Breaking News Regarding Full Force Pro

Full Force Pro opened its doors in 2008. And whether the World Champion be Daniel Matthews, Patrick McCoy, Veronica Clyne or Lizzy Kraven…whether it be the Diamond Title or the Women’s Title…whether the August pay-per-view be Hotter than Hell or Blaze of a Glory, one thing stayed the same. Matt Kraven always owned the promotion.

Matt has worn a lot of hats in Full Force Pro. He was the owner. He was the President. He was a wrestler. He had done graphic design for the company. He’s been the World Champion. He has suffered injuries.

But in an unbelievable act this afternoon, Matt Kraven sold Full Force Pro. Yes, you heard correct. Matt Kraven sold his company. The company he had sacrificed so much for since 2008. Currently the person who bought Full Force Pro from Matt Kraven has yet to be named, however we expect to find out exactly who made the purchase by the weekend.

Matt was unavaiable for comments regarding this groundbreaking news. We hope to conduct an interview with him as soon as possible.

Currently we do know that Matt’s sister Amy Kraven as well as his cousin Lizzy Kraven will continue working for Full Force Pro.

We would like to thank Matt for the years he spent working tirelessly on FFP. Everyone at FFP wishes him the best of luck in whatever he goes on to do.


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