04/08/2017 FFP SSN

April 8, 2017
Charlotte, North Carolina

The show opened up with a voice over the PA system, welcoming the new Owner and President of Full Force Pro…

The Charlotte crowd stood in anticipation. The rumors had ran wild. Would it be Chris Kraven, Daniel Matthews, Seduction Inc, Veronica Clyne, Bianca Hunt, Elizabeth Summers, Duncan Wright, or someone else? Would it be someone we knew, or a brand new face to FFP? Would it be a former wrestler, a former FFP Champion, or someone who reigned supreme outside of Full Force Pro?

Then, “Touched” by Vast hit the speakers, and the crowd erupted. The man on the PA System then announced…


Veronica Clyne stepped out from behind the black curtain. The FFP Hall of Famer, and former FFP World Champion walked down the isle. She climbed into the ring to a standing ovation from the Charlotte crowd, as well as some Ric Flair Woooo’s. Veronica took a microphone and thanked everyone for the applause. She said that she was extremely proud and excited to be the new Owner, and President of Full Force Pro.

Veronica said that she had a lot of different visions for FFP that Mary Faith and Hope did not have, so they agreed to mutually part ways. Veronica did however make it clear that Hope’s boyfriend Alexander Modest did want to stay in FFP, so he would continue wrestling. Also, Veronica said that she respected Mary Faith’s idea of bringing the Brass Knuckles Title to FFP, so she would continue carrying out Mary’s vision on that title with tournament matches starting next week.

Veronica continued, asking the fans if they wanted to hear what was in store for tonight’s show. The crowd cheered. Veronica reminded them of the Women’s Television Title Match between Kenzie Anderson and Fiona Burke, as well as ATM defending the Adrenaline Title against Adam Hyatt.

Veronica said that she was so excited to see Adam Hyatt return, so she decided to find a few more people to return tonight Veronica started out with the Cruiserweight Title. She said that EJ “Money” Carter would be defending the Cruiserweight TItle against the returning, Deranged!

She continued, announcing that tonight Hiroki Ito would be defending the FFP Televison Title, against Caleb Newstead! The crowd was pretty surprised at that announcement.

Veronica also announced that tonight, Nina Fox would defend the FFP Women’s Championship against the woman who she had been feuding with for the past few weeks, Giovanni Gotch.

Veronica was going to continue, but she was interrupted by her former stablemate and trainer, the FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews. Daniel looked happy to see Veronica. And he had his group behind him. Dani Rawlings, Kyle Donovan and the group’s bodyguard Tabitha Mullins followed the Champion to the ring. He grabbed a microphone and went in for a hug on the new Owner and President. But Veronica put her hand out on his chest, stopping him from getting any closer.

Veronica told Daniel that she had two announcements for him. First, at FFP All Torn Up on April 30th, Daniel would be defending the FFP World Championship against Odell Porter in a Cage Match!

The crowd erupted. But Veronica wasn’t done. She added that the cage, would be the normal cage around each side of the ring, but would include a top, therefore no one could get in or out!

Daniel couldn’t believe it. He was irate, screaming at Veronica and telling her that he wouldn’t wrestle Odell again.

Veronica then told him that he shouldn’t worry too much about Odell however, because he should be worried about his opponent tonight…

Veronica then stepped out of the ring as Daniel looked puzzled. That is until Christopher Morgan walked out onto the entrance stage with his girlfriend Lux by his side. The crowd nearly blew the roof off of the arena cheering. Daniel again was irate. He couldn’t believe that Christopher Morgan was back, and was apparently his opponent tonight. Morgan, the FFP Hall of Famer and former World Champion, simply pointed at Daniel and shook his head as if to say, “me and you tonight.”


FFP Cruiserweight Title

(c) EJ “Money” Carter w/ Bianca Hunt vs Deranged
The FFP fans were pretty excited to see Deranged. EJ Carter however, wasn’t. The two went to war. Fists flew. Clotheslines, hip tosses and arm drags were dealt out from both superstars. EJ stopped Deranged’s moment with a high angle dropkick, followed by a spinning back suplex, a missile dropkick from the middle rope and a very pretty flying elbow drop also off the middle rope. Deranged fought back from his knees, and hit Carter with a hard European uppercut that sent the champion to the ground. He pulled EJ up and hit a gourdbuster next. Deranged then went up top. But EJ put the brakes on when he kipped up and hit the ropes, causing Deranged to fall down, racking himself on the top turnbuckle. EJ joined the masked superstar up top where he hit a top rope hurricanrana. Carter then pulled Deranged up and planted him with his finisher, the Bankruptcy. The Cruiserweight Champion hooked the leg of the challenger and got the three count.

