood up and pulled Kashimanaki again. But instead of going for a Tiget Driver, he planted the champion with a piledriver. But Matt didn’t go for the pin this time. He climbed to the top rope, and went for a flying headbutt. Kashimanaki however, rolled out of the way. Kraven slammed to the mat. Both men were slow to get up. They began trading blows. Punches. Elbows. European uppercuts. Kashimanaki missed a right hand and ended up spinning around. Kraven grabbed him like he was going to go for a German suplex again. But Kashimanaki broke Matt’s grip, did a back flip and connected with pele kick. Kraven dropped to his knees. Kashimanaki quickly pulled him back up, and slammed him to the mat with the Kashimanaki Driver. He hooked Kraven’s leg.

1…2… and Matt Kraven kicked out! Kashimanaki, the commentators and the Tokyo crowd couldn’t believe it.

Kashimanaki got up, and watched as Kraven struggled to get back to his feet. Kashimanaki sized Kraven up, and attempted another pele kick. But this time, somehow, Kraven leapt in the air as well, and caught Kashimanaki’s leg in mid-air. The two wrestlers hit the mat, where Kraven locked in a knee bar and hooked his legs around Kashimanaki’s leg. The counter was perfect, and the move was locked in in the center of the ring. Kashimanaki reached for the ropes. Sweat dropped from his forehead as the HONOR World Champion stretched for the ropes. He was in pain, Matt Kraven made sure of it. He cranked on Kashimanaki’s knee as the Tokyo crowd cheered for their hometown guy.

It seemed like Kashimanaki debated on tapping, even putting his hand out like he was going to, but didn’t. He stopped himself. He began rocking his body back and forth, trying to flip himself and Matt Kraven over. Finally, he began kicking. Kicking Matt’s arms, hands, fingers and head. Whatever he could connect with, he’d deliver a kick to. One of the kicks connected to Kraven’s face. Kashimanaki then broke free. He pushed himself up to his feet, but was noticeably limping. Kraven pushed himself up as well, but was immediately cracked with a kick to the side of the skull. Then a devastating German suplex. Kraven almost seemed to fold at the neck. With his prior injuries to his neck, it was a scary site. Kashimanaki then pulled Kraven up, hoisted him up and planted him in the center of the ring with the Kashimanaki Driver, almost dropping Kraven due to his weak ankle.

Kashimanaki hooked Kraven’s leg for the pin attempt. 1…2…3! Kashimanaki won the Tokyo Cup and also successfully retained the HONOR World Title! And he did so in a great match in front of his hometown crowd. Streamers were thrown into the ring, covering both sweaty and exhausted wrestlers. Kashimanaki was handed his title. He held it in the air. Then, he helped Matt Kraven up to his feet. They wrapped each other in a hug. Kraven shakes Kashimanaki’s hand, patted his back and exited the ring, letting the victor have the center of the ring.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St Claire who was standing by with Hope Brooks. Hope was excited to make the announcement that Wednesday at Woman Crush Wednesday, which was the final show of the FFP Tour of Japan, that in addition to the Ellison Twins defending the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles against Seduction Inc, we would also see Kenzie Anderson defending her Women’s Television Title against Aubrey Moresi, Juno Frost would defend the OWF Title against an opponent that would be announced by Duncan Wright, and whoever leaves Aggravated Assault with the FFP Women’s Title would be defending against Katsumi Akiyama!

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Nina Fox vs Giovanni Gotch

At FFP we describe a lot of matches as being back and forth, and we will do the same for this match. This Women’s Title match had a big feel to it. Nina Fox was the multi-time champion, who had held not only women’s titles but the FFP World Title as well. She had accomplished so much in FFP and was awarded for this accomplishments by being inducted into the 2016 Hall of Fame. On the other hand, you had Giovanni Gotch. Gotch, an established wrestler, who had teamed with Fiona Burke to win the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles. Giovanni also made a surprise appearance at the Ohio Wrestling Federation, where she won the OWF Women’s Title for 94 days, a record still held to this day.

The match looked as if it would end early when Nina Fox hit an impressive Northern lights suplex and bridged it for a pin. Gotch just got her shoulder up in time, and both wrestlers even had to check with the official to make sure the match didn’t just end so early. But Giovanni fought back, hitting a back elbow, then rolling the champion up and blatantly pulling her tights. Nina was able to kick out, but again, it was so close Nina and Giovanni had to check with the referee. Then, a brawl broke out. Neither woman liked that the other got such a close call on her, so fists flew. Eventually Nina hit a spear that took Gotch down. Gotch took a timeout, rolling to the outside. Nina went for a baseball slide dropkick, but Giovanni pulled the ring skirt out and Nina slid inbetween it and the ring. She was trapped there for a moment, so Giovanni took advantage, repeatedly punching Nina in the head. She stepped back and delivered a running boot to the skull. Nina fell to the arena floor. Gotch pulled the dark haired champion up and rolled her back in the ring.