After the match Bianca climbed into the ring and presented EJ with his title. He put his arms up in the air, but his celebration was cut short by the entrance of the former OWF Network Champion, Malakai. He stood at the top of the entrance ramp, staring down at the champion. They locked eyes as the commentators debated on what Malakai was interrupting EJ’s celebration for. Was he the next challenger for EJ’s Cruiserweight Title?

FFP Women’s Television Title
(c) Kenzie Anderson vs Fiona Burke
Both girls came out ready to go. Kenzie Anderson was coming off of a supposed elbow injury in Japan, but later in that show attacked Aubrey Moresi. Elbow seemed fine then. And Fiona was coming off of a huge Tour of Japan where she won the Tokyo Cup.

Fiona gained the upper hand early. She took Kenzie down and went after the elbow, most likely just in case there was a hint of an injury there. Kenzie fought back, and wound up flooring Fiona with a nasty forearm. Followed up with a knee drop to the upper back of Fiona off the middle rope. Then, a lung blower. Burke was hurt. And Kenzie knew it. Anderson hit Fiona with an inverted DDT, and a running bulldog in the middle of the ring. Kenzie sized Fiona up for the Busaiku Knee, but Fiona dodged and hit a codebreaker. The challenger went for the pin. 1…2… and Kenzie kicked out.

Fiona muscled Kenzie up and hit a backbreaker. She went up top, but Kenzie was too quick to get up, and stopped Fiona with a couple right hands. She went up top and set Fiona up in her shoulders. Maybe for a Death Valley Driver or Samoan Drop off the top. But Fiona reversed, sunset flipping Kenzie and slamming her from the turnbuckles to the mat with a powerbomb! Fiona went for the cover. 1…2… and Kenzie kicked out again. The Charlotte crowd thought it was over. So did the commentators.

Both girls pushed themselves up. Kenzie charged, going for another Busaiku Knee, but this time Fiona ducked, back body dropping the champion. When Kenzie got back up, Fiona hit a superkick. Kenzie stumbled back, bumping into the ropes and stumbling forward. Fiona then grabbed Kenzie, and planted her with the FAB Drop! Burke rolled over and hooked Kenzie’s leg. 1…2…3! Fiona Burke was the new FFP Women’s Television Champion!

Fiona was handed the title. She was in tears, clutching the title and staring down at it. As Fiona left the ring with her new title, Kenzie threw a fit in the ring. As Anderson slapped the mat and let out screams of frustration, Aubrey Moresi charged the ring. She slid in as Kenzie got to her feet. Aubrey flattened her with a spear, but continued the assault, pummeling her down, using rights and lefts. FFP security rushed to the ring, but not before Aubrey pulled Kenzie up and planted her with a DDT. Security then pulled Aubrey away.

On April 30, 2017 Full Force Pro presents All Torn Up, live from Orlando, Florida. Daniel Matthews will defend the FFP World Title in a Cage Match against Odell Porter, and much more! Don’t miss any of the action from FFP’s annual April pay-per-view next month!

FFP Television Title

(c) Hiroki Ito vs Caleb Newstead
The crowd was split 50/50. Hiroki, the champion, and the amazing striker taking on FFP’s first ever FFP Television Champion. Caleb Newstead had been retired for years, but it hardly looked like he had missed a step. But still, Hiroki’s stiff kicks wore Newstead down. However he missed one, which Caleb capitalized on, rolling Ito up into a school boy roll up. Hiroki kicked out, and leveled Newstead with a hard kick to the head.

The champion pulled Caleb up and hoisted him up on his shoulders. It was Go to Sleep time. But Caleb caught Hiroki’s leg during the attempt, and hit a t-bone suplex. Then a running knee to the head. He pulled Ito back up and hit a German suplex. Caleb then called for his finisher, the Fisherman Brainbuster. Newstead pulled the champion up and set him up for the move. But Hiroki hit a couple elbows and spun out of Newstead’s grip. However Caleb turned Hiroki inside out with a clothesline. He pulled the Japanese superstar back up and this time planted him with the Fisherman Brainbuster. Newstead hooked the leg for the pin. 1…2… and Hiroki barely kicked out. His shoulder barely went up. Newstead couldn’t believe it. But he wasn’t going to let that stop him.