Gotch followed Nina in and went for a quick pin. 1…2… and Nina kicked out. Not surprised, Gotch pulled Nina back up and set her up for the Hellacious Powerbomb. In their many brawls over the past few weeks, Gotch laid Nina out many times with the move.

She hoisted the champion up to deliver the big move, but Nina used her momentum to drop down to the mat below Gotch. When the challenger turned around, Nina leveled her with the Superkick. But the force of the move sent Giovanni falling backward toward the ropes. Nina went for the pin. 1…2… and Gotch got one of her long legs onto the bottom rope. Nina clearly would’ve had the three count if the pin was made in the center of the ring.

Nina was frustrated. But she didn’t let it get in the way of her quest to retain her championship. She pulled Gotch up and threw her to the mat with a snapmare by the hair. Gotch wound up in a sitting position, so Nina cracked her with a hard kick to the back. Nina then pulled Gotch up again, and hit an impressive running turnbuckle powerbomb. Gotch stumbled out of the corner off the impact, and was planted by a running STO. Nina was on fire. She pulled Giovanni to the middle of the ring, but instead of going for a pin, she locked Gotch in the Dragon Clutch.

Gotch was hurt. She reached for the ropes, but not much effort was put in. She stretched and reached. Nina kept the hold locked in, tightening her grip, tightening her legs around Giovanni’s midsection. The referee continued checking on the challenger. But things didn’t look promising for her.

But somehow, Gotch got a little adrenaline flowing. After several grueling moments, she was able to turn her body, and get herself up onto her knees. Muscling Nina up with her. However, as Gotch got to her knees, Nina released the hold. Fox hit the ropes and hit Gotch with a loud shining wizard. She hooked the challenger’s leg. 1…2… KICKOUT! WHAT?! The crowd couldn’t believe it. Neither could Nina. On commentary Morgan Alexander said “what is going to keep Giovanni down?!”

Nina stood up. With frustration on her face, she looked down at Giovanni. The blonde was fighting to get herself up on her hands and knees. She was still trying, proving that she has tremendous heart.

Gotch pushed herself back up to her knees. She was groggy. She was exhausted. Surely, she couldn’t last any longer. Nina bounced off the ropes and hit another shining wizard. But she didn’t go for the cover. Instead, she pulled Giovanni up to her knees again. Fox hit the ropes again, and hit a THIRD shining wizard. Nina then looked out to the crowd, and ran her thumb across her neck, as if to say “this is it”. She pulled Giovanni up once more to her knees, and cracked her with a Superkick to the jaw. Fox dropped down and made the cover, hooping Giovanni’s leg. The ref slid into position. 1…2…3! Nina Fox successfully defended her Women’s Title, in one hell of a match!

The Tokyo crowd stood and applauded. Was it for Nina? Was it for Giovanni? Or was it for both women, who just goes the house down?

On April 30, 2017 Full Force Pro presents All Torn Up, live from Orlando, Florida. Don’t miss any of the action from FFP’s annual April pay-per-view next month!

FFP World Title | 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match
(c) Daniel Matthews vs Odell Porter
Odell Porter came out to the ring first. That’s the norm in FFP, the challenger coming down first. He was greeted with plenty of cheer from the Tokyo crowd. Daniel Matthews came down with his entire entourage. His protege Kyle Donovan, who had yet to wrestle a match in FFP. His girlfriend and HONOR Women’s Champion Dani Rawlings. And apparently their new friend, Tabitha Mullins.

Matthews got in the ring, unstrapped his title, held it up in the air and stepped up to Odell. Face to face Daniel flashed a cocky grin, holding his title up in the air. Odell looked like he meant business.

When the match began, Daniel came out swinging. Connecting with punches to Odell’s head. The Champion was obviously trying to get Odell off of his game. But Odell blocked a punch, and took Daniel down with a dropkick to the knee. Matthews quickly got back up. He smiled at Odell and pointed to him, as if to say, “you got me there”. They locked up. Odell gained the early advantage. A European uppercut. Then another. Then an Irish whip and a hip toss. Daniel got up again, and another hip toss. The Champion for up again. Dropkick. Matthews rolled out of the ring to talk to his team.

Odell was amped. Ready for more. He yelled for Daniel to step into the ring. He had been frustrated with Daniel’s tactics since the New Year’s Eve Show. Odell wanted this settled tonight!

Matthews climbed back into the ring, but as Odell approached Daniel hopped back out of the ring, getting last minute advice from Dani, Kyle and Tabitha. Odell had finally had enough. He climbed onto the apron and hopped to the top turnbuckle. When Daniel and his group realized he was perched up top, it was too late. He dove off the top rope and landed in the middle of the group. Like bowling pins, they all went down. Strike!