He pulled Hiroki up again, and set him up for another of his finishers. He looked into the Charlotte crowd and let out a “Woooo!” The crowd cheered it back. But Hiroki broke free and cracked Newstead with another kick to the skull. He then brought Caleb up and hit him with the Go to Sleep. Hiroki made the cover. 1…2…3! Hiroki Ito had retained in one hell of a war!

Hiroki was handed his title. He held it into the air as the crowd cheered. Caleb was slow to get up. When he finally got to his feet, Hiroki held out a fist. Would Newstead fist bump the champion?

The answer was yes. But after, Caleb slapped Hiroki across the face. Then promptly left the ring.

The scene cut backstage where Bianca Hunt was standing by with the rest of Hunt Enteprises. Tyrece Beckman conducted the interview where Bianca bragged about EJ Carter’s successful title defense earlier in the night, and said that Malakai didn’t stand a chance at All Torn Up. Bianca also said that Mikhail Vakhrov had a special challenge for Austin Briggs at All Torn Up…an Anything Goes Match!

In the Ring
The scene cut inside the ring where Lizzy Kraven had made her way out. Lizzy said that if it weren’t for Tabitha Mullins that Lizzy would have defeated Dani Rawlings at Aggravated Assault for the HONOR Women’s Title. Dani Rawlings came out with her title on her shoulder. She made sure to stay at the top of the entrance ramp, telling Lizzy that she lost fair and square and didn’t deserve a rematch. She called Kraven a sore loser.

Then, Veronica Clyne came out. Veronica told Dani that she did not have the authority to make matches, but Veronica did. The new Owner and President of FFP then announced that at All Torn Up Dani would be defending the HONOR Women’s Title against Lizzy Kraven.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) ATM w/ Beatice Keenan vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle
In a night full of back and forth matches, this was another. ATM worked his way up from the OWF to a legitimate Adrenaline Title reign. Adam Hyatt had went from debuting with FFP, to eventually winning the FFP World Title. ATM looked to continue his success while Adam looked to begin his second stint with FFP on a very high note. And after a superplex, he nearly did. Hyatt got a two count. Then, he went up top and hit a flying elbow drop. Another two count.

ATM fought back, using an illegal low blow as Beatrice distracted the ref. Madison was quick to rush to the side where Beatrice was, and pull the blonde off the ring apron. Eventually, they began to fight, pulling each other’s hair and slapping. Adam was distracted by the fight, going to the side of the ring to investigate. But ATM quickly rolled Adam up, pulling on his tights. The referee slid down and made the three count, watching closing at Hyatt’s shoulders and not ATM illegally pulling the tights.

After the match ATM quickly grabbed his Adrenaline Title and pulled Beatrice up the entrance ramp. ATM survived with his title still intact. But Adam Hyatt got on the microphone and demanded a rematch. Veronica Clyne came out and announced that the two would square off at All Torn Up for the title!

The scene cut backstage where Mona Skye was being interviewed by Raquel St Claire. Mona said that since her war with Marcy Tillman was over that she was looking forward to new challenges in FFP. Then, she was interrupted by former Women’s Champion Cindy Labre. Cindy said that if Mona wanted a challenge, that Cindy would gladly give her that challenge, and beat her. Mona stepped up to Cindy and accepted her challenge.

FFP Women’s Title

(c) Nina Fox vs Giovanni Gotch
Giovanni came out to a chorus of boos. Nina Fox, the complete opposite. Obviously the Charlotte crowd was completely behind the reigning Women’s Champion.

The two ladies locked up. Giovanni got the upperhand, possibly having a little more upper body strength than Fox. But Nina was no slouch in the ring, obvious by her induction into the 2016 FFP Hall of Fame. Fox escaped, and caught Gotch in a headlock takedown. Both women fired back up to their feet, but Giovanni ducked a clothesline attempt and cracked Nina with a superkick. Nina’s finisher. Giovanni then made the cover. What if she could defeat the champion with her own finisher?

Nina kicked out just after the two count. But Gotch pulled her back up and went for her Hellacious Powerbomb. Nina blocked it, breaking free and planting the challenger with a STO. Nina pulled Giovanni up and hit a high angle back suplex. As Gotch began to get back up, Nina cracked her with a hard kick across the back. She pulled Gotch up and rammed her back first into the corner. She backed up, charged and hit a back elbow. Nina backed away and charged again, but this time Giovanni got her foot up. Nina’s back slammed into it. She stumbled forward, but was floored with a running big boot. Fox hit the ground hard. Gotch hit the ropes and dropped a knee across Nina’s head. Then she went for the pin. 1…2… and Nina kicked out.

The match raged on. Giovanni worked on Nina’s back, but as Nina fought back, she did the same. The tide changed when Nina had the upperhand again and attempted the Superkick. Gotch dodged and took Fox down with a chop block. Nina tumbled to the mat. Obviously the chop block was effective. Giovanni waited as Nina tried getting back to her feet. Dropkick to the front of her knee. Nina was hurt. Giovanni stepped back, waiting for Nina to show signs of life. As Fox got back up, Gotch pulled her in and set her up for he Hellacious Powerbomb. Nina fought, trying to break free, but Gotch delivered. Nina crashed to the mat. Fox was out. Giovanni flashed a cocky smile. She hooked Nina’s leg. 1…2… and Nina somehow kicked out. Giovanni couldn’t believe it. The commentators couldn’t believe it. The Charlotte fans couldn’t believe it.

Aggravated, Giovanni grabbed Nina by her dark hair and pulled her up. She set her up for another Hellacious Powerbomb, but Nina’s momentum took her up and over. She landed on her feet, and cracked Gotch with her Superkick. Gotch went down hard, but so did Nina. She couldn’t capitalize. She slowly began crawling over to Giovanni, dealing her arm over the challenger’s chest. The ref made the count. 1…2… and Gotch got her shoulder up before the three count. Another close one.

Both women lie motionless on the mat. What a battle. They began pushing themselves up. Nina got up a little before Giovanni. When Gotch got to her feet, Nina went for another Superkick. But Giovanni ducked and hit another chop block to Nina’s knee. Fox collapsed again, holding her knee in pain. Giovanni, showing her killer instinct, pulled Nina up forcefully by her hair. She quickly bent the champion over and planted her to the mat with another Hellacious Powerbomb. Giovanni made the pin. 1…2…3!

Giovanni Gotch had done it! She was the new FFP Women’s Champion. The referee awarded her the title, while Nina lie motionless. Gotch I strapped the title and held it up in the air. Most of the crowd booed, but a few clapped at her monumental effort. Giovanni held the title up a little longer before having the official strap it around her waist. She walked proudly up the ramp, the new FFP Women’s Champion.

May 28 Full Force Pro will present Guilty Pleasures. For the past few years, Guilty Pleasures has been the exclusive all-women pay-per-view of Full Force Pro. FFP will continue this tradition in 2017, featuring the best woman wrestlers on this planet. Whether you see it live in San Diego, or watch it on the FFP Network, you won’t want to miss it!

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman had caught up with Austin Briggs. Tyrece asked Austin about Mikhail’s challenge. Briggs simply said that he accepted the challenge, looking forward to best Vakhrov down at All Torn Up.

Non-Title Match

Daniel Matthews vs Christopher Morgan w/ Lux
Christopher Morgan came out with the Charlotte crowd cheering loudly. These two had feuded a few times, with Daniel always seemingly being the crowd favorite and Morgan being the opposite. Not this time.

The two tore into each other. Both were capable of some of the best mat wrestling you’d ever see, but not on this night. They threw fists, they slammed each other down, and midway through the match they hit a simultaneous double clothesline. Both men were down. Christopher was the first up. He met Daniel in the middle of the ring and set him up for the Tiger Driver. But Daniel escaped out and hit a clothesline. He went to the middle rope and dove off, but Christopher caught him in mid-air and slammed him to the mat with a spinebuster. Morgan called for the Tiger Driver, but Kyle Donovan rushed the ring. He charged Christopher, but Morgan clocked him with a clothesline. Christopher keyed in on Daniel again, but Matthews hit him with a kick to the head, then a German suplex.

Daniel pulled Christopher up, going for his Death Valley Driver. Daniel’s finisher since he debuted in Full Force Pro. But Morgan pushed himself off of Daniel’s shoulders. Matthews turned around and Morgan hit a spinning elbow. Daniel went down hard. But before Christopher could capitalize, Tabitha Mullins stepped up onto the apron. Morgan went eye to eye with the bodyguard. Daniel charged at Christopher, but Morgan dodged and Daniel slammed into Tabitha. Matthews stumbled back. Morgan grabbed ahold, and drove Daniel to the mat with the Tiger Driver. Christopher made the pin. 1…2…3! Christopher Morgan had defeated the FFP World Champion on his first night back with the company.

Christopher rolled out of the ring and joined Lux on the outside. They made their way up the ramp as Daniel’s group got into the ring and checked on their leader.

Odell Porter then stepped out onto the entrance ramp, smiling and clapping Daniel’s performance. The show came to an end as Odell stood watching Matthews being helped up by his group.

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