Odell pulled Daniel up and shot him back into the ring. Odell slid in as well, but got tripped up by Kyle. Porter turned, warning Kyle that he’d come to the outside and give him a whooping. But Daniel rolled Odell up, pulling the tights and also pushing on the bottom rope for more leverage. The referee counted. 1…2…3! Odell Porter had already lost the first fall. The World Champion was up 1-0.

Odell got up realized what had happened. He went to the referee to explain to him what happened. But while he did so, Hope Brooke came out onto the stage. The FFP Commissioner said that Kyle, Dani and Tabitha were all banned from ringside for the remainder of the match. She said if any of them came back down, Daniel would forfeit the fall.

Daniel’s group was irate. But they had to leave. Odell seemed to already breathe a sigh of relief, although he was now down a fall.

They locked up, and tried to gain an advantage. Headlock, reversed into a hammerlock. Armbar. Armdrag. Trading position like a chess match. But Daniel jammed his thumb into Odell’s eye. Then he threw him to the mat with a Northern lights suplex. Matthews didn’t opt to go for the cover, but instead he pulled Odell up and hit a snap suplex. Matthews stood and looked out into the crowd. He put his arms out kind of shrugging. He turned and pulled Odell up. Porter however rocked Matthews with a hard elbow to the side of the head. He whipped Matthews into the ropes and hit him with a big back body drop. Daniel crashed to the mat below, but pushed himself back up. He was leveled with a Superkick. Daniel stumbled back and fell inbetween the top and middle ropes, landing on the apron. When he pulled himself to his feet, Odell hit an extremely dangerous move. He ran, springboarded off the middle rope, caught Daniel by the head and hit him with a spinning DDT onto the arena floor. The crowd gasped. And FFP medics immediately came out to check on both wrestlers.

Odell was the first to get up. He slid back into the ring. Daniel was hellbent on getting back up, using the medics to pull himself up. Odell threw caution to the wind and dove over the top, laying Daniel and the medics out on the outside of the ring.

Odell pulled Daniel up and sent him into the ring. He climbed up onto the top turnbuckle and hit the World Champion with a Frog Splash. He hooked Daniel’s leg. 1…2… and Daniel kicked out. Odell waited as Daniel began to stir. He was groggy, after the dangerous DDT and dive over the top. When he got to his feet, Odell cracked him with another superkick. Matthews stumbled back and ended up tripping up and turning his back to Odell. Porter rushed in and dumped Daniel over with a German suplex. He rolled Daniel over and made the cover. 1…2… and Daniel somehow kicked out. It was close. Odell nearly tied it up right there. But Porter stayed with it. Pulling Daniel up and setting him up for the Regal Plex. But Daniel blocked and hit Odell with a couple punches to the head. Daniel then hit the ropes, but so did Odell. Porter proceeded to destroy Daniel with a huge Lariat. Matthews flipped in the air and hit the mat hard. Odell then hooked the leg. 1…2…3! Odell Porter had won the second fall, and tie the match 1-1.

The referee allowed Daniel Matthews to have time to regain his senses. Then the bell ring for the final fall. Odell quickly approached Daniel. He grabbed hold and delivered his finisher, the Regal Plex. Boom! Already! Porter covered Daniel. Was this it? New World Champion? 1…2… and Daniel somehow kicked out! The fans, the commentators and Odell himself couldn’t believe it!

He stood up, looking down at Daniel who was trying to push himself up. Porter couldn’t believe the fight of the champion. He pulled Daniel up again, and this time planted him with a brainbuster. But he wasn’t done there. He climbed to the top rope and proceeded to hit a beautiful flying elbow drop. He then made the cover.

1…2… and Matthews kicked out AGAIN!

Odell stood once more, looking down at Daniel. He shook his head in disbelief. The he reached down to pull the World Champion up, but Matthews hooked Odell into a small package. The ref made the count. 1…2… and Odell kicked out.

Both wrestlers quickly got to their feet, Odell went for a clothesline, but Daniel ducked it and Odell leveled the referee. The ref hit the mat hard. He was out. Meanwhile, as Odell turned around Daniel nailed him with a kick to the groin and Odell fell to his knees. Matthews picked him up, hoisted him up on his shoulders and planted him with the Death Valley Driver. Matthews hooked Odell’s leg, but the referee was still out.

After moments of Daniel pinning Odell, he went to the ref, shaking him and screaming for him to wake up. When the ref seemed at least somewhat with it, Daniel turned back to Odell, who was just getting up to his knees. Daniel hit him with a running big boot to the face. Odell violently slammed to the mat. Daniel then made the cover. The referee made the slow count.


Matthews rolled over, thrusting his arms in the air. His group came down to the ring to celebrate with him. Daniel Matthews had retained once more against Odell, and once more his victory came with doubts and questions.

Dani wrapped Daniel in a hug as Kyle Donovan retrieved his belt. Matthews held it in the air as they put him up on their shoulders.


